Monday, December 25, 2017

Sarah's Christmas Note

 Here's a picture of me. 
It was made last year, 
but I look the same.

Dear Gay,      
            As I write this note, angels up here in The Heavenlies are recalling the night Jesus was born.  I wasn’t among those making an appearance two thousand years ago, but the heavens are abuzz with recollections from those who did. Watching the humans celebrate the most important birth ever known brings jubilation among us, and Jesus especially beams His approval 

            Angels had a lot to do with the natal miracle. Zacharias received a visit from one of us. So did Mary—and then one materialized also to Joseph in a dream.  The heavenly messengers delivered the news to these favored people that Jesus was coming to earth as a baby. This news must have been a shocker to all of them, especially Mary and Joseph, but my favorite part of the story is the shepherds.

My friend, Anna

            Anna, my friend, was among those who appeared to the sheep caretakers on the hillside. With her beautiful soprano voice, she can make the heavens resonate. As gifted as she is, Maestro Superior nonetheless rehearsed her and the angelic choir for a long time.  Now mind you, we really don’t have time pieces or calendars up here, so I can’t tell you how much they prepared, but it was regularly.  Their scheduled performance was one of utmost importance.

            Everyone residing in The Heavenlies knew Jesus was to leave His glory and be born human. And yet, He would remain God.  Amazing, isn’t it?  No one had ever done that before, and no one ever will again.

            Anna told me how terrified the shepherds were when the angelic host appeared.  One of our angel rules is that we don’t panic humans, but it was necessary that night. Right?  The angels had the divine appointment to announce the birth of the Messiah.  Wow!  Can you imagine?  Every angel up here wanted to be in that group, but the Father selected only a few.

            The shepherds reacted just as expected—they went to Bethlehem to see the miracle. How thoughtful of the Father! He gave the good news first to a labor force considered a lowly profession by others.   The Father is awesome when He does things such as that, and He does them often—for angels and humans.

            The guys who took care of sheep had nothing of monetary value to give the Christ Child. Wise men from the east brought expensive presents later. But as you know, the Father only wants the gift of love for His Son.  That’s the perfect gift, and it is one each of us—human or angel can give. The Shepherds gave the Christ Child their heart that night.

            One reason I enjoy the shepherd’s part so much is that they didn’t allow insecurity to interfere with their opportunity. They worried not about inferior clothing, lack of funds, absence of education and prominence. Ignoring human prejudice, they went to Bethlehem. I wish you could hear them right now talking about that glorious night—even though they have resided in The Heavenlies for many earth years, they never tire of telling the story. Do humans take the story for granted? I hope not.

            Well, Gay, I must go.  We have a huge birthday celebration planned, and I don’t want to miss it. All residents of The Heavenlies wish a blessed Christmas and Holy Days for each of you. I’ll return to your wonderful planet in the year numbered 2018. On my next assignment, I’m to help a young woman with a make-over. This should be exciting. You know how much I love to appear in disguises and wear beautiful clothes. Never mind if I cause havoc in the process, I still enjoy wearing colorful clothes and shoes. Do you think I can learn to walk in stilettos this trip? I enjoyed helping Mackenzie this past year choosing a prom dress. She looked gorgeous, but creating a romance for her mom turned out to be interesting.  I goofed up a lot, but then, what’s new in that department?

            Have a blessed Christmas.  We are thinking of every one of you up here in The Heavenlies!


Friday, December 22, 2017

The Bullies Got Rudolph

Santa had a herd of reindeer.
They weren't nice.
They were bullies.

You see, one reindeer was a little different. He had a red, shiny nose. This made the other "normal" looking reindeer laugh at him and call him names. Yep. Not nice. Why didn't Santa stop the bullying in the barn? Santa ignored what his animals were doing.  Santa should put himself on his own naughty list.

Rudolph was excluded. He felt awful. Sad. Depressed. He was different. Why should that matter? He could fly like the herd. He had a heart and feelings just like everyone else. He even looked like the others, well, all except his nose.

So, as luck would have it, a foggy night came one Christmas Eve and Santa decided a red nose would come in handy. 

Rudolph led the herd.

Suddenly the outcast became a hero.

Rudolph's nose led him to a happy ending, but the bullies didn't change. Oh sure, they liked Rudolph, but bullies are bullies. They must have found another reindeer to act ugly toward. No one had chastised them for their bully behavior. No one had stood up to them. Why should they cease their ways?

Santa should have saved the day.

Bullies should be stopped.

A reindeer shouldn't wait for a foggy night to save the day.

Where were the Good Samaritans?

In this book, Mackenzie has bullies attacking her.
She didn't have a shiny nose to save her.
But a knight in shining armor came to her defense.
With a little help for an angel named Sarah.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sale Ends Soon

Only a few days left.
I'm sad.
These books are only .99. 
That's less than a dollar!
But the sale expires at the end of December.
I'm hoping you will add these two Christmas books to your eLibrary.

They are also available in print and audio.

Hint Hint Hint.
You can't go wrong by buying both of these books, but if you want only one, my favorite is Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sarah: A Mission of Love

Have you met Sarah?
This is the first book featuring this popular, silly, and lovable angel.

