Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bones: You Got 'Em?

Ain't that the truth?

I love Reba McEntire's quote. 

She mentions three types of bones.

Here's our skeleton.  I see it: the backbone. 

We all have one, but we may not use it. 
When and how to stand up for ourselves in a diplomatic fashion, is the question for many of us. It certainly is for me. I often surprise myself and my listeners after I've spoken. Oh my!  Why did I make a remark. Maybe the honest, direct, approach isn't the best way to impart an idea. Too late. My backbone needs exercise. It doesn't know when to sit, stand, or speak, or shut-up.

The wishbone and the funny bone are missing in some people. 
Which one does a pessimist have?

Courtesy of Pixabay

The pessimist has a wishbone. 
He's always wishing something or someone was different. 
What about the optimist?

The optimist doesn't have a wishbone. 
He's too busy making wishes come true. 
That leaves the funny bone.

Laughter is soooo good for us. I've read it relieves tension and boosts the immune system.

I'm grateful God gave me a heightened sense of humor. My funny bone gets tickled often.

I take calcium for my backbone, read positive literature for my wishbone, and laugh at everything in between.

How about you? Can you find the humorous in life?

My Sarah books are filled with laughable moments.

Some of them came from real-life experiences.
They will make you laugh, or at least giggle.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

God of Consequences

We make choices and face consequences, right?

Every action has a reaction.

Good and bad live together.

Not all choices are sinful.

Not all consequences are a result of sin.

Now here's the thing.
The King of Kings and Lord is Ruler of all.

I've always struggled with guilt over my actions and reactions. Some were sin, some were not. I know that God, through Jesus, is the Forgiver of sins. He washes them away and remembers them no more.

True!  Great!  Amazing!

But what about the consequences of sin or wrong decisions? I see instances in the Bible where people lived with the consequences of their choice. I see it today.

And that thought or realization is a real downer.

It dawned on me recently that since Jesus is powerful enough to forgive sins and correct bad decisions, He is also has the authority to remove consequences.

Why hadn't I thought of that before?

If you are suffering from the consequences of wrong choices, have you asked him to forgive the action and remove the consequences?

Now here's something to consider. Some choices go against the laws of nature. For instance, if I overeat, I gain weight. I've often asked Him to remove the consequences of one meal,  and He did. If I continue to eat too much, the natural consequences occur. I'm gonna see bigger numbers on the scale. When I ask Him to help me with food choices, Bingo! He will. Done deal.

He may not remove all consequences of sin or off the beam health or business decisions, but it never hurts to ask.

And remember He has the Power to do it. 

He's also loving, kind and gracious. He wants the best for us, and sometimes the best for us might be consequences. At least for a season.

And I'm praying for a short season!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine Recipe for Love

Valentine's Day is here. Are you planning a night out?  A night in? Have you been with your special someone forever and you don't feel the need to plan a special event?

It's traditionally a night of love.

And................the way to a man's heart is with cake.
The way to a woman's hear is with chocolate.

This cake is a delicious, quick way to make someone feel special. The basic is simple, and you can ice it or sprinkle it with powered sugar, decorate the top with strawberries or cut up pieces and make a triffle. 

It looks extra special severed with whipped cream and chocolate.

You'll find the recipe on Texas Hill country. Pictures too.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cars, Wagons, Trucks, SUV's, Vehicles

Remember the days of station wagons? You don't? Well, maybe you aren't old enough, but they are coming back. They look a bit like SUV's, but just a bit boxier.

2018 Flex Limited in Blue

I once had a station wagon. Loved it. It was a pretty shade of blue. A Pontiac from Gay Pontiac in Dickinson.  The name “Gay Pontiac” was on the back. They thought the nomenclature was good advertising back in the day.

The GM Pontiac brand has gone the way of the Dodo bird, but years ago, they were popular. 

The Gay family continues to buy and sell a variety of cars in Dickinson, Texas, just not Pontiacs. You can see the website by clicking on this link. The Gay family has been in the car business since 1948.  I didn't know them back then. That's not when we bought our wagon.

When hubby bought me the wagon, I told the Gay dealership it should say, “Gay’s Pontiac.”  After all, it was my car.

I wonder if they put their name on vehicles now.  People would laugh their heads off. Gay Buick, Gay Kia, Gay GMC, etc. Never-the-less, they are happy vehicles, even if the identity sounds funny.

The family name of Gay can bring a certain amount of teasing. Believe me, I know. I once introduced myself to a new female at a local gathering. I said, "I'm Gay." She replied, "So am I. Want to get together sometime?"

Needless to say, I hem hawed and then exited stage left.

When I became a published author, I had to use my middle initial, or a pen name. I decided to go with the one my mom gave me. When you type in Gay Lewis, you'll find a few of my books. You'll also find books about gay people. I don't think Amazon has any about gay cars, but there's lots of other gay stuff. If you want to see all my books, please use the full name. GAY N. LEWIS.

But I digress. Back to the wagon. My beautiful, sky blue, lovely, nine passenger vehicle.

Sigh. If you've read many of my blogs, you're familiar with my driving skills.


I wrecked my station wagon twice. Once was my fault and the other time wasn’t.

I have fond memories of that station wagon.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wrong Day, Wrong Time

Ever have one of those days?

I don't know where I found this cartoon, but I kept it. The artist hit the nail on the head for some of us.

How many times have you been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Sometimes it turns out to be a humorous thingy, but then again, it can be dangerous.

I got honked and yelled at yesterday as I drove to Sugar Land for an appointment to have my contacts corrected.

I was turning onto the correct freeway from the wrong lane. I was happy the honking driver was driving defensively. I obviously wasn't and didn't know what I was doing. Or maybe I couldn't see properly due to the contact lenses. 

That's one reason I buy a red car. I'm hoping others will see my car and help me as I pilot my vehicle. And I need help, believe me.

Of course, the honker saw the situation differently. He didn't look at me as though he was a blessing, but he gaped at me as an irritating, blonde nitwit that didn't know how to drive. That's why he yelled obscenities and called me names. I could read his lips.

There's always two sides to a situation. Right?

I was grateful. He was angry.

Are you happy when you are able to help another driver? Or are you frustrated and angry about it?

How about life? Helping others can cause a myriad of emotions. Sometimes we're happy to help, but often, we are frustrated that we are called upon to assist.

Attitude depends on outlook.

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