Monday, December 12, 2016

Those Walls of Jericho

The Scarlet Cord

I've been thinking about this book.

We began a church Bible study in Joshua a few weeks ago. The walls of Jericho came tumbling down, but Rahab saved her family. When the Israelite warriors entered the city, the two spies Rahab had hidden brought her and the family out safely.

Now Rahab wasn't the kind of woman you'd think God would spare. She was a prostitute.  I'm sure there were many other men and women living in Jericho who had better reputations. 

What made this prostitute different? 

I'll give you the answer. Faith in Israel's God.

The Scarlet Cord by Carlene Havel and Sharon Faucheux is a historical novel based on Rahab.  These two authors did an amazing amount of research, and the story is entertaining and informative. You should read it.

As I presented my Joshua lesson yesterday, I thought about Salmon. He's the guy that married Rahab after she became a resident of Israel's community. Salmon understood how God forgives, and he took the lesson to heart. What Rahab had been didn't matter to him. Who she'd become was all that counted. He overlooked Rahab's past and fell in love with her.

Would you believe Rahab and Salmon was the great, great grandparents of King David? I hope I got all the greats correct. Anyway, they were relatives of King David, and as you know, Jesus was born from that lineage as well.

What if Salmon had never taken an interest in Rahab? He would've missed his opportunity to be part of God's plan and Biblical history. He would have lost his chance to be a relative on the human line up side of Christ.

Now let's return to Rahab. She made a choice and God honored it. She completely changed her lifestyle. Talk about an adjustment! 

Rahab and Ruth, another lady, are mentioned in the book of Matthew.  They are ancestors of Christ, and both women were gentiles who'd become converted believers.

Hmmm. Backgrounds, gender, and race don't matter to God. Why do they to us?

As we studied Joshua yesterday, we found so many nuggets of gold to consider. God is amazing. He forgives and accepts. We should too.

Well, our Houston weather has warmed again. I think my relatives north of the Red River are gonna get a cold blast soon, and it will mosey on down to Houston later this week.

 I'm going to the hospital again today to visit a friend and I hope I can find my car when I leave. Last week, in the cold wind, I couldn't. I ended up in a cop's car, and the kind man drove me around until we found mine.  A friend teased me. She said, "did he handcuff you and make you sit in the back?" Ha. She's a real joker. 

Every day is an adventure. What will today bring? I'll touch base with you tomorrow and let you know if I did something else wacky.

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