EXCERPT—Sarah: A Mission of Love
Copyright © 2012 Gay N. Lewis

“What is she doing?” The Commander watched the little angel from his position above the earth.
“Our Sarah is directionally challenged.” The Lieutenant grimaced as he gazed at his graduate student.
“She’s flitting from cloud to cloud.” The Commander narrowed his eyes. “Is that a map in her hand?” His gaze followed the diminutive resident of Heaven as she alternated between scanning the paper in her hand and scrutinizing her surroundings.
“Yes, sir, but she can’t figure it out. She has no clue she’s holding the diagram upside down.” The Lieutenant shook his head. “She’s taken Map Reading 101 three times, and I’ve personally tutored her. She’s a bit dyslexic and gets her left and right confused, along with east, west, north and south. At least she knows up and down.” He bit his lip as he saw the pint-sized trainee shoot up when she needed to go down. He held his breath when the little angel hesitated in mid-air with her wings unfurled. She then lowered her head and plunged several feet at high speed velocity before she righted herself.
The Lieutenant blew a loud whooshing breath. “Well, let me rephrase that. She recognizes up and down most of the time.” He shook his head and turned his attention to the Commander. “Sir, I’m not so sure this is the best angel for this assignment. Sarah’s fresh out of school. May I ask why you didn’t send Rachael?”
“Rachael has other lessons to learn. Sarah will do fine.” The Commander spoke with conviction.
“I wish I could believe it.”
The Commander smiled. “It’s a matter of faith.”
“I believe in her. She’ll mature from this mission and grow in self-confidence.”
The Superiors grew silent as they watched the little one. A gust of wind blew the map from her hand. She made a comical sight as she grabbed at the air for her set of directions. Losing her balance, she tumbled head over feet and plummeted to Earth in a spiral. She made a thud when her bottom hit solid ground. Rising, she inspected her wings and smiled. Nothing appeared broken.
The Commander furrowed his eyebrows and turned to his Lieutenant. “Give her time to do her job, but keep your eyes on her.”
* * *
Sarah looked around and wondered where she was. Having never been to the planet Earth before, she was excited to receive her first commission to help the humans. She had watched them from her perch in the upper abode, but this was her first experience as a servant to one.
The space she had plunged through had been cold, but the physical activity had kept her from noticing the elements. Now that she was on Earth, she found the air cooler than expected. She turned up her internal thermostat to adjust to Earth’s temperature—a procedure sometimes necessary in The Heavenlies. The Charge of the Celestial Climate kept it perfect for most inhabitants, but individuals could always adjust their personal heating and cooling system if needed.
The sun looked bright and glorious from this perspective, but snow was on its way. The Charge of the Terrestrial Climate had given a weather report before she left, and Sarah anticipated her first touch of the beautiful, white stuff. From her perch in the heavens, it resembled a cloud covering the ground instead of one hovering between earth and heaven.
Sarah needed to find Tom Shoemaker. His prayer was her reason for coming to Earth. But where was he? Her map had blown away and she had landed in a secluded spot with no recognizable landmarks. Rolling hills, trees, and brown grass filled the landscape—no buildings or streets. Often lost in the upper realm, what made her think the lower one would make a difference? How on earth was she to decide which way to go?
Giggling at that last thought—because she was “on earth”—she jammed an index finger into her mouth, wet it fully, and held it to the atmosphere. The airstream swirled around the moist digit, and she chose to follow the wind. It was as good a place to start as any. With the wind at her back, she plunged ahead on foot. She was accustomed to weightlessness and air. Solid earth was an interesting phenomenon, but it had its limitations. Deciding the foot method of transportation was too slow, Sarah took to the air.
Soaring above the trees, she turned in a slow circle until she caught site of a steeple—a church! As if pulled by some celestial magnet, she found herself flying towards the place of worship without any conscious decision to do so. Missing her intended landing spot—the front stoop— she collided into the roof with a loud whack instead.
“Well, that was certainly graceful. So much for Charm and Dignity Class 101.” Muttering to herself, she slid to the edge, floated down, and peered through the window.
Tom knelt at the altar but peered about the church with a puzzled expression. He must have heard the thump when she hit the roof. Sarah reminded herself that she could sometimes be heard even if she wasn’t seen. She watched as the human bowed his head once more in prayer.
Tom was a good-looking man. His thick hair and mustache sported the same rich brown color. Broad shoulders complemented a strong body build and well-toned arm muscles. His large hands, folded in prayer, looked powerful. She knew from her few studies about him that he had played football in college. Even though he knelt, she could tell he was taller than she, but then, Sarah was short as angels go. She couldn’t see his eyes—they were closed, but her dossier said they were green. Probably the same color as his roomy sweater, worn over comfortable-looking tan slacks.
A little more information would have been nice, but she supposed the Superiors wanted to see how many details she could discover on her own.
Summoning her metamorphic ability, she passed through the wall of the church. She could transform into a human shape if necessary, but the Superiors had given strict instructions about that.
Settled comfortably on the back pew, Sarah studied her surroundings. The sanctuary, with its plain white walls, would hold perhaps one hundred people. Mahogany pews, cushioned in blue upholstery, went well with a darker blue carpet which enveloped the elevated altar. The runner traveled the center aisle, leaving dark, freshly varnished, planked floors on each side. A lemony fragrance lingered in the air, lending a pleasant aroma in the small building. It was a simple sanctuary—no stained glass, no excessive ornamentation—but generations of worshipers had kept the country church in pristine condition.
Sarah focused her attention on Tom. He was talking to the Father and she didn’t want to interrupt him, as the Father cherished these humans’ prayers. They drifted up as a sweet fragrance to Him.
Tom had asked for guidance in recent days, and wonder of wonders, the Father had sent her to help him, but he didn’t know his answer sat right behind him.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Don't You Love a Sale?

