Sunday, January 29, 2023

Have You Met Jesus


Have You Met Jesus?


In the Gospel of John, Chapter seven, Jesus teaches the Jewish general public. He astounds listeners when He tells them He was sent from God. He shocks them further when He says His teaching is not His alone, but His wisdom and knowledge comes from God.

Whoa Nelly.

These Jews knew Jesus came from Nazareth, and it seems none knew He’d been born in Bethlehem, the city of the promised Messiah.

They needed Google to look Him up.

The hearing public didn’t care for His statement about coming from God.  They responded, “You are demon-possessed.” The group continued to a conclusion. He was a crazy person.

They had the opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus, but they chose not to.

I know about Elon Musk. He is a rich investor who was born in South Africa to a wealthy family. His mom is a beautiful model who appears in print and television. Musk’s recently acquired Twitter and is in the news.

Yes, I know a lot about Elon Musk, but I’ve never met the man. I don’t have a relationship with him. I don’t talk to him.

Ahhh! Now you are getting the idea. You can know a lot about Jesus without having a relationship with Him.

I don’t understand how people can get by in life without a connection to Jesus. Life is tough.

Jesus, the Son of God, wants to connect. Pray. Ask Him to forgive you of sins and invite Him into your life. A new relationship will begin.

One you will never regret.

“But I know Him because I am from Him and He sent me.”--Jn:7:29


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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Welcome, Lawbreakers!


Support the Lawbreaker!


People continue to migrate across the US border. It’s difficult to believe, but some Americans aren’t aware of this crisis. It’s true. There are those in this country who don’t know thousands break our laws daily.

On the other hand, many Americans cheer about this overwhelming migration that illegally enter. Yep, there are folks who support lawbreakers.

 Yet, there are those who want the leaky border repaired, but no one does anything to fix the problem. Why? Because too many like the idea of a global world. A minority want to rule the world.

Do you ever feel hopeless about the situation?

Some of us do.  I’m not in the cheerleading section. I don’t cheer when I see thousands breaking the law daily. I hear folks say, “They just want a better life. Let them in.”

Everyone wants a better existence, even us who were born here.

We are trying to help a homeless lady. We support another who never has enough money to buy meds for her husband. The two have a list of wants for better days. 

Each situation a person faces is relative. One list of wants a person has might be bad or good, depending on perspective, and who is looking at it.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m for helping the helpless, and I’m wishing the world was a safe, happy place for everyone who feels threatened with the conditions.

But folks, a country can’t exist without laws. A family needs boundaries, an employee needs the parameters of the job. Like it or not, limits must exist. Lawbreakers should not be supported.

Someone remarked, “Aren’t you Christian? Jesus helped the helpless.” 

Yes, He did. He healed people. One at a time. He never looked across a crowd and yelled, “Be healed.”

Jesus had compassion and helped many, but in his physical, human form, He too was limited.

Even when He fed the five thousand, he broke two fishes and five loaves into pieces and handed the food out to people in small numbers.

After He fed the five thousand, the crowd followed Him to get more free stuff, but He never gave them money or told them to break civil laws. He offered them a better life. An eternal existence with Him.

Folks, a promised eternity with Jesus! That’s a better life, regardless of present circumstances, and there's no law against it!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Clean Up on Aisle El Paso


Picture courtesy of Pixabay

I did a good thing yesterday.

I cleaned two rooms in my house; they looked beautiful and smelled fresh. As the day wore on, they lost that sweet, clean aroma. It’s our fault.  We left stuff lying about as my husband and I dressed to go to dinner with friends. So, if I fail to start over today, the piles of clothes, makeup mail, medicines, and other odds and ends will grow. If I stop working in the bedroom and bath, I’ll look like I’ve hoarded mountains of stuff.

Kind of like the streets of El Paso, TX do. Did you see on the news where those unfortunate migrants are cluttering the street? They sleep and eat there because they have no place to go. I saw one fellow trying to brush teeth with a bottle of water as he hung over a trashcan.

The clean-up crew sanitized the area before the President of the United States arrived.

When he left, the area resumed its previous condition.  Kinda like my two rooms. Messed up again.

The migrants are looking for a better country to live in, and I get that, however, as soon as they cross over into our country, they cease being migrants and become illegal immigrants.  We have laws for entering, but these laws are ignored. They may be under the impression coming in as they do is okay.

My heart breaks for them. The Texas weather is often brutal. Hellacious in summer and bitter in winter. Many of these seekers are abused physically and mentally as they place their lives into the hands of criminals who promise to get them to America. These crooks wish to make a quick buck and assure the migrants the moon. The illegals soon end up on our sidewalks.

When do our lawmakers clean up this chaos?

This is a photograph of someone's garage. How would you like to clean this up?
Fortunately, it's not mine, but I know the person who
made this clutter.

Like the two rooms in my house I cleaned, if debris isn’t sorted and organized, it becomes unsurmountable and becomes overwhelming. It's best to keep a room orderly. 

I like to give—personally, and as a nation.

Three Sundays ago, a homeless lady asked us for money for a hotel room. We took her to the motel and paid for the night.  The same day, another lady asked us for money to pay for medication.  We gave that, too. But now we must work and earn a bit before we have any more to give.

We take care of others by taking care of ourselves first. Our nation welcomes others, but we need to make sure we can afford to do so. Can we help the whole world? No, but we can help a few at a time.

I don't usually post anything political, but I thought about those homeless people as I cleaned up my home. Our lawmakers need to respond to these homeless illegals.

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