Saturday, December 31, 2016

All My Cherubs

This picture was taken two years ago. I was blessed to have these beauties with me at all at the same time. Such family events are rare, aren't they?

Most families share loved ones at holidays, birthdays or family reunions. Married children go to the in-laws, or young children visit the divorced parent. Perhaps family members live far away and can't make it home for an event. Or how about his? One family participant has a beef against another and refuses to join the group.

Yes, when all can come, it's a happy time...unless it's a funeral, and then the gathering is a sad one. The departed never knows the family is around. Why wait for that occasion? Get together as often as possible while everyone lives and it's a happy time. Put away anger and resentment for a few hours and act considerate. Some might call that a sacrifice, considering  a hurt a one feels that has been caused by another, but it brings no future regrets.  You won't be thinking, "I wish I had done that or been there." I hope in the year to come, your family and friends find a way to be together all at the same time. Take a lot of pictures. Those times are rare.

Hubby and I spent Christmas alone a week ago. Family was elsewhere, and we'll be alone for New Year's Eve and Day. That's not such a bad thing. We enjoy each other's company. At least most of the time. 

As 2017 approaches, most people make goals to do better or make something happen. I'm learning to take one day at a time and be thankful for the blessings I have. I'll plan some good times for the year to come, and treasure the rare the day the photo was taken above. 

May you each have a healthy and prosperous 2017 with moments to treasure.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Peas and Cornbread

Got your black eyed peas ready to cook? They are the traditional good luck charms for the New Year. 

How did these little protein delicacies get a reputation for good luck?

One popular belief goes back to the Civil War. When General Sherman and his Union Army marched through the south, they took other commodities but left behind peas and salted pork. Rumor has it the Yankees thought these foods were for animals.  Southerners then decided black eyed peas brought good luck.  The cornbread represents gold, and I suppose we all could use a little more of that too.

I'm sending hubby to the store to get a supply. I'll cook mine with ham and probably fry some cabbage with bacon. How about you? Will you be eating a bowl of the lucky charms?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

These boots are made for walking.

Stiletto boots!

My daughter loves them and walks easily in them. I can't do that.

For several reasons.

1.  I'd tower over my hubby.

2. I might fall on my face.

The angel I write about, Sarah, loves stilettos, especially red, and she can't walk in them either. That doesn't stop her from trying. Angels most often fly barefoot, but those adorable shoes keep calling her name.

I can't show you a picture of me right now. On Christmas Day, I missed a step going down to a sidewalk and fell into a rock wall. The bruises on my face make me look as though I lost in round one.

I was wearing flats at the time.

I might have broken an ankle had I been wearing stilettos.

I'm supposed to go to a luncheon today. Argh! I really look awful. Makeup can't cover these marks. Hubby says wear sunglasses.

If only it were Halloween, then I'd be okay to go. I could tell everyone I was in costume.

The doctor said yesterday that blood from the bruised areas will pool down my face due to gravity and the marks will get worse. Mercy! She was right. Today is much worse. I can hardly wait to see what I look like tomorrow. I'll scare people today...can't imagine tomorrow.

As you can see from the colors of my blog, I like purple. Just not on my face.

No stilettos for me, but Sarah will keep trying. With her angel powers, she has the ability to change her looks in a blink of an eye. If she had these bruises, she could blink them away. With us humans, it takes longer. When she falls, which is often, she suffers no consequences. The joys of angel life.

You'll find Sarah on Amazon and other online booksellers. Click on my name to take you to the Sarah Series.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Galveston, Texas

Have you been to Galveston, Texas?

I made my first trip as a kid. My dad took the family from Irving, TX, and it was a looong way. It still is, but with better highways, it's much faster today.  

My dad was always fearful of storms. We arrived at the beach, got out, and put our toes in the Gulf.  Dad saw clouds form on the horizon, and ushered us back to the car for the loooong trip back home.  Notice the way I spelled long?  It was miles and miles, and to a kid, that's forever.  We'd spent a total of forty-five minutes in Galveston before heading back to the DFW area.

