Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Letter from Heaven

Angels Remember Christmas

Dear Gay,       

            As I write this note, angels up here in The Heavenlies are recalling the night Jesus was born.  I wasn’t among those making an appearance two thousand years ago, but the heavens are abuzz with recollections from those who did. Watching the humans celebrate the most important birth ever known brings jubilation among us, and Jesus especially beams His approval.
             Angels had a lot to do with the natal miracle. Zacharias received a visit from one of us. So did Mary—and then one materialized also to Joseph in a dream.  The heavenly messengers delivered the news to these favored people that Jesus was coming to earth as a baby. This news must have been a shocker to all of them, especially Mary and Joseph, but my favorite part of the story is the shepherds.

            Anna, my friend, was among those who appeared to the sheep caretakers on the hillside. With her beautiful soprano voice, she can make the heavens resonate. As gifted as she is, Maestro Superior nonetheless rehearsed her and the angelic choir for a long time.  Now mind you, we really don’t have time pieces or calendars up here, so I can’t tell you how much they prepared, but it was regularly.  Their scheduled performance was one of utmost importance.

            Everyone residing in The Heavenlies knew Jesus was to leave His glory and be born human. And yet, He would remain God.  Amazing, isn’t it?  No one had ever done that before, and no one ever will again.

            Anna told me how terrified the shepherds were when the angelic host appeared.  One of our angel rules is that we don’t panic humans, but it was necessary that night. Right?  The angels had the divine appointment to announce the birth of the Messiah.  Wow!  Can you imagine?  Every angel up here wanted to be in that group, but the Father selected only a few.

            The shepherds reacted just as expected—they went to Bethlehem to see the miracle. How thoughtful of the Father! He gave the good news first to a labor force considered a lowly profession by others.   The Father is awesome when He does things such as that, and He does them often—for angels and humans.

            The guys who took care of sheep had nothing of monetary value to give the Christ Child. Wise men from the east brought expensive presents later. But as you know, the Father only wants the gift of love for His Son.  That’s the perfect gift, and it is one each of us—human or angel can give. The Shepherds gave the Christ Child their heart that night.

            One reason I enjoy the shepherd’s part so much is that they didn’t allow insecurity to interfere with their opportunity. They worried not about inferior clothing, lack of funds, absence of education and prominence. Ignoring human prejudice, they went to Bethlehem. I wish you could hear them right now talking about that glorious night—even though they have resided in The Heavenlies for many earth years, they never tire of telling the story. Do humans take the story for granted? I hope not.
            Well, Gay, I must go.  We have a huge birthday celebration planned, and I don’t want to miss it. Chef Andrew has prepared many treats. I'm having the coconut cake.

            All residents of The Heavenlies wish a blessed Christmas and Holy Days for each of you. I’ll return to your wonderful planet in the year numbered 2016. On my next assignment, I’m to help a young woman with a make-over. This should be exciting. You know how much I love to appear in disguises and wear beautiful clothes. Never mind if I cause havoc in the process, I still enjoy wearing colorful clothes and shoes.
       Do you think I can learn to walk in stilettos this trip? I enjoyed helping Mackenzie this past year choosing a prom dress. She looked gorgeous, but creating a romance for her mom turned out to be interesting.  I goofed up a lot, but then, what’s new in that department?

            Enjoy Christmas.  We are thinking of every one of you up here in The Heavenlies!
Love to all,

Saturday, December 12, 2015

An Assignment he didn't ask for.

He Didn't Ask God for This One

Has God asked you to accept a task you hadn’t sought, imagined or coveted?

God requested Joseph to undertake one such as that.

Their families had engaged Joseph and Mary early in life. This occurred back in the day when couples were legally bound to each other but not yet living together as husband and wife.
 An Angel changed the situation.
It wasn’t Sarah who visited Joseph, but God sent another angel in a dream to tell Joseph to take Mary as his wife.
Mother Mary Praying
The Holy Spirit had brought about this pregnancy to the innocent Mary, and the angel explained the situation to Joseph. According to the messenger, Joseph would raise and protect God’s only Son. The angel even named the child—Jesus. No need for ultrasound when God sends an angel.

