Monday, August 31, 2015

Gay's Days August 31, 2015

Miscommunication leads to misunderstanding.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were on one page in a conversation and the listener was on another?
I have.

I had an experience recently where several people in the room weren’t even in the same book as me. Boy! Talk about misunderstanding. I’m still wondering how it all happened.

The heartache the event brought to me and the others is indescribable. I find myself wishing I could be a hermit and never become misunderstood again. If I never spoke or wrote another word, I would spare myself and others of pain.

Maybe, but that isn’t possible. And my DNA dictates me to be an extrovert, wordy, outgoing, and friendly.  I’ve spent the last few days asking God why he made me as I am. God directed me to the many passages in Scripture that talk about the potter and the clay.
Just as a potter makes a vessel, He made me. I mar myself with my own sinful choices, but He mends me.

I’m a work in progress. Am I sad when I’m misunderstood? You betcha!  Do I often forget to take my zip lip pills? Yep. Sure do. Do I have the gift of peacemaking? Not hardly. Am I sorry an unintentional misunderstanding caused distress to me and others? YES! Do I wish I could edit words before speaking? CERTAINLY!
Have you ever had experiences and thoughts such as the ones I've expressed? Did the circumstances ever dissolve into peaceful solutions?

If you find yourself in the same boat as me, I pray that with time our heartaches will be healed.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015. One of my books on Linda Weaver Blog

Hi Friends.
Linda Weaver Clarke is featuring Sarah today on her blog!
Hop over and take a look at the interview, leave a comment, and a winner will be selected to win on of the books below.  The reader chooses which one!
Linda is soooo nice to have me, and Sarah enjoys reading the blog too! 


Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 Heat Record approaches in Texas

Heat is usual for summer and abounds in many places, and it is normal for Texas, but this year, we have extra.  Aren't we blessed?  Today we may break a record set back in 1962. 
Here's the temp when I returned to my car from a trip into a store.
I'd left a bottle of water in it and brewed tea when I got back in. Of course, I'd prefer it iced with lots of lemon and sugar, but you take what you can get.
I've heard that some people down here in South Texas, the hens are laying hard boiled eggs.
If the eggs don't arrive ready to eat, you can fry them on pavement.
Have you seen a cartoon on the Internet about Texas? God is gazing into an oven with an angel looking over His shoulder.  "What are you cooking?"
God answers the angel, "Texas."
If you thought politics was heating up, you haven't been to Texas. Those politicians are cool compared to our days and nights.
A visitor to Texas once remarked, "it feels like Hell here."
The Texan replied, "Oh? You've been there?"
In the Gulf of Mexico, fisherman are catching baked fish.
The little angel in my books doesn't have a halo sitting on her head, but if she did, it would burn her blonde curls brown.
When Sarah visits Houston, she touches the freckle on her left wrist and adjusts her internal temperature. I often wish I could do that.  Like Sarah, figuring out human technology is a mystery to me. We have a music system with all sorts of players hooked to a central unit. I wanted to listen to a really old phonograph record yesterday but couldn't figure out how to turn the thing on.
Have you ever heard the song, "God's Choir" sung by the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas? Several groups on You Tube sing one with that title, but it isn't the same song.  I have it on an old recording, but I have no idea how to listen to it.
The song is based on Revelation 5:11. Thousands of angels sing, and translators estimate the number to be more than a million!  By the way, there are four new songs we'll sing in Heaven in that chapter.  As believers,  are all going to be part of God's Choir.
Sarah, my fictional angel, isn't much of a singer, but she plays the harp and keyboard. Musical instruments are mentioned in this chapter in Revelation about our future too. 