I made the next trip to Galveston as a senior in high school. I'd won a speaking contest and represented the school at a state convention. I think about one-hundred students spoke at that extemporaneous event, and I placed third. I still have the medal. 

Extemporaneous speaking for the contest back in that day meant you drew a topic from a basket and then had thirty minutes to prepare a speech. I wish I could remember my topic, but that was more than several years ago.

Hubby and I have lived in the Houston area since 1971, and I've been to Galveston many times. I've also been a resident during the hurricanes that hit the gulf coast. Some of them have been bad enough to scare the pants off you. Perhaps my dad remembered hearing about the 1900 storm that hit Galveston. If you don't know about it, you should look it up on the Internet. Six thousand people lost their lives that September day. 

All my books feature Texas. Three of them focus on Galveston. I include some of the city's history on the pages. My angel is fantasy, but the scenes I describe and the history are real. I also tell about the rides, food, beach, water, and the art sculptures that talented artists made from destroyed trees after a more recent hurricane.

Take a trip to Galveston by reading the Sarah books. These are three consecutive stories featuring the same characters. The three couples are friends, live in Houston, but enjoy trips to Galveston for dinner. Sarah doesn't care for flying over the Gulf of Mexico, and she wonders why they can't find good restaurants in Houston.

For her next mission to earth, The Superiors assign Sarah a challenging assignment. She is to spur a romantic relationship between Karen Newton and Jeremy Spencer…through the Internet! The dyslexic angel has managed to unite couples previously, but computers perplex her. Since the couple knows each other through their work at a Houston oil company, why must she use those irksome gadgets to trigger a romance? After all, she is known in The Heavenlies as “Little Miss Goof Up.” But an order is an order…

When Karen faces danger, Sarah must send a believable email message to Jeremy. But how? She’s already created multiple fiascoes with her Internet attempts. Perhaps she should ignore orders and find other means to alert Jeremy. Poopty doopty—it would mean a reprimand on Cloud Five. Should she risk it?

Uh-oh. Do angels get headaches? It looks as though Sarah is headed for one.

Sarah is given a new mission—to link Robert Johnson and Brittany Lee—two people she encountered while trying to bring a couple together on that irksome computer Internet dating service. Oh sure, she’d done it. Not without trial and a lot of error, but with this fresh assignment, trouble would come…she was positive.

If she hadn’t grumbled about the computer, perhaps the Lieutenant wouldn’t have ordered her to ride the Galveston Ferris wheel. She’d seen the huge rotation device built over the Gulf of Mexico, and the very thought of a ride on that monster made her nauseous. 

What if she threw up on the humans? 

Oh merciful heavens! Why did the Superiors give such tasks to bumbling angels anyway?

The Superiors left Sarah, “Heaven’s Little Love Angel,” on Earth to complete the third 
consecutive and interrelated mission. With simple instructions to find a mate for Galena Maddox and a dad for six-year-old Mandy, Sarah should have no problem, right? Well, except that dyslexic Sarah—known for bungles and goof-ups—creates more mayhem than she ever imagined possible. Pesky human disguises cause her trouble—again. In mortal form, she either injures people or embarrasses herself. Now the earthlings think she’s a fugitive from a mental hospital.

With Galena’s shady past, will Matt Austin, a minister, even consider her as a wife? And 
will Matt’s hoity-toity church accept Galena if Sarah successfully brings them together? Angels shouldn’t worry, but the task is daunting.

A wedding featuring the love interests from Sarah and the Internet Dating Service just 
might provide the magical atmosphere necessarily to bring Galena and Matt together.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Old Man Winter

Is Old Man Winter at your house?

He's not in Houston today. He visited once a couple of weeks ago and stayed a day or two. I hear he's up north somewhere.

Image result for 80 degrees

In this part of Texas, we set a record yesterday...broke the one a year ago by one point...made it to 80. We may set another one today. Blizzards and huge snow amounts seldom happen in my part of the world.

