Friday, May 29, 2015

Gay's Days, May 29. 2015. Kim McMahill gave me A Dose of Danger

Good morning friends,

I’ve written my last two blogs about the rain in Texas. Many of our areas have been under severe drought, and now we have evacuations. One never knows what nature will bring our way.

These rainy days are perfect for reading, and I’ve been doing a lot of that.  I just bought a promising new book by one of my favorite authors. I’ve been waiting for this one to come out, and I’m celebrating—it’s here! I'm a big fan and Kim McMahill can't write them fast enough for me.
A Dose of Danger Blurb:
When researcher, Grace Talbot, and her team discover a possible solution for weight loss, they become targets of a group dedicated to controlling the multi-billion dollar a year diet-product industry. Her unsanctioned testing methods bring tragedy to the family ranch, and the attention of the local sheriff’s deputy. With her colleagues dead, missing, and on the run, she soon realizes she must trust the deputy with her life, but can she trust him with her heart?

I love Kim McMahill’s writing. Her adventures keep me enthralled to the point that I neglect my own work.  She’s that good. I invite you to buy this book and read along with me. You will not be disappointed. Here’s a few of her other books I’ve read and enjoyed.
Big Horn Storm Blurb:
Niki Garat tolerates her job and the city, but she lives for her summer vacation with her grandfather at his sheep camp in the stunning Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming—until this year. When the U.S. comes under attack, including an aggressive attempt by foreign invaders to locate nuclear missiles hidden throughout remote western lands, the serenity of her mountain refuge is shattered. As area ranches are commandeered, neighbors and friends, including Deuce, her childhood infatuation, band together.

Throughout their struggle to stay alive, Niki begins to understand what came between her and Deuce, but before past mistakes can be corrected they must endure a terrifying manhunt and a desperate fight for survival.

My review on Amazon.

“Although this book is not biased regarding political parties—no mention of which party controls the White House, the US citizens face horrible radical possibilities in this work of fiction. Many think an invasion of the United States by foreign governments is fantasy, but it could happen. And what would the average citizen do if the U.S. is invaded from all sides? Would we be willing to whatever necessary? Would we own enough weapons to do it? In Big Horn Storm, The U.S. is under attack from all of her borders. Our military has been deployed to too many places to offer much protection, but is now homeward bound to restore America. In the meantime citizens are required to defend themselves. Niki and her small group find themselves in survival mode as they retreat farther up into the mountains. After Niki kills a foreign soldier to protect the man she loves, her beloved grandfather tells her, "You didn't have a choice. Sometimes we are forced into situations where we have to do things we wouldn't normally be capable's survival." Ms. McMahill loves horses and the outdoors. She does a great job with description. This is a must, eye-opening read. Recommend it to everyone who loves adventure.”
3.99 on Amazon

 Marked in Mexico Burb

An idyllic Caribbean vacation turns deadly when hostages are taken at one of Mexico’s most popular Mayan ruins. The kidnappers believe the abduction will be a simple way to negotiate the release of a colleague from a Texas prison, but the stakes become much higher when they realize one of their hostages is the daughter of a powerful U.S. Senator and another, an ex-Army Ranger who has no intention of playing by the rules.

My review on Amazon.
When a vacation turns deadly, what do you do? Run for your life, that's what. Five random hostages are taken by some very bad dudes down in Mexico. Two captives are killed and three escape. Jessica and Megan find survival instincts they didn't know they had. Jack is former military and has been trained to deal with endurance techniques. I found myself wanting food, water, and a shower as I sympathized with these unfortunate people. Their hardship was palpable, and I suffered fear and hardship along with them. I rooted for each of them to make it through the jungle, and I wanted desperately for Jack and Jessica to fall in love. I like happy endings, and this book has one. It is filled with suspense and adventure, and I enjoyed it. I think Kim McMahill is an undervalued author. Her books are outstanding.” 

Deadly Exodus 

Deadly Exodus Blurb:
Their love is forbidden…their lives in danger…

Trapped in a dystopian America where men are being exterminated and relationships are forbidden, Nyla is determined to change the course of her future and protect Ethan. Fleeing means abandoning her grandmother and imprisoned mother, but Nyla and her friends will do anything to escape an authoritarian government which has stolen their freedom and prohibits personal expression of any kind.

