Friday, January 29, 2016

Gay's Days. The Bullies


January 29, 2016

Good morning!

So how will you spend your day? I’ll be running errands, and it is beautiful outside, so that makes it easier and more pleasant.  We are to have temps in the 70’s by afternoon. The weather lady says we'll have 80 on Monday. Oh joy! I dread our Houston summer.


I’m excited about my two books.
Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie is another novel about my dyslexic angel who comes to earth and makes a mess while doing good. She intervenes with a high school bully and the event is hilarious.

But bullies aren’t funny—they are mean and cause pain. I saw on TV this morning where a group of high school kids are putting together an APP for their phone to help each other with such things. Proud of them.
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Clue into Kindness will be released on February 12. No angels in this story, but the husband in the story bullies his wife and she handles it.

If you know someone who faces a tormenter, do what you can to bring relief. Both of my new books offer suggestions.

Sometimes we need help with our problems. Let’s give it, or get it. Life is too short to suffer when assistance is available.

Keep smiling—even if you’d rather cry. A smile can chase can a talk with a friend.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gay's Days. Clue into Kindness

                   Look what I found!
I've been telling you about Prism Book Group's Love Is...theme, and this is my contribution! You can preorder it now.  Here's a blurb.

Georgia loves her husband, Alan. She shows him kindness with actions and words, but Alan responds in a heartless, selfish way. To receive respect and admiration from people, he believes he must have a perfect wife—so he criticizes Georgia at every opportunity—even tells her she’s fat! Alan’s best friend Ken and his wife Jana, reassure Georgia that she remains the gorgeous beauty queen she was during her college days. Who will Georgia believe—her friends or the mysterious, handsome stranger who comes into her life?  Circumstances bring a change to Alan’s attitudes. But is it too late to save this marriage?
This book, as several others in the series, are available now through preorder. A new one is released each Friday. Prepare to enjoy these entertaining reads.
2.99 on Amazon

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gay's Days. Love Is Coming

Hi guys and gals,
We're gonna be cloudy with mild temps today. I think our friends in the northeast are thawing out. They've had it rough, and after seeing what they have, I'm glad to be in Texas.

I missed blogging yesterday. My hubby generously shared his sick bug with me, and I’m trying to recover from it.

I wrote my personal love story for the Love Is theme that Prism Book Group is publishing. I’m posting our schedule. There are a total of fifteen books, and as you can see from the list below. Mine is number two. My release date is 2/12/16.

You are going to want them all!  These authors write entertaining stories and all are based on I Corinthians 13—but we don’t preach. We tell stories. I don’t have the cover for mine yet, but I have a few of the others. Each one has a common theme—inside and out. After these stories come out in eBook, they will be grouped together for print. Some prefer print. Prism Book Group publishes many of their books in eBook, print, and audio.

Get ready! Every Friday beginning February 5, you’ll have a new book to enjoy!

Love is patient
Love is kind
Clue Into Kindness
Love does not envy
Greener Grass
Love does not boast
Work In Progress
Love is not proud
Everything About You
Love does not dishonor others
Crux of Honor
Love is not self-seeking
Navy Blues
Love is not easily angered
Love Makes Waves
Love keeps no record of wrongs
Evidence Not Seen
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth
Truffles and Traffic
Love always protects
Love always trusts
Racing Hearts
Love always hopes
Hoping for Joy
Love perseveres
1//2017 TBT
Love never fails
For Better or for Worse
  Skeen    JH  2/20/2017

Each eBook is $2.99 on Amazon and these are available for preorder.




Remember to keep a smile. Even if your day is cloudy. A smile brings cheer.



Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gay's Days. Church

January 24, 2016

Good Sunday morning friends,

The day dawned with clear, cool skies here in Houston. My heart is heavy for my friends who are snowed in and living with blizzard conditions.

I’m on my way to church, and I hope you are too. What size church do you prefer?

Hubby shepherds an itsy-bitsy one, so that’s where I go. He wouldn’t be happy if I attended another congregation. (I wouldn't either)

But I like hearing his messages. He always has something interesting to say.  In past years, he was the senior minister of larger churches, but we are in a sweet, small one now.

Until tomorrow, smile today!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gay's Days Movie Review: Thirteen Hours

Saturday, January 23, 2015

Good morning friends,

Are you cold? Here in the Houston area, we started with 34 degrees and a beautiful sunrise. We’ll warm to 55 before day’s end with no rain in sight.

Not so with others. Whew! I’m sorry many of you are snowed in. I guess it is a good thing it is Saturday—most don’t work on the weekends. For those who must work or get out, I hope you are safe and never stranded on a highway.

Hubby and I took Shelley, our eldest daughter, to a movie yesterday afternoon. We'd been to this theater many times, but we'd never had reclining, plush, leather seats. The tickets had assigned seating...another new feature for us, but then we don't go to movies often. These seating arrangements may be the norm.

We saw the movie: Thirteen Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. I didn’t find it a political movie. I'd feared it would be in this day of presidential debates. No names of any political parties were mentioned. The actors portrayed an actual, true event without any mention of why the US of A had an embassy in Benghazi—which is a question lingering with me. And why on a 9/11 anniversary, the embassy would be unsecured with only two men to guard the sitting duck compound. I suppose I’ll have to do a bit of research. I’m sure both sides of the political persuasion have an explanation as to why we were there or why we shouldn’t have been there. After studying both sides, I’ll come to my conclusion.