Image result for google images of city blizzards

A friend of ours flew into Houston Intercontinental from Chicago several winters ago.  He walked out the airport, got a rental and immediately called his wife. He said, "Honey, I"m not coming back. Pack up. I"ll get us a house in Houston." And so he did. They live happily down here in a warm winter climate. No more shoveling snow for this dude.

Now, don't get me started on summers.

That's a good time to go north.

In my Christmas book, Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady, the Texans and angels get stuck in a bizarre snowstorm.  I write fantasy. Angels appear human, and Texas gets a blizzard. You can't have much more fantasy than that.  

We'll talk about resolutions later.  A brand new year approaches. Are you gonna make some?  Poopty doopty! That's Sarah's favorite expression. One of mine too. Resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep.

Until tomorrow, smile today!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Sarah sends Christmas Greetings!
She says, “I look forward to seeing you next year!”

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Christmas Letter from Heaven

Sarah’s Christmas Letter
Angels Remember Christmas

Sarah sent me greetings!

Dear Gay,       

            As I write this note, angels up here in The Heavenlies are recalling the night Jesus was born.  I wasn’t among those making an appearance two thousand years ago, but the heavens are abuzz with recollections from those who did. Watching the humans celebrate the most important birth ever known brings jubilation among us, and Jesus especially beams His approval 

            Angels had a lot to do with the natal miracle. Zacharias received a visit from one of us. So did Mary—and then one materialized also to Joseph in a dream.  The heavenly messengers delivered the news to these favored people that Jesus was coming to earth as a baby. This news must have been a shocker to all of them, especially Mary and Joseph, but my favorite part of the story is the shepherds.

            Anna, my friend, was among those who appeared to the sheep caretakers on the hillside. With her beautiful soprano voice, she can make the heavens resonate. As gifted as she is, Maestro Superior nonetheless rehearsed her and the angelic choir for a long time.  Now mind you, we really don’t have time pieces or calendars up here, so I can’t tell you how much they prepared, but it was regularly.  Their scheduled performance was one of utmost importance.

            Everyone residing in The Heavenlies knew Jesus was to leave His glory and be born human. And yet, He would remain God.  Amazing, isn’t it?  No one had ever done that before, and no one ever will again.

            Anna told me how terrified the shepherds were when the angelic host appeared.  One of our angel rules is that we don’t panic humans, but it was necessary that night. Right?  The angels had the divine appointment to announce the birth of the Messiah.  Wow!  Can you imagine?  Every angel up here wanted to be in that group, but the Father selected only a few.

            The shepherds reacted just as expected—they went to Bethlehem to see the miracle. How thoughtful of the Father! He gave the good news first to a labor force considered a lowly profession by others.   The Father is awesome when He does things such as that, and He does them often—for angels and humans.

            The guys who took care of sheep had nothing of monetary value to give the Christ Child. Wise men from the east brought expensive presents later. But as you know, the Father only wants the gift of love for His Son.  That’s the perfect gift, and it is one each of us—human or angel can give. The Shepherds gave the Christ Child their heart that night.

            One reason I enjoy the shepherd’s part so much is that they didn’t allow insecurity to interfere with their opportunity. They worried not about inferior clothing, lack of funds, absence of education and prominence. Ignoring human prejudice, they went to Bethlehem. I wish you could hear them right now talking about that glorious night—even though they have resided in The Heavenlies for many earth years, they never tire of telling the story. Do humans take the story for granted? I hope not.

            Well, Gay, I must go.  We have a huge birthday celebration planned, and I don’t want to miss it. All residents of The Heavenlies wish a blessed Christmas and Holy Days for each of you. I’ll return to your wonderful planet in the year numbered 2017. On my next assignment, I’m to help a young woman with a make-over. This should be exciting. You know how much I love to appear in disguises and wear beautiful clothes. Never mind if I cause havoc in the process, I still enjoy wearing colorful clothes and shoes. Do you think I can learn to walk in stilettos this trip? I enjoyed helping Mackenzie this past year choosing a prom dress. She looked gorgeous, but creating a romance for her mom turned out to be interesting.  I goofed up a lot, but then, what’s new in that department?

