Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Lights in Neighbor's Yard

Good morning!

Hubby and I drove through the neighborhood last night and I took this video of a house near us. These people go all out. I watched men and machines in buckets earlier in the season as they decorated the trees.  

I tried to video the yard. It's huge, but my video didn't work. I need lessons on inserting a video into my blog. I'll take a lesson on that next year.

This is another house with lighted trees. Those guys in the buckets have to go way up there.

Another neighbor places this truck with Santa in it every year and I look forward to seeing him.

I'll post more later. Why does it take so long to download? Or is it upload? You know me, I'm not too tech savvy, but I thought you'd enjoy a few Christmas pictures.  Did you decorate your lawn in a big way this year?  We didn't, but we can enjoy the work of others.

Let's work on our Merry Christmas!

Gay N. Lewis

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