Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Little Angel Screw Up

Also available in print and audio

The first book in the Sarah series.

Vampires were popular when I began writing. I couldn't write those stories, but the idea came to tell about a goofy angel with a good heart who tries her best to help the humans.

I called it Little Angel Screw Up. 

The publisher loved it but felt the title inappropriate for a Christian novel.  Even though Sarah is a "screw up" I changed the title to Sarah: Mission of Love.

Sarah is a hoot and a half.

I'd like to introduce you to her in this book, and I hope you'll like her and follow her adventures in the books that follow. My books appeal to readers who don't like a preachy book but enjoy faith and humor.

I'm planning on spending the day with my daughter. She had surgery yesterday but is doing well.  You know how moms are. We like to make sure all is okay with our kiddos...no matter how old or big they get.

Check in with me tomorrow. You never know what Gay's gonna do.

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