            Have a blessed Christmas.  We are thinking of every one of you up here in The Heavenlies!


Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Books

Sarah makes a perfect Christmas angel.

She celebrates Christmas with the humans in these three books.

Widow Beth Marsh is not only beautiful, but wealthy enough to buy a third-world country. When she enters the dating arena to find companionship, two men profess an interest in her…but is it Beth they want, or are they out to get her money?

Watching from the Heavenlies, the Superiors dispatch Heaven’s Little Love Angel to Houston during the Christmas holidays. Sarah’s mission is to help the lady determine which of her suitors is the genuine article. Is black-haired Bryan Wingate the real deal? Or is good-looking Charles Chadwick the more earnest suitor?

When Beth invites human-disguised Sarah to attend a wedding, the delighted angel looks forward to an opportunity to wear a beautiful formal gown, and maybe—at long last—red stilettos! But Sarah’s mission becomes deadly serious when she discovers Beth’s life is in danger. If Sarah fails in her mission, Tomas, the Warrior Angel, will intercede. Determined to keep her human charge safe from gold diggers and save Tomas the trouble, the little love angel steps up her efforts.

But Sarah wouldn’t be Sarah without a few bungles along the way...

2.99 on Amazon 

Sarah, the haphazard angel, returns to Texas. Her mission this time is to bring comfort to a young woman who is about to receive devastating news. Sarah brings comfort, gets caught in a freak snowstorm, and introduces Emily to a wealthy Texas cowboy. In this episode, Sarah gets the job done, but not without plenty of mishap that make the humans laugh as she bumbles her way through Texas.

Handsome, single, and wealthy, Houstonian Tom Shoemaker must decide if he should give up his successful business to assume a country pastorate. When a blonde, blue-eyed, dyslexic angel arrives from The Heavenlies to locate a mate for Tom by Valentine’s Day, she’s havoc in outlandish red stilettos. But despite numerous goofs in her efforts—many caused by her passion for eccentric footwear the other angels would never dare adorn—love is indeed in the air.

After Marcy Montgomery’s husband was killed in Afghanistan, she relocated to a small, central Texas town with Hope, her five-year-old daughter. When Sarah accidentally introduces Tom to Marcy, she sets about discovering if the two would make suitable mates. The Superiors certainly wouldn’t approve of a romantic link between the wrong people. But Hope wants a father, and when the five-year-old meets Tom, she immediately decides he is the perfect candidate.

Is Tom the right one for Marcy? Or has Sarah made her biggest blunder of all? Oh merciful heavens! What’s an angel to do?

3.99 on Amazon

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Hope

I asked Nicola Martinez, Editor-in-Chief of Pelican Ventures Book Group if I could reprint her Christmas Letter to her authors. She responded I could. I'm now an author with Pelican Ventures Book Group, but I'll tell you more about that later.  Here's Nicola's letter.

Many are facing hardships. From illness to financial hardship to family estrangement and having to endure the first Christmas after losing a family member. It's easy to lose sight of God's promises. People can feel distant and almost out of reach even though we know as Christians that God and His promises are never out of reach.

You know, when it's Lent and we're approaching Easter, it's easy to ponder Jesus' suffering and how He endured the same hardships we do, and worse. But, at Christmas, the special joy the world seems to exude tends to outshine the reality that there was a lot of suffering in the birth of Christ. His mother had to tell her fiancé that she was pregnant, which meant risking not only divorce but possibly being stoned. Then, as she was just about ready to give birth, they were forced on a journey. (Mothers, you remember what it's like to be "big as a house", "out to here", right? Must've been really comfy riding that donkey!) And what must it have felt like to have to lay the Son of God on a bed of rough straw instead of in a comfy bed. Mary and Joseph must've felt like failures...certainly unworthy of the task to which they'd been entrusted. That wasn't the end of it, though, because while the angels were singing "Glory to God in the Highest", Herod was slaughtering babies and toddlers. Shocking, I know.