Joseph knew the baby wasn’t biologically his, and he needed to live with the babe’s mom without intimacy until after the birth. Can you imagine couples residing together without becoming one in this century? Before the dream, Joseph was in a quandary.
Networking Diagram
Joseph had the right to legally divorce Mary—even stone her for adultery, but Joseph being an honorable man, wished to break his contract with Mary and her family without social media hearing about it.

Now remember, Scripture describes Joseph as righteous. This noble guy trusted God. God also counted on Joseph to carry out the monumental mission.  So….Joseph did as he was bidden.
Nativity Scene

God consigned His only son to a human man who would provide, protect, and train His child while Jesus lived among us. Oh sure, God watched over and provided for the little family from the throne, but Joseph carried out on earth the objectives for God Almighty, the true Father of Jesus.

Now that was a huge responsibility for Joseph.


The assignment was given to Mary also, and I'll write about that tough commission for her later.

In my life today, I’ve been given an assignment I didn’t seek, dream of or want. The challenge carries a lot of heaviness for me. How about you? Do you have weights on your shoulders too?

If you don’t, you may have one, two or more at a future date.

May we be as Joseph and accept the responsibility joyfully—knowing God is control and has favored us with an extraordinary undertaking that only we can do. We are special! Accepting missions from God may not be easy, but they are rewarding and often make the world a better place—as God did with the birth of His Son.
Nativity Scene
3.99 on Amazon
In Sarah: A Mission of Love, Sarah unites a little girl, Hope, with a stepdad. Her biological father was killed serving his country.

In Sarah and a Dad for Mandy, Sarah finds a stepdad for Mandy. Her mother didn't know who'd fathered the little girl.
I admire the men and women who faithfully love, protect and provide for children they didn't give biologically produce. They chose these children. In so doing, they quite often accept what turns out to be a challenge.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mood Swings at Christmas

Expect various moods this time of year
Christmas Gift
Sad Man In The Shadows

Bright lights, beautiful music, warm slippers, cozy fireplace, hot chocolate.
make us think Christmas, cheer, and goodwill...even temporarily.

Happy Family
Joyful times
Dog SadSad Child
Sad Dog
Sad Angel   SAD TIMES
Families together, small or matter. Special times.
Those we miss live in our hearts and memories.
What's going on in your life this Christmas?
May God bless you with happy moments and comfort you in the unhappy ones.
Very few people escape the season without a bit of  sorrow, anger, or frustration.
But yes, we can experience delight too.
You're normal!
Maybe even a bit like Sarah, the angel.
3.99 on Amazon
Sarah has her down days.
She loves the humans and wants to do well on earth, especially at Christmas, the blessed event from The Heavenlies.
But alas, that doesn't always happen.
Let Sarah cheer you with her antics.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Thanksgiving Blessings.

Easy Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas - Home Bunch - An Interior Design & Luxury Homes Blog:

Monday, November 9, 2015

Decorating for Thanksgiving

Have you ever wished Thanksgiving and Christmas didn’t fall near each other on the calendar?  The proximity makes it difficult to decorate for each one.

Why not put up a Thanksgiving tree?  A few days after the guests leave and you recuperate from the crowd, convert the tree to Christmas.

The tree above was simple to do.  Garlands of fall leaves don’t require much time, and placing scarecrows among the branches add to the charm.  Anything works. 

Before I became a published author with my Sarah series, I worked as an interior designer/decorator. I will always remember a certain client. Her home was quite beautiful, but she’d decided her living and dining area needed a bit of tweaking, so she hired me as a consultant.

Her hobby was decorating for each holiday.  She kept two huge trees up all year long—one in the living area and another in the master bedroom.

