Saturday, February 19, 2022

Friends? Or Mere Acquaintances?

Have you ever washed overboard in an attempt to get someone to respond to you?

I have.

I’m acquainted with an author in Houston who is rather well-known. We speak at area meetings, and I congratulate her upon each new achievement. By nature, I’m a cheerleader, and when I encourage someone, I’m sincere. This lady, seldom if ever, acknowledges my comments. On Facebook, I always “like” her posts. She has responded once to mine; however, I see her respond to others. It appears she purposefully ignores me. I write Christian romance novels, and she writes secular romance.

Although I seldom post conservative political statements on Facebook, and she seldom posts liberal ones, we know where the other stands on partisan subjects.  This doesn’t matter to me. We are both female authors living in the same city, and we have other things in common. We should be kind to each other.

I went to a writing session today. There’s a neighbor who attends the same class.  I speak to her. She answers politely, and then turns away as fast as possible. She knows I’m a Christian and a pastor’s wife. She also knows I’m a conservative. According to comments she’s made to others, she’s not a Christian, and she prefers the liberal side of politics.

For whatever reason, these two ladies who snub me bothered me today. Why can’t these ladies who differ so radically from me respond to me in a kind, polite manner?  I’ve never tried to change their ideas or beliefs at any time.

I tried again today with my neighbor, but to now avail. As I drove out of the parking lot, I pondered this question: Why does it bother me that she turns her back on me? Why do I continue to seek approval from her?

I was puzzled, but then this fact dawned on me. Jesus knows me. I don’t need to work to make myself known to Him. The Supreme Being allows me to become acquainted with Him! No one is greater than He. Wow!  The Greatest of All Time permits me to interview Him, petition Him, laugh with Him, cry with Him. Just be with Him!

So why try should I try to coax someone to like me when the Greatest of All Beings loves me?

Good question, right?

I’ve decided to spend my energy getting to know Him better.

So my reader friend, perhaps you identify with me. 

There will always be someone on earth who doesn’t respond favorably to us, but God never excludes us, and He is never rude.

If you have an unconventional person in your life, I hope you’ll spend more time on getting to know Jesus than seeking affirmation from someone who will never give it.

That’s what I’m going to do.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Dementia Update


Shelley and me before her ten day quarantine

Shelley and me today

I haven’t written a recent update about our daughter who has early onset dementia.  Some caregivers find it easier to share than I do. I’m not sure why it’s hard for me. Perhaps it’s because I’m afraid readers will find my stories about a suffering daughter an uncomfortable read.

I participate in a group of caregivers whose loved ones have Alzheimer’s or dementia. We ask for advice, encouragement, and sometimes we vent frustrations, but we understand each other and make no judgments. We’re all enduring the same heartache.

I've missed our daughter. I haven’t seen her in about twelve days, but I saw her today. Yay!  I was excited.

After my last visit, she tested positive for Covid, and the facility had to quarantine her. She had no symptoms, and for that, I’m thankful. Six people were placed into isolation, and she was one of them.

I doubt she understood why she was moved, and what happened. I’m sure she missed me. I visit  three or four times a week. She knows who I am, although she gets terminology mixed. Instead of mom, she calls me Daddy.

I’ve called to check on her. They tell me she’s fine and doing well, but I needed to see for myself.

When Covid was new, we had to visit through a window.

 Later, I was designated as an Essential Caregiver, and I was permitted inside her room.  I couldn’t go into other parts of the facility, but I could visit her in her quarters. For that, I was happy.

It’s heartbreaking to see a loved one slowly diminish.

She’s a tiny thing. She always has been. She’s stands 5 feet tall these days. As a full-term baby, she weighed a whopping 4lbs and 4oz. She stayed in the hospital for ten days, and I brought her home at 4lbs and 13oz. I think the doctor got tired of me badgering him to let her leave the hospital. He’d said she could leave the hospital at 5 lbs, but I wanted my baby home with me. I wanted to take care of her and make sure she was okay.

Now, decades later, I want the same thing again. I want her well and at home.

Dementia is a sad disease. It steals the mind and robs the body.

She remembered me today and our songs. And get this! She called me Momma several times! Joy of all joys! We sang together. After my absence, I was afraid she would have declined and not remember me or our songs.  It was a blessing to see her recall.

She sleeps a lot. When I went inside to find her, she was asleep on the sofa in the community living room. I woke her and took her to her room. We visited for about forty-five minuets and then she fell asleep while still talking to me.

I continue to hope someone will find answers to the diseases under the Alzheimer’s umbrella.

In happier days. Before dementia.




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