Those who suffer through loss and loneliness at Christmas are not alone. They are not far from God's promises. They are as close as Mary and Joseph. They are as close as those parents who lost their children. They are as close as those martyred innocents. There was a lot of sadness and suffering when Salvation entered the world. And yet, this is rightly a season of Joy. Emmanuel: God with us. Through love and miracle, we have everything. There is nothing He can't accomplish. All we have to do is believe. Trust. Give Him permission to work in our lives.

No matter what your circumstance is this holiday season, I hope you have time to enjoy the miracle of this life and His with which you are blessed. If you are in a place of happiness, contentment and abundance; praise Him. Have compassion for those who are suffering right now. Pray for them so they have the strength to make it through.

If you are in a place of pain or sorrow or other hardship, try to rest in the promise. It is right there even if you can't feel it. There is nothing in this world that can make your situation easier at this moment in time. For whatever reason, your situation is something you must endure. But you can endure! And when you come out on the other side, you will be better. I don't know how, but I know it's true, and I pray you know it, too.

Nicola Martinez, Editor-in-Chief
Pelican Ventures Book Group
White Rose ** Harbourlight ** Watershed ** PURe
Web Site ** Facebook ** Twitter

Merry Christmas everyone! Take hope in His season.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Santa's Dirty Laundry

Everyone takes clean clothes on a trip, right?

Image result for santa claus

Santa does too, and Santa's outfit is ready for the big night.

I wonder if Mrs. Santa helped him?

He's awfully busy...he must check the sleigh and make sure the reindeer are healthy for the long flight.

Image result for images of cookies

Mrs. Santa has been in the kitchen making cookies and snacks for his trip. She knows he'll find goodies under the tree made for him, but she likes to send him off with a thermos of hot chocolate and cookies, just in case. Even though her oven is working itself to exhaustion,  I bet she helped him with his laundry too. 

They have an indoor clothes line. Santa's laundry would freeze if she hung his undies outside. Mrs. Santa doesn't use the dryer. The dryer might shrink Santa's britches, and that would never do. Those pants are tight enough as it is.  Too many cookies, don't you know?

Santa plans to keep his clothes clean, his big belly full, and any dirty laundry hidden.
Image result for images of merry christmas
Gay N. Lewis

Monday, December 19, 2016

Climbing Mountains

Some men and women climb mountains for fun. How this cold, scary, challenge could be fun is a mystery to me. The guy pictured above is my son-in-law. He died in 2015, not from falling off a mountain, but from cancer.

Any disease is a monster. I hate them all, don't you? Alzheimer's is another relevant one affecting my family at the moment. Health issues present challenges equal to any mountain.

What are your challenges this Christmas week? Health? Family? Finance? Depression? Anger?

The challenge to be happy at Christmas can upset people. Hallmark moments are rare. Yet all the Hallmark Christmas movies present happy endings. Life isn't that way is it?

I write books of fantasy and romance. Ha. Sometimes romance is nothing but fantasy. The fantasy part of my stories is the angel that ignites romance between a man and a woman. She brings smiles, humor to the reader. 
Image result for google images of angels

Sarah does her job well.

My romance novels, like Hallmark movies, always end with a happy ever after. Readers escape the challenges of life with Cinderella stories. Romance and marriage are real, not fantasy, but after the belly-fire dies to embers, a couple faces a different challenge.  Day to Day life.

Image result for google images of mountains

Expect the mountain challenge this season. Enjoy the Hallmark moments. Remember that song from the Sound of Music. "Climb Every Mountain." Climb those mountains, no matter how challenging. The vista from the top is breathtaking, even if you can only stay there for a moment.

Image result for images of nativity

Remember this: The Hope for every Challenge lies in the manger. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Santa Isn't Ashamed

One of my favorite depictions is Santa worshiping baby Jesus. 