Sarah plays a pipe organ in Sarah and a Dad for Mandy.
One thing, I'm sure of, is that when we all get up there, it won't be hot!!
But we are here below this day in Texas.
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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gay's Days, August 6, 2015

When the Chamber phoned me to set up a date to speak, I was surprised and thrilled. Someone told hubby, "your wife is becoming a celebrity." Who me?  Not hardly.
I've heard Ben Carson, a Republican candidate for President of the United States say something along these lines, "fifty percent of the populace doesn't know who I am, and through the debates, they will get to know me." My guess is that ninety-eight percent of Christian readers don't know me, but I'm hoping that through my books, they will.
Of course I'd be elated if  readers who preferred non-Christian books enjoyed Sarah too. All ages can fall in love with her and relate to her insecurities. All generations, from teens to grandmothers, have written to me, and I'm happy to hear from them.
The books about a petite angel who comes to earth to help humans are funny. Sarah is clueless about idioms, human technology, and directions. She masquerades in human form to ask for maps to various assigned locations, and her disguises are always a disaster. There are seven Sarah books now and more on the way. Although a series, they can also stand alone. Most are available in eBook, print, and audio. Many people purchase on line, but if your favorite brick and mortar store doesn't have Sarah, ask for her.
In her latest adventure, Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island, Sarah has a new experience. She matches wits with an unholy angel who tries to foil her mission. 
Here are a few of the reviews.
A Midnight Kiss
By Victoria Pitts Caine on June 12, 2015
The clumsy little goofball angel, Sarah, is visiting earth again! This time her mission is to help select a mate her charge, Carolyn, on a cruise ship! Oh no. Sarah can barely find her way around on terra firma.

Sarah bumbles her instructions and finds herself in a battle of wits with a minion from the evil world. While Carolyn has two suitors, Nick and Ash, Sarah guides Carolyn toward the right one, but not without interference from the minion.

Once Carolyn has decided on “Mr. Right”, she is going to meet him on the deck at midnight the last night of the cruise, but something goes wrong and Sarah has to call for reinforcements to thwart off evil.

As with the other Sarah books, Ms. Lewis makes his little character lovable and adored. All of her books have an inspirational message, but this one delves deeper into the battles fought with the darker side. Nice job – I loved the cruise aspect and it looks like Sarah will be back.
Heavenly Warfare And on Earth Too
By DiAne N. Gates on June 22, 2015
Entertaining, delightful, and enthralling story crafted by great story-teller, Gay N. Lewis. Ms. Lewis weaves a believable scene of the warfare that takes place in the heavenlies as well as all around us. And Sarah. Oh my, what an adorable, ditzy, little angel that always manages to complete her assignment in an unorthodox manner. Just loved her. This was my first Sarah book, but it certainly won't be the last. Great read with a bonus of Ms. Lewis' wisdom tucked between the covers.
This book was full of laughs!
By Danele on June 22, 2015
This book was full of laughs! I really enjoyed Sarah's attempts to find Carolyn a husband. Sarah's bumbling ways kept me in stitches. I also enjoyed the spiritual truths contained in this book. In my opinion, this story is a winner. I enjoyed it, and I will read it again.
Wonderful!! Enjoyed this book!!!
By C Coleman on June 23, 2015
Sarah, Sarah! None can match her. She’s hilarious and entertaining. The descriptions of the cruise ship, as well as those of Catalina Island are right on the money. Ms. Lewis has either made this trip or done a great deal of research. Fabulous!
Sarah Learns Spiritual Warfare
By Joy on June 20, 2015   
The Sarah books get better and better! This new book is as entertaining as the earlier books, but many practical applications in fighting Satan, which we all need, were sprinkled throughout the story. Great book! 
A Must Read!
By Nancy Conner on June 27, 2015   
Sarah & A Midnight Cruise To Catalina Island made me think of my first cruise. Mrs Lewis perfectly pictured the beauty of the ocean and the distance shore lights. Her adorable dyslectic angel Sarah has a mission to bring two people together despite the interference of Talon, a clever angel from the lower realms. Sarah's antics, however unintentional, make for a thoughtful, yet halarious read. Good does eventually win over evil. This is my favorite of all the Sarah sagas!! Get it today!!!
Loved Sarah!
on July 29, 2015
I loved Sarah and her childlike views of the world. It was also nice to see her pitfalls (which I saw a lot of myself in).
Five Stars
on July 22, 2015
Wonderful book! They just keep getting better! Great read!

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