When a new holiday came around, she changed the decorations.  Think of all the monthly occasions.  In January, her tree looked like a miniature winter wonderland.  February—it was hearts everywhere. From the reds and pinks of February, came the greens of March and Saint Patrick’s Day. In April, she decorated the trees with spring time flowers.  May and June—Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  She had all kinds of babies and children ornaments and included pictures of her own family among the limbs.  In July, it was time for flags and anything red, white, and blue. August and September, her trees possessed all things summer—picnic tables, watermelons, boats. October, the trees took on Halloween. In November, fall and Thanksgiving appeared, and December, she brought out the reds and greens of Christmas.

She ushered me into a room she’d converted to stockpile her bazillion decorations.  It resembled a store with aisles.  The lady could literally push a buggy up and down as she selected items for her trees. Not only did she place ornamentations on trees, they also went everywhere—fireplace mantle, dining table, occasional tables—anywhere there was a surface.

Her question to me was how best to show off these diverse decorations.  I suggested she remove wallpaper and replace it with a simple, neutral paint color.  I also suggested new indistinct furniture patterns.  The focal point would then be the adornments. Her color palate changed on a monthly basis with the holidays.

I recommend clusters in a number of shapes and sizes.
When possible, lift the items to vary the display. Plant stands with numerous heights make good lifters. Keep in mind scale. If your house has two stories, make your displays taller.
 When I wrote Sarah: Laney’s Angel, I wrote from personal experiences.  However, designer Laney did not work with individuals. She attempted to build her design firm by working solely for a Houston builder. I enjoyed working with countless people who had numerous styles.
Sarah: Laney’s Angel is the second book in the Sarah series, and it is now available on Amazon's Audible.



Saturday, October 31, 2015

Gay's Days How Safe Are You on Halloween?

How Safe Are You on Halloween?

As a child, I never cared for Halloween.  I thought it a bit scary. The positive part of that night was getting a measure of freedom. My mom was over-protective and never let my sister and me go more than five houses down, but on Halloween, we were permitted to approach six houses on each side of us, as well as the same number across the street. Joy! A degree of liberation. That was better than candy—but the sugary treats were good too.

During those years, no one had yet to envision wicked actions such as poisoning kid’s candy, but then some evil person did. Others have followed suit over the years. That act by a demon changed the way we enjoy the night.

Kids aren’t safe this day and time. Neither are adults. Accepting homemade treats is unwise. Store bought treats are usually harmless. Don’t let the kiddos go into the unknown without supervision. Be cautious about where the kids knock on doors. Examine all candy.
Don't be too anxious. Do have fun!
We are attending a party tonight. My neighbor has invited us. We are supposed to wear costumes. Hubby and I will go as we are, but since we are a preacher and wife, I think that should be enough to scare the evil spirits. Don’t you agree?

Our neighbor loves to decorate for every holiday. She’s outdone herself this year.


 How did Halloween start anyway?
Halloween originated as the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, meaning “summer’s end.” The autumnal holiday, rooted in Christian and pagan festivals—with elements of magic and mystery, celebrated the link between seasonal and life cycles (winter was then a time associated with death).”
 The Library of Congress.

I gather from this quote that Halloween started as a way to celebrate the end of a season, and some individual convinced others along the way that spirits would return to visit living relatives on that night.
Do you like stories about ghosts and spirits?

Writers create stories about evil spirits. You'll find books dedicated to Halloween.  I prefer to write about the holy ones. My latest short story is FREE on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Sarah is a sweet angel with many insecurities. She won't scare you, but she'll make you laugh.

Many Americans will celebrate tonight with parties and costumes. Some will dress as goblins, skeletons, ghosts, witches, others will dress as super heroes such as Spider Man. Whatever you do, stay safe!



Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gay's Days, After the Rain

Hurricane Patricia hit Mexico and sent torrential rains to Texas this past weekend.
After the rain, beautiful skies appeared.
I left my house yesterday for a morning walk.
The white clouds in a brilliant blue heaven were welcome sights.
 Sarah, the little angel I write about, would have had many fluffy places to choose for a resting place.
The bad storm brought disaster for many these past few days.
In Mexico and Texas, roofs caved and residents lost homes.
 Roads washed away and people drowned.
On the other hand...
Fire was taking homes in Central Texas, but
rain ceased those raging fires blazing out of control.
The deluge replenished drought areas.
Citizens in Wichita Falls, TX needed showers.
Water supply had been so low this past summer that people
evacuated the region.
So was the storm a bad thing or a good thing?
Perspective makes a difference, doesn't it?
"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
 I Thessalonians: 5:22
Hard to do, isn't it? Thankful for harmful circumstances? Ugh. Who wants to do that?
Scripture tells us to be thankful during bad conditions because God is faithful.
He works all things to our good when we love Him and are called for His purpose.
Here's Sarah sitting on one of her clouds.
She loves those fluffy things but doesn't care for the stormy ones.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gay's Days ~ Claire Sander's newsletter.

Good morning friends,
Look what I found! Claire Sanders has launched a monthly
newsletter, and I'm featured on her first edition.
How about that?  A welcome surprise... for sure.
Claire Sanders writes inspiration and sweet romance, and
you will enjoy her books.  She won an award for A Thousand
Little Blessings. I read it, reviewed it and recommend it to
Claire and I met at a West Houston RWA meeting and
discovered we have a lot in common and write in the same
genre. Claire has also joined the Prism Book Group family
of authors. 
A dedicated Christian, Claire enjoys her church and family,
and as teacher, she brings delight to an elementary class
in the Katy, TX ISD. These students are fortunate. How many
kids have a teacher with an earned doctorate? Rather than go
into administration as most do with advanced degrees,
Claire's choice is the classroom and children.
Here's my review on A Thousand Little Blessings.
I hope you will read the book. It will bless you!
My review ~
"I neglected sleep. I ignored chores. "Just one more chapter," I'd promise myself. I needed to find out what happened to Etta and Gabriel. They were right for each other, but she had a bank to run and a thief to find. He needed to forgive himself for the atrocities of war he'd endured at the battle at St. Etienne in France in WWI. This book, set in 1919, has tidbits of history that will fascinate you. I found out why a truck is called a pickup, and the high, dangerous speed of the day was forty miles an hour! You will enjoy this book. Claire Sanders did a good job telling this story. The plots and subplots are woven together in an entertaining fashion."
And be sure to scroll down to read Claire's newsletter.
Welcome to the launch of my monthly newsletter! I'm so glad you could join in.

October 2015

This September I was honored to win the Rom-Crown Reader's Crown Award for Inspirational Romance. I would like to thank everyone who voted and reviewed A Thousand Little Blessings. I am truly blessed. Thank you!
If you would like your own copy of A Thousand Little Blessings, click here!

Seasonal Traditions

I can't believe how fast the year has flown by. Already I'm setting out my collection of terra cotta jack o lanterns.  When she was a little girl, my daughter thought they were scary and they had to be temporarily retired.  Now I put them out on Halloween night to let my neighborhood children know that they are welcome to trick-or-treat at my house.
I would love to know what traditions you and your family have.

Meet Author Gay N. Lewis

Gay N. Lewis has a background in video production and interior design. Her credits include Psalms from the Mountains, The Canadian Rockies and Many Churches, One Vision.  As a pastor’s wife and Adult Bible Study Leader, she has written numerous church programs and newsletters. Three daughters and four grandchildren keep her busy. Before her full time writing career, she worked in interior design and video. Gay lives in Fulshear, TX.
    She is the author of the Sarah Series. Sarah, a dyslexic angel, arrives from The Heavenlies to unite couples into lasting relationships.  Problem? Well, Sarah is always lost, loves red stilettos and falls down often.  When she must appear as a mortal, she can’t find a proper human disguise. Havoc and Mayhem should be her middle name. Sarah is a combination of I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeanie, and Touched by an Angel rolled into one.
     The Sarah books are filled with humor and Christian inspiration.  Sarah’s shortcomings make it easy for the reader to identify with her.
     All of the Sarah books have appeared on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List.
The Sarah series is available in eBook format as well as print at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Prism Book Group, and other book sellers. Some additions are available in Amazon Audible. Each book in the series is a standalone novel.