Desperate and dreaming of a new life, the group makes a run for the Mexican border through the inhospitable Big Bend region of Texas. Persistent patrols track and corner them, while a vast and desolate landscape inhabited by brazen predators tests their ability to survive.

Will they live to realize their dreams of a new life and a chance at love?
My Review on Amazon.
 "Kim McMahill's books are filled with believable adventure, and Desperate Dreams is no exception. This book does not disappoint. The descriptions of evil villains both, man and animal, made my hair curl. Four people escape a matriarchal society to flee to Mexico. It's the United States that no one wants to live in. Nyla says, "the land of opportunity no longer exists," and she wonders why everyone gave their freedom over to government control. Society has implanted chips that take the place of Social Security cards, credit cards, cash, keys, and driver's licenses. This book is Christian, Romance, Adventure, and Futuristic all rolled into one, and it is very good. It is scary to think the United States could become the society in Desperate Dreams.”
Shrouded in Secrets Blurb
The massacre of an unarmed South American village, the destruction of one of the greatest manmade wonders of the world, and multiple museum thefts ignite a desperate scramble to locate a deadly group of terrorists. An international team led by the ruggedly handsome but emotionally scarred CIA agent, Cash Luker, scours the globe in an attempt to keep ahead of those striving to bring thirteen mythical relics together. As Cash’s team closes in on those responsible for the devastation he must conquer past demons in order to save the woman who has captured his heart and prevent destruction of legendary proportions.
My review on Amazon:
The intrigue in this book will curl your hair. I loved the good guys and feared the bad ones. Ms McMahill never disappoints. I loved reading about the geographical and exotic sights I will never see. I could invision them through the descriptive details. This author has a vivid imagination. She kept me spellbound until the final page, and I liked the ending. All through the book, I wondered what would happen to the hidden treasures once they were found. The new locations were perfect. Thanks Ms McMahill. Your book was a perfect Saturday read.
Kim’s picture
Kim McMahill grew up in Wyoming, which is where she developed her sense of adventure and love of the outdoors. She started out writing non-fiction, but her passion for exotic world travel, outrageous adventures, stories of survival, and happily-ever-after endings soon drew her into a world of romantic suspense. Along with writing adventure novels Kim has also published over eighty travel and geographic articles, and contributed to a travel anthology and cookbook. When not writing, Kim enjoys gardening, travelling, and spending time with family.
 Links to Kim
Twitter: (@kimmcmahill)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gay's Days May 28, 2015

Rainy Days
I'm sure most of you have heard on the news about the rain and floods in the Houston area. For days now, our skies look like the pictures below. My neighborhood is fortunate, so far no water has crept into our homes, but the rivers are still rising. The Brazos courses at the back of our area. This river is expected to flood the lower lands a few miles from here. People living there are evacuating at this moment. Here's a link to it.
If you had a mere few hours to gather belongings, which ones would you take?
I'd grab the metal box with important papers and my Mom's picture.  Those items would be difficult to replace.
My sister-in-law lives across the street from the Colorado River in Bastrop, Texas. She loaded two vehicles with antique quilts she collects.
Texas has suffered drought for years, and now we are catching up, but many bodies of water have a long way to go. I heard about one lake that had been eighty feet down before the rain, and it is up twenty-eight feet over the previous point. It needs fifty-two more feet to reach normal levels.
Wichita Falls, Texas now floods. A few months ago, the citizens had to evacuate due to drought.
These are interesting times.

Our skies
Heavy rain

Yesterday morning, I walked to the end of my driveway with the intention of walking before the rain came. I got to the street and the sprinkles pelted me. I turned around.

This is how today started. I walked early and thanked the Lord for the sun. Four deer surprised me as they ran across the road. I think they were glad to see the sun too. I wish I'd captured their picture. We'll have rain this afternoon.

I've been writing and editing my Sarah stories. I have no desire to be on flooded streets.
Oh, and by the way, she said to tell you that she hasn't experienced any blunders this week, so she didn't cause the floods. She takes her daily shower by calling forth a rain cloud, but this week, her Father provided them.  She's kind of tired of being wet too.
One of the projects I've edited during these rainy days is a short story. I love the cover the publisher designed, don't you?  This is a free book, so when it comes out, I hope you'll go to Amazon and get it. Short stories are difficult to write. Although the story is concise, I wanted to develop it enough to enough to keep the reader interested.  Sarah Does it Again will be out soon. Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gay's Days in the rain.