My Publisher, Pelican Book Group, the Prism Imprint, has all these books on sale for .99. Wow!  At that price, you can buy a bunch of them. Don't forget my two Christmas books are here too.

Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady 
Sarah and the Widow's Mate.

Over 100 Christmas books from fantastic authors on sale.

Get both these books while they are on sale. Let me know which one you like best.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Strange Winter in Texas

We recently had snow!  Amazing for Houston and The Texas Hill Country.  Brrrr. The dusting of snow was cold but beautiful. We were all excited, even us grown-ups. We aren't accustomed to it down here. We only had three days of cold last winter, and the rest of the season we wore shorts.

I wrote about a bizarre Texas blizzard in 
Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady. 
That doesn't happen down here, but the unusual snow storm made an interesting story. We start out in Dallas and end up on a ranch in The Texas Hill Country.

I had so much fun writing this romantic tale and it came fast and easy to me.  Sarah, the bumbling angel, slips into a human disguise and becomes Estella, a grandmotherly type.

Emily, the sweet, naive, Texan, experiences the worst day of her life, but she shouldn't worry. Sarah is on the job. Ha! Sarah can cause a worse day to go to a horrific one. She doesn't intend for chaos to happen, it just does when she's around.

Sarah, aka Estella, introduces Emily to Josiah, a cowboy hunk. And boy-oh-boy is this guy a gem. I fell in love with him myself, and I'm a happily married woman.

Josiah is rich, handsome, and responsible. He's also sexier than any man has a right to be. When he stands under the mistletoe, lifts Emily with one arm around her waist, and kisses her deeply, well, let's just say that sparks fly.  I would have loved being in Emily's place. Lifted off the floor in powerful but gentle arms and kissed in a romantic way. This cowboy dude is every woman's dream.

Josiah's grandmother plays a role in this book too. She wants to see her grandson married in the spring amidst a field of Texas Bluebonnets. Sarah promises to do her best to make that happen.

My publisher, Prism Book Group, published this book last Christmas. I sat by the fire a few days ago and read it as if I were a first-time reader and not the author. I enjoyed it. I'd forgotten how delightful Sarah is, how handsome Josiah is, and the very bad day that came Emily's way. Josiah wanted to mount his horse, Pedro, ride to Dallas and throttle the disgusting dude that hurt Emily. I wished he would.

Josiah doesn't allow his women folk to be hurt by a nutcase.

This is a heartwarming and funny book. It's also filled with a few nuggets of inspiration. Right now it's on sale for .99. I truly believe your dollar will be well-spent when you purchase a copy. It's a feel good read and we need those in this stress-filled time. This book will soon return to the original price of $2.99.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Houston Has a Problem.

I enjoyed writing Christmas love stories. Sarah and the Widow's Mate was fun. Beth, a rich, Houston widow, has two con artists after her, and Sarah is sent to save the woman from murder and mayhem. Oh mercy! You know Sarah, she's a bumbler. Houston has a problem. Not with astronauts, but with angels.

In this story, Sarah meets the angel, Gabriella for the first time. Gabriella becomes her BFF and like a good friend, she helps Sarah through difficult moments. Everyone needs a friend like Gabriella.

There's a sexy woman in this book who tries to seduce a man with skimpy clothes and flirty ways. Sarah intervenes, and all kinds of warnings from the Superiors comes her way.. Sarah has a hard time with free will. She thinks she can keep a human from a sinful act and she goes to great lengths to impose her will on theirs. This is a no-no and she gets a reprimand on Cloud Nine.

Sarah and the Widow's Mate is heartwarming and funny.  It's on sale right now. Reduced from $3.99 to .99.  You can't go wrong by investing a mere dollar into a Sarah book. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Shorts in December

We won't be dressing like this today.

Not down here in the Houston area.
No coats needed

How about shorts?

Christmas time in Texas often means summer weather.  

But we can think snow and all things Santa.

My Christmas book from last year centers around a blizzard in Texas. A heartbroken lady, Emily, sets out from Dallas to Austin with the help of Estella, a tottering old lady. A rich, handsome, Good Samaritan cowboy provides shelter for the two stranded strangers. Estella, aka Sarah, the goofy angel creates romance between the two deep in the heart of Texas.

PBG Insider: Gay N. Lewis Introduces her "Sarah" series

Sarah at Christmas