Connect with Gay N. Lewis:
For more information, please go to http ://
Read excerpts on
Gay would love to have you see her video trailers and become a follower of her blog. and also on Twitter @GayNLewis2.
Sarah has her own Facebook page. Follow Sarah on Facebook@ Sarah Wingspand

Pictures from El Dia de los Muertos:

El Día de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead

  The first time I saw an altar for El Día de los Muertos, a small part of me thought it was creepy but the larger part was intrigued.  What did these scenes of costumed skeletons mean to the Mexican culture?
   In Houston, there are several neighborhoods that were originally settled by the Mexican American population during the 1920s and 1930s.  These barrios still feature mercados (grocery stores) and panaderías (bakeries) that cater to that population.  From mid-October through early November, it is quite common to see altars set up in family-run businesses and outside of churches.  Although it coincides with the American celebration of Halloween, El Día de los Muertos is not considered a scary thing in the Mexican-American culture.                  
  Harking back to pre-Columbian times, the indigenous people of Mexico believed that at this time of year, spirits of deceased family members return to visit their families.  There was once a strong belief that if the spirits were happy, they would provide protection and good luck to their families.  Therefore, the family’s altar will feature photos of the deceased, food, flowers, and maybe even a few glasses of tequila.
  This is also the time of year when families visit cemeteries to share an outdoor meal and to clean the graves.  Skulls made of sugar or chocolate are given to children as treats or used to decorate the family’s altar.  I’ve also seen small sugar coffins.
  In my opinion, the most interesting sights are the skeleton figurines, called calacas.  Calacas show an active and joyful afterlife.  It’s not unusual to see skeletal mariachis, horsemen, and even brides and grooms.  To some, it’s a grim reminder of the inevitable, but they’re not intended to frighten but rather to remind us that this life is not all.
 In order to understand El Día de los Muertos, I had to learn to see with something other than my American eyes.  Now I see it as a joyful time for remembering loved ones who have passed on and for celebrating the joys of this life.
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Friday, October 9, 2015

Gay's Days. Fall Season in Texas

I drool over the beautiful pictures on Facebook showing the fall season in northern states.
Down here in Houston, we don't have any yet.
If the temperatures ever lower themselves from the 90's, a few colors might appear.
In the blurry picture below, I captured beautiful trees as we whizzed by in a vehicle. We had no time to stop and admire the gorgeous scenery in Quebec, Canada. This trip took place in September a few years ago, and we found everything stunning.
I loved the yard decorations.

We don't stand in golden leaves often. This was a treat for hubby.
Here it is mid-October, and pecans are falling in our neighborhood. A pecan orchard existed once where we live, and several native trees continue to abound. Cars run over fallen pecans and they make a greasy mess on the street.  I suppose this is fall for Texans.  Falling pecans.
I took this picture this morning of a pecan tree in our backyard. Some years we picked up more than a hundred pounds of the little delights. They make wonderful pies, cakes, or snacks.  See how green everything remains?
If you live in areas where you have beautiful fall colors, enjoy them! Thank God for them.
"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Door

My Front Door
As I returned home from my morning walk,
I thought about my door.
The Lord God knocked on my heart's door long ago,
and I answered.

"Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and he with me." Revelation 3:20.

He didn't barge into my life but waited for my invitation. I was a child and ran to the door immediately to allow Him inside. Adults are sometimes more cautious. They look out peepholes, ask questions, and sometimes refuse to open.

I'm thrilled I did. He lets the good stuff enter my life such as joy, peace, love, patience, understanding. But other times, I allow the bad stuff to come in. Anger, unkindness, disgust, resentment. Oh my...the list can grow.

My life can become quickly cluttered with bad stuff. That's when I ask Him to help me clean house and throw the trash out the door.

I hope you will invite Him into your heart. He's a dynamic resident.

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PBG Insider: Gay N. Lewis Introduces her "Sarah" series

Sarah at Christmas