I received this interesting email from a friend of mine who lives in North Texas. I thought the first paragraph was humorous and worth sharing.

“I realize that we have received more than our share of rain lately but we have been looking at the lake bottoms for a long time and it is good to know that they are becoming full for a change.  California would trade some of their fruits and nuts (oranges and almonds) for some of it. In the 1930's, folks were moving from Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas to California because their fertile ground had become the "Dust Bowl." California is so barren these days, the ancestors of those folks are thinking of moving back.”

Isn’t that an amusing assessment of how people tackle climate diversity?

North Texas as well as Oklahoma is suffering from multiple tornados this spring. I hate that for them. Ruin and desolation face many.

My friends in Austin and San Antonio are happy to receive rain. Those areas are dry and have huge cracks in the ground. Water is often rationed during summer. I hope the downpours improve those conditions.
I see friends on Facebook who live in Colorado as they shovel snow. Amazing.

Here in the Houston area, some of us are experiencing flooding conditions. Boats full of people  float down streets as they evacuate. Perhaps the travelers think of Noah as they leave homes behind.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if all areas of the earth would equal out with their needs? Everyone would have enough to eat, drink, and all essentials taken care of and no unhappiness existed?

Oh wait! When that happens, time on this planet ends and eternity begins. Until then, we cope with the challenges of daily life.

And to me, even during difficult days, time spent down here is worth it.

I've consumed my morning hours by working on my latest Sarah book. Here's a rough draft from today's writing.
From Sarah and a Party for Mackenzie

“I’d go to church if I didn’t have events scheduled, but I usually have one on weekends. Worship might be a good alternative for my loneliness.” He shrugged, glanced away and a slight blush appeared to his cheeks. “I’ve even considered one of those Internet dating sites. Not that I want to remarry, but a female companion would be nice. Ever try one of those sites?”

Sarah blinked rapidly. “Not for myself, but I tried to help a friend on one once. I’m not tech savvy and my assistance was more of a blunder.”

Robert’s chuckle sounded as though he’d seen a two year old child do a cute trick. “What happened?”

“I got emails mixed up and sent wrong messages to each of the possible suitors.”

Robert threw back his shoulders and roared. “That must have been a hoot.”

Okay my rambling is done. I was thinking of you all today and stopped my Sarah story to say hello. My wish for you today is that all of stay safe, dry, and happy.  Until later, have a good one!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Gay's Days, May 12, 2015

Mother’s Day 2015

The day we honor our mom’s has come and gone.  I hope you had a good one. For some, it was a day of sadness…loneliness…regrets, but for some of us, the remembrance brought joy.

Sunday morning is a busy time in my house, so when hubby handed me the Houston Chronicle and said, “Here, read this article. It is a real tear-jerker.”

The clock read seven o’clock, and he was out the door as soon as he said it—his normal time to exit on Sunday. As the pastor of a small church, he has much to do when he arrives there.

Me? Well, I still was at the computer in my gown and robe trying to finish the Bible lesson I would soon teach.  I leave for church at nine and decided I didn’t have time to read a sad tale about a mother. Who wants that anyway?

Hubby and I read constantly. He loves non-fiction, and I adore fiction. What is it they say about opposites? Oh yeah, they find each other.

We had a lovely day. Our daughter took us to lunch after worship and we enjoyed the visit. That night, my hubby asked me if I’d read the article.

“No.  Not yet.”

“Gay! It only takes two seconds. I can’t believe you didn’t read it.”

“Why do I want to read something heart-rending? There’s enough of that without looking for it.”

“Read it. It’s poignant.”

And so I finally did.

I suggest you find it on the Houston Chronicle site, May 10, 2015, City/State page, written by Lisa Falkenberg, entitled. “She’s not a saint, superhero or motivational speaker—she’s Mom.”

My own mother was not a saint, superhero or speaker either. In fact, she refused to read or pray in public and often didn’t want to attend a Bible study for fear she’d be called upon to do so. Such things are normal for me.

In the article, Ms. Falkenberg writes that she and her mom’s relationship was like oil and water. Often mine was so with my mother. She wanted to cling to me and I ran like a maniac toward independence.

I’m thankful we spent the last ten years of her life in harmony. We truly loved each other and came to admire our differences.

I cut the article out.

As always, hubby was right.
I miss her.





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