Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Already?

A few in my neighborhood have finished their yards early, but all this work requires time, so they must start in advance.

We're doing no decorating outside. Are we a Scrooge?  No, but we didn't take time to put up anything.

It's also expensive.

We plan to drive around and enjoy the work of others. How about you?

A cold, rainy day came to Houston yesterday. I read good books. I'm sure you've guessed by now how much I enjoy reading and writing.

I hope you'll read my two Christmas books during the holiday season.

Here's a review by Lisa Lickel

The adorable love angel, Sarah, is on her next assignment. After successfully running interference in encouraging Laney and Cannon’s romance and marriage in Sarah: Laney’s Angel, Sarah, aka Annie Wingspand, is tasked next with guiding Beth Marsh. Beth has been widowed a few years, and is being courted by three different gentlemen, one of whom means her harm. Sarah is charged with helping Beth choose the right one.

Who couldn’t love angel who adores food, high heels, whose favorite exclamation is poopty doopty, and giving lost people a little help, even when those sidetracks aren’t part of her mission. I appreciated that about Lewis’s story; even her description of heavenly messengers with different missions.

Told from Sarah’s point of view, those who enjoy fantasy stories about what angels might be doing, hanging around us, will find much to love in this story. Those who enjoy Mignon Ballard’s August Ballard will love Sarah. One of my favorite parts was those rumbles from above whenever Sarah entertained less than charitable thoughts. I tried to practice that on myself—imagining those rumbles. I’ll report back later when I don’t end up soaking everyone around me with thunderstorms.

If you want a short, Christmas novella,
I've got one for you.

Here's a review from GP

In this story the bumbling little angel, Sarah, not only brings two people together, but she also gives comfort to a character handling disappointment and sadness.
Sarah’s plotting to bring two people together under extremely difficult circumstances entertains and keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. Sarah amuses when she fails to understand everyday human phrases and conjures up explanations to talk her way out of awkward situations. Mrs. Lewis’s descriptions put me right in the scenes and I could see Sarah’s little wings fluttering. This book's a wonderful reminder that God helps us even though we may be so distraught we don’t even ask. I recommend it as an inspirational, fun read.

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