The elites in our government seem to think they must think for the public. Don’t they realize the grass roots out here can decide for ourselves?

But I digress. The movie was brutal, and it could have been worse. I was afraid we’d see the terrorists drag the Ambassador through the streets. We didn’t, but that event happened.

We three left the theater with pride for the Americans who were willing to die for an American on foreign soil. We also felt anger because help failed to arrive, and assistance had been requested many times. Now there’s another question. Who kept aid from coming and why?  Shameful.

To most of us, it makes a lot of difference that four Americans died—especially in a country where we shouldn’t have been. To top it off, the only reason these men died was because they were trying to save themselves and each other. And aren't we thankful several lived to tell the truth about that awful night?

The actors were good, but the music was booming. Much too loud. The compositions made it difficult to understand the words spoken. At one point, I whispered to hubby, “Are you having trouble understanding what they say?” He nodded. I was happy he agreed. It had occurred to me I might need an audio test for my ears. Maybe the movie would have made more sense if I could have understood all the conversations. Darn music.

I may need to read the book to find answers to my lingering questions, but one thing is clear to me. I’m proud of those guys. You will be too when you see their strength, determination and courage against the insurmountable odds they faced.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Gay's Days. Happy Birthday to our daughter

January 22, 2016

Good morning friends,

Today dawned cloudy and colder, but our weather is nothing compared to the blizzard hitting in our northeastern and southern states. Ya’ll stay warm up there, okay?
A few years ago (I’m not saying how many) I gave birth to our youngest daughter. She completed our family of three girls. Hubby and I just called and sang the Happy Birthday song to her.

 In this picture, Lanissa, our birthday girl, is the one on the left. She has her arm wrapped around her sisters. She will receive a master’s degree in history this spring, we are proud of her and happy she joined our family on this day a few years ago. (More than a few, right?)

Our girls are petite—Lanissa is the tallest—she stands at 5’l”—if she stretches.

Growing up, I was the tallest girl on my mom’s side of the family, and I really look tall compared to my daughters. I’m 5’5”. My mother stood at 5’4” and I always thought she was the perfect size. She tried hard to weigh one hundred pounds. She didn’t gain weight—no matter what she ate. Believe me, I don’t have that problem. I wish I did.

Now that I think of it, many of my female heroines are 5’4”.

I have a book coming out in February, Clue into Kindness and the heroine is tall in this story—her name is Georgia. She has an unkind husband. Prism Book Group is featuring the Love Is series based on I Corinthians 13. Can you guess what mine is about? If you said, “Love is kind,” you got it right. I think mine is due on February 13. There will be fifteen in the series, and I hope you will read them all.   
Image result for happy
Until tomorrow, stay healthy. Don't forget to smile.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gay's Days. My tree survives surgery

January 21, 2016
Good morning friends,
Our sky is cloudy and we expect colder temps this afternoon. My heart goes out to all who are in the midst of a winter snow storm. Driving in those conditions must be a nightmare. I find driving in dry, normal times hazardous. Did I tell you about the nine wrecks I had the first year we lived in Houston? I didn't? Well, remind me and I'll do that on another day.
Sarah, the angel in my series, tried driving a car in Sarah: Laney’s Angel. Her attempt was hilarious, but my collisions weren’t when I had them. People tease me to this day about my driving skills.

2.99 on Amazon

If you want a good laugh, read this suspenseful, humorous book.  Not only do I write about driving, I also write about personal experiences from my interior design days, but this time, these things happened to Laney instead of me.
The tree guys were here yesterday until about 3:00. They're gonna come back to finish hauling off the left over debris. This tree was huge and I’m sad to see half of it gone.
And so it began.
This guy isn't afraid of heights.
My poor tree. It must feel exposed. Reduced to half of its former glory.
Huge logs left. The surgeon said the tree was healthy, and that makes me sad. Hubby feared a strong wind would blow the giant into our house.  We hope if a hurricane comes, the tree will fall to the land beside us. Sad. Sad. Sad.
Well, on to other things. I'm spending my day catching up with duties I’m not fond of. Paying bills—yuk! Filing business stuff—blah! What are ya’ll doing? Stay well and healthy!
Until tomorrow, smile today.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Gay's Days. My tree

January 20, 2016

Good morning friends,

How’s the day so far for you? Some of you have a blizzard headed your way. Here in the Houston area, we will have a mild, cloudy day ahead with a few scattered showers.

I’m fighting bronchitis this morning. It usually comes my way in October, but the irritation found me later this year.  I hope all of you are staying well.

We have a tree guy coming this morning. I told you once about the huge Ash tree next to our house that might need to come down. 

This picture was made last summer when we had a man cutting down a few branches. See how high up he is?

Ash trees have a life span of about 20-30 years, and this one has reached that limit. It is still beautiful and healthy, but we don’t want it to fall on the house.
Ash tree in winter
I don’t want to lose it. We’re going to see if part of it can go and part stay. Perhaps the expert can take down the branches leaning closest to the house, then if the tree falls, it should fall away...toward the empty space beside us. When we built our home, I designed it around three trees and this is one of them.
I love trees, and this Ash has so much character.
A one one-hundred year old Pecan tree lives behind the screened  in area. Sitting on the porch and enjoying the yard is a treat. I'll let you know what happens to my tree. 
eFictionFinds is a good place to find reliable, clean, reads—reasonably priced too.
I hope you're enjoying a good read, and that one of my books are among your treats.  You can find my books on my Amazon page.
Until tomorrow, stay warm, and smile at everyone!

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