A war  on Christmas exists today. Many don't want this depiction displayed of Santa and Jesus. A large number wish everyone to be politically correct, whatever that means. What's politically correct today will change tomorrow. Groups want Christmas trees gone and the Nativity scenes removed.

Image result for google images of sadA number of folks comply with this stupid political correct business. They remove all things Christmas from yards and speech. Some even want to do away with Santa. Sigh.

Santa isn't ashamed to worship. He isn't fearful of being politically incorrect. Are you? 

I'm not. In fact, I'll be leaving to teach my Bible class with worship to follow in a few minutes. We're studying the book of Joshua. Fascinating study. Did you know Joshua had enough faith to command the sun to stand still and it did! For an entire day, the mighty light didn't move. Read it in the tenth chapter of Joshua. Old Josh wasn't ashamed. He told the fledgling Israel nation this: "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua was politically correct, wasn't he? His idea of political correctness was to do what God said.

Jesus once said  "Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them." Mark 11:23.

I'd like to have the faith to make the sun stand still or to move a mountain. I don't, but Joshua did.  The servant of Moses wasn't ashamed to worship, and he didn't care what the entire nation thought about his declaration to serve the Lord, his God.

Santa Claus isn't ashamed either.  Back in the day, before anyone dreamed up political correctness, Gene Autry got the idea for a song. 

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, 
Right down Santa Claus lane
He doesn't care if you're rich or poor
He loves you just the same
Santa Claus knows we're all Gods children
That makes everything right
So fill your hearts with Christmas cheer
'Cause Santa Claus comes tonight!

Here's the history of the sweet, popular song from Wikipedia. 

Autry got the idea for the song after riding his horse in the 1946 Santa Claus Lane Parade (now the Hollywood Christmas Parade) in Los Angeles, during which crowds of spectators chanted, "Here comes Santa Claus". This inspired him to write a song that Haldeman set to music. Autry's lyrics combined two veins of the Christmas tradition, the mythology of Santa Claus and the Christian origin of the holiday (most explicitly in its mention of the nativity promise of "peace on Earth"). 
Autry first recorded the song in 1947; released as a single by Columbia Records,

Kneel at the manger. Worship Jesus. Say fooey on all that political correct mess. Wouldn't you rather be correct in the eyes of God than man? I hope the answer is yes.

Until tomorrow, smile today. 

Gay N. Lewis and Mindy

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Lights in Neighbor's Yard

Good morning!

Hubby and I drove through the neighborhood last night and I took this video of a house near us. These people go all out. I watched men and machines in buckets earlier in the season as they decorated the trees.  

I tried to video the yard. It's huge, but my video didn't work. I need lessons on inserting a video into my blog. I'll take a lesson on that next year.

This is another house with lighted trees. Those guys in the buckets have to go way up there.

Another neighbor places this truck with Santa in it every year and I look forward to seeing him.

I'll post more later. Why does it take so long to download? Or is it upload? You know me, I'm not too tech savvy, but I thought you'd enjoy a few Christmas pictures.  Did you decorate your lawn in a big way this year?  We didn't, but we can enjoy the work of others.

Let's work on our Merry Christmas!

Gay N. Lewis

Friday, December 16, 2016

Ready or Not He's Gonna Come

I have one more gift to buy and I'm calling myself ready.

There's usually someone you forget...not on purpose...we just get busy, time goes by, and oops! Forgot the gift.

I keep several items on hand, just in case.

I hope you'll give my books this year as a gift. Keep one on hand as an insurance policy. Most people of all ages like books. 

A book can be read and enjoyed over and over. I've read the same novel many times. Even if I know what's coming, I still love the words. I almost have the book,  Love Comes Softly, by Janette Oak  memorized. Another book I've read many times is by Frank E. Peretti. This Present Darkness.

I've written a few books, and I hope you will choose them as gifts. You have time to order them, either on line or from your favorite store. I'm meeting a lady this morning who plans to give three of mine to a shut-in.

