Sunday, May 28, 2023

Memorial Day 2023

Mr. Tom Moore

I think of Mr. Moore on Memorial Day. He didn't die in WWII, but he was a Prisoner of War in a German camp. When he returned home, he married and had a family, but he couldn't sleep with his wife. His nightmares were too vivid. He thrased about in his sleep and without knowing it, he could have hurt her.

He didn't talk much about his experiences, but he went to the the VA in Houston each Wednesday to meet with fellow veterans who had suffered similar horrific circumstances.

He attended my Bible study.  As we discussed the Israelite wilderness wanderings, I said "the Hebrews grew tired of manna." He commented, "When you get hungry enough, you'll eat anything."  As a POW, he found this to be true.

My mom and dad
(You now know where I inherited my white hair)

My dad served in WWII. He was a sergeant who, along with others, stormed the Normandy beaches. He fought in France and had to be transported to a hospital in England before returning home.

Like Mr. Moore, he never spoke of his war incidents. He didn't sleep well and would be up all hours.  He never met with other veterans, but I think such gatherings were beneficial to Mr. Moore. 

These two men came home to live with their war memories, but others from numerous deployments haven't. Since WWII, America has had various conflicts. Men and women buried at national cemeteries number too many.

Arlington National Cemetery

On this Memorial Day weekend, please pause to remember the sacrifices. 

Joey Jones, retired Marine

Joey Jones, a retired Marine, served in two deployments. Joey wears prosthetic legs after he stepped on an explosive device in Afghanistan. I heard him say something like this. “When people thank me for my service, I respond with, ‘thank you for being in a country worth serving.’”

Numerous men and women who serve or served in our armed forces feel that way.  We are a blessed nation.

Gay and her flag

All who stayed at home and supported the men and women at the front lines have sacrificed also.

On this day, let us remember our military. The  ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and the ones who came home, but continue to suffer.


Thursday, May 25, 2023

Nearly Normal


Nearly Normal

What is that anyway?

 The Circumstances ordinary for me might be odd to you. On the other hand, situations usual for you might be eccentric to me. Take snowflakes as an example. Each one is similar but unique. So, each flake is normal to its species.

My three daughters gave me a key chain years ago. It read, “Nearly Normal.”  Eons later, one of those daughters gave me the mug you see pictured. She added the "We love you anyway!" She’s also given me an expensive charm bracelet with a disc engraved with those same words.

Like a flakey little piece of snow, I suppose I am uncommon in a few ways. Not many, mind you, just a few.

I gave myself a surprise party. That’s when I received the first gift, the key chain,

Yep! You read that right. I gave a surprise birthday party for myself. Well, who else does such a thing? Someone who is nearly, almost, completely normal—that’s who.

I bought my presents and had them professionally wrapped. I designed my birthday cake. It resembled a wedding tier, and I had it iced with cream cheese frosting tinted a salmon color. The cake was beautiful. I invited friends to meet me in San Antonio for my surprise party.

After I arrived at the hotel on the River Walk, I decorated my room with streamers, signs, balloons, cake, goodies, and displayed the gifts I had bought. When the room was ready, I invited the group inside. When they opened the door, I yelled, “Surprise!”  Then I sang Happy Birthday to myself.

Among the gifts friends and family brought was the key chain. “Nearly Normal.” I still have it today.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

A New Recipe?

 I dreamed I was eating a screetch.  What is that, you ask?

It was a mashed sweet potato mixed with crushed pineapple. This mixture was encased in a flaky pastry and was tasty.

In my dream, I ask the cook what it was, and she replied, "A screetch."

I've never had that combination before, and now that I am awake, I'm not sure about it, either. I liked it in my dream.

Why did the cook title the dish screetch? 

She didn't say.

I have a theory as to why I dreamed a strange name. I'm trying to think of a pseudonym for me. I'm writing a new book, and I will use a different name other than my own.

I think I told you how Amazon gets my books mixed up with gay literature.  When someone typed in my name, they got the gay genre, and nothing from me. I was lost.

After all the phone calls from  my publishers and me, they still do somewhat. Currently, when you type in Gay N. Lewis in the Amazon search bar, you will see some of my books, but not all of them. Mixed in with my books is the gay genre.

I want people to find me and all my books! I'm on other booksellers, and they haven't mixed me up. But Amazon is the largest bookseller.

What should I call myself?

I know what name I won't use. "Screetch."

I'm not much of a cook, but I might try mixing sweet potato and pineapple. What kind of pastry to use?  

It kinda sounds good.

If any of my readers try this mixture, let me know.

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