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I married a minister on a Thursday, and he preached his first sermon in our first pastorate three days later. I was 18 and he was 21. We hit the ground running and haven’t stopped!

I’m a native Texan, and we now live in the Houston area. Even as a teen, I wrote for church periodicals and plays for youth groups. I’ve always been a writer, but I’ve also worked in other artistic fields. I spend most of time these days on books, articles, and my blog.

My hubby currently pastors a small church, and I’m back to producing the bulletins—just like I did in his preacher-boy days. During his middle years, he pastored large churches with numerous staff members, and I had less hats to wear.

You’ll find my articles in the Texas Hill Country magazine, online and in print. My books feature a faith and humor theme and are easy to find on online. I’m blessed because every one of them have been on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List.  I write under the name Gay N. Lewis and G. N. Lewis.

My Sarah Series is about a dyslexic angel who helps humans but makes a mess as she does so. My historical book, Mattie’s Choice concerns marriage relationships. Clue into Kindness is contemporary, and it also involves marriage relationships. My latest historical, Family Secrets, is a romance and a bit of mystery.

We have three daughters and four grandchildren. One of our daughters has early onset dementia and lives in assisted living. We spend a lot of time with her care. I’ve decided to include more of our challenges about dementia on my blog. I hope people with share their hardships with this horrific disease. Hearing from others will provide insight for me and give support to other caregivers.

Please become a regular visitor. My blog has several subjects, and most are happy, uplifting topics. It’s like reading a magazine with no advertising! Here’s the link. http://gaynlewis.blogspot.com/ You can also find my books on http://amzn.to/2hwc6nB. If you’re having a bad day, Sarah will make you chuckle. Maybe even laugh out loud.

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