Monday, December 5, 2016

Away in a manger

Another yard scene from my neighborhood. I love it when people put the true meaning of Christmas on display.

Is Christmas your favorite holiday?  Mine is Thanksgiving, but I love December days too. I suppose if I lived in snow areas, I wouldn't care much for it, but in Houston, we don't have much cold.

It's been raining and in the 50's Fahrenheit these past days, but the rain will stop about noon. A friend of mine plans to cook a pot of soup today. Good weather for it. I have no plans for dinner, but maybe an idea will come to me when I grocery shop.

I have a phone call scheduled from my editor at Texas Hill Country this afternoon. She's giving me another lesson on the WordPress software we use for Texas Hill Country. Bah humbug. I wish I were more tech savvy.  Life as a writer would be easier.

Have you been to Texas Hill Country?  Here's the link.

You'll find good stories and photos.

Until tomorrow, smile today!

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