Saturday, January 22, 2022

Let's Talk About How Life Begins

When a man and woman couple together, the man releases a zillion potential baby makers, well, that’s an exaggeration. It’s actually about 250 million sperm.  Wow! That’s a lot of those little guys, and they all have one goal in mind. Reach the female’s egg. Now get this, like the fish, Salmon, those determined sperm swim UP, and that makes it more difficult to reach their destination. They possess a lot of energy to travel those 5 to 7 inches up the fallopian tube.


Child-bearing aged females release an egg once a month. It’s an impatient diminutive thing and only waits around for a sperm for 24 hours. If those swimmers get lucky, they meet up with the woman’s egg.



Did you know there’s a fight going on within that ocean of semen? Yep, sure is. That sea of swimmers fight to see who will be the first to arrive. Only one will receive the gold medal. Sometimes more than one arrives at the same time, and multiple children are conceived, but most often, only one gets the prize.


These determined little guys must go through a slimy mass to get to the trophy. Uh oh! Many of them won’t make it and will die at this point. That slimy mass has an opening as thin as a single hair on a person’s head. Only a few determined sperm will get through.


After two hours of swimming, the super-determined sperm that make it to the egg