Monday, October 23, 2023

Write That Note!


The Apostle Paul wrote letters, and thirteen of them are included in the New Testament. A computer would have been a huge asset, right?

In the 16th chapter of Romans, Paul thanked twenty-four people who had helped him in his ministry. Now, I’m sure he could have acknowledged thousands of others, but these twenty-four stood out at the time he was writing. By the way, ten of these were women! Yes! Women played a large part in his ministry.

The last chapter in Romans inspired a sermon for my hubby, and he preached it last Sunday. He cited a few people in each of our churches who have been a blessing to us.  He could have spent hours calling forth names, and as I listened, I kept thinking of all the folks he didn’t reference. His sermons last twenty minutes, so he didn’t have time to mention everyone.

He called a man today who had served along side him for almost 5 years before we moved to Houston. He told Billy he had been in the sermon.  Billy doesn’t live here, and he isn’t on Facebook, so he didn’t hear the sermon. Over the phone, hubby thanked him for his service, and they had a good time remembering past moments.

People should hear how they have blessed us before they leave this earth. Have you told someone in the last few days how worthy they are?  The blessing they are to you?

The sermon inspired me, and I wrote a letter to a friend. It wasn’t gushy, just a simple description of a few ways she has benefited me.

If you aren’t wordy, send a card or a text.

You may never know the difference your kind word will make in the day of your friend.

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