Sunday, February 26, 2023

Tears Are Okay


As we study the death of Lazarus, we see Jesus weeping! 

His tears cause debate among Bible students. Did he cry because he had compassion for Mary and Martha, the dead man's family and friends?  Did he weep because the crowd didn't believe He was God's Son?

Moments bring sadness and a need to spill drops of sorrow can be beneficial.

As to Jesus and His tears, I think He was sad for the sisters, and He was also frustrated at the lack of belief from the onlookers. Perhaps he was also brokenhearted because He must bring Lazarus back into the world again. Lazarus would leave perfect Paradise and rejoin the wicked below. And he would have to die once more.

Could the Son of God be sad and frustrated?  Yes, He was both human and divine. As a human, he felt our emotions. And He still does.

Has anyone ever asked you, "Why are you crying? It's nothing to cry over."

Sometimes, we have good reason for tears. I wonder if Lazarus wept when Jesus resurrected him. He might have been glad and sad all at the same time.

 Lazarus got a major whammy. He was sick, died, and brought back from his new 4 day existence of total health and peace. Now get this. Since Lazarus was once dead, but now alive, the Jewish rulers wanted him dead. He was a credit to Jesus, and so the rulers decided to rid the world of both of them! The rulers must have said something like this: "You were dead, now you're alive, and we're going to kill you."

Our situations may not be as dramatic as his, but they are as intense to us.

Can you imagine the five-year-old who was abandoned at the Texas border?  Is it possible to identify with the one vanishing with cancer? The one losing income and home? The dying child? Sorrow exists. How do we handle it? Grief comes our way. Do we become closer to God or farther away?  The choice is ours.

But it is okay to cry with the choices we face.

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Friday, February 10, 2023

Some Days Are Like That


Sad days come my way.

Today is one of them.

Heartache won't forever stay,

but life is a fragil stem.

Time can bring sorrow,

And moments offer relief.

Tears soar away tomorrow,

But today I bear the grief.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Chatting From My Closet

 Chatting with you from my closet.

When Jesus wrote in the sand.

More words have been written about Jesus Christ than any other person, living or dead, in history.

The Apostle John told us about a time Jesus wrote in the sand.

If Jesus wrote your name in the sand, what would he write beside it?  I take about two minutes here to tell you what I know is written by my name.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

A video From Me to You

Hi everyone,

I wanted to come to you today via video.  It is more personal if you can see me, and it would even be better if I could see you, too!

However, sigh!  I spoke too long on the video and it won't post here, and I have no clue how to edit the thing.

I'm thinking of doing an inspirational talk with the title of "From Gay's Closet."

I was in my closet as I recorded. It was the quietest room in the house.  What do you think?  If I do it, I'll have to talk shorter or learn how to edit.

Either one: talk shorter or learn to edit would not be easy for me.

I posted the video on YouTube. 

I hope you'll watch. Gay N. Lewis on Youtube

You'll also see me on Youtube at this link. GayNLewis on Youtube

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