Until tomorrow, think positive thoughts today.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Diamond Mine of Christian Fiction: Meet Sarah - One Extraordinary Angel

Hey everyone, I'm always happy to have you stop by. I look forward to visiting with you every morning. The Diamond Mine of Christian Fiction featured Sarah and me yesterday.  I hope you'll click on the link below and read the excerpts from my Sarah stories.

The Diamond Mine of Christian Fiction: Meet Sarah - One Extraordinary Angel:           Hi- this is Julie B Cosgrove, Christian author and brand new contributor to this blog. Please come by and say hello.

Julie B Cosgrove is a new blogger to the Diamond Mine of Christian Fiction, and she's a dear friend. Read my books first, and then hers.  Bahahahahaha. Not nice to say, huh? Well, I'm sorry. I'm a bit selfish, what can I say?

Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady was such a fun book to write. It's set in a Texas blizzard, a bizarre storm, we don't get those down here in Texas. Not often anyway. I've lived in Dallas, Wichita Falls, and Houston and never seen a white out in Texas. I experienced one in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

I fell in love with Josiah, the cowboy. He's one fine Texas gentleman. I know you'll love him too.

Please read this book. I want you to like it as much as I do.

See you tomorrow!

Santa a Republican?

One of the yard displays near me.

I have no idea why the neighbor wanted Santa to ride on an elephant. Does the elephant make Santa a Republican? Nope. No more than riding into Jerusalem on a donkey makes Jesus a Democrat. Neither Santa or Jesus were members of political parties. 

Santa's cute sitting up there on the elephant, but we usually expect him with reindeer.

Santa, Claus, Christmas, Reindeer

Of Course all modes of transport will do. 

Image result for images of santa in red car

 Ads on TV show him in fancy red sports cars. No matter the transportation, Santa's day is coming fast.

I'd never given much thought to elephants until I saw a beautiful, painted image of one on my doctor's wall.  My physician was born in India and has a lot of India decor in his facility. I asked him once about the elephant painted on his wall. He said it represented a higher power. He explained that the higher power does the healing and doctors get the credit.

I agree. Except for one thing. My higher power is the Holy Trinity, not an Elephant. I told him as much. He's a great guy and a dedicated healer. He smiled, nodded, and then agreed with me. He believes in the higher power, but I'm afraid his power goes by the name of Ganesh.  The elephant image on his wall represents the Hindu god Ganesh. People believe this deity removes obstacles.

I've read that one reason elephants are chosen for a symbol of healing is that they embody strength. They certainly do that. Removing a physical obstruction as big as a boulder is no problem for them.  They are huge, strong animals. Another thing...they've always been connected to royalty. 

Christians believe the most powerful figure ever given to mankind came as a baby. Tiny little God/Man. Not big like an elephant. Just a baby who is the Son of God. He is our higher power.

How will Santa arrive at your house? By sleigh? Car? Elephant?

However he gets there, I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas and hoping you give one of my books as a stocking stuffier.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Little Angel Screw Up

Also available in print and audio

The first book in the Sarah series.

Vampires were popular when I began writing. I couldn't write those stories, but the idea came to tell about a goofy angel with a good heart who tries her best to help the humans.

I called it Little Angel Screw Up. 

The publisher loved it but felt the title inappropriate for a Christian novel.  Even though Sarah is a "screw up" I changed the title to Sarah: Mission of Love.

Sarah is a hoot and a half.

I'd like to introduce you to her in this book, and I hope you'll like her and follow her adventures in the books that follow. My books appeal to readers who don't like a preachy book but enjoy faith and humor.

I'm planning on spending the day with my daughter. She had surgery yesterday but is doing well.  You know how moms are. We like to make sure all is okay with our matter how old or big they get.

Check in with me tomorrow. You never know what Gay's gonna do.

PBG Insider: Gay N. Lewis Introduces her "Sarah" series

Sarah at Christmas