Friday, December 30, 2016

Peas and Cornbread

Got your black eyed peas ready to cook? They are the traditional good luck charms for the New Year. 

How did these little protein delicacies get a reputation for good luck?

One popular belief goes back to the Civil War. When General Sherman and his Union Army marched through the south, they took other commodities but left behind peas and salted pork. Rumor has it the Yankees thought these foods were for animals.  Southerners then decided black eyed peas brought good luck.  The cornbread represents gold, and I suppose we all could use a little more of that too.

I'm sending hubby to the store to get a supply. I'll cook mine with ham and probably fry some cabbage with bacon. How about you? Will you be eating a bowl of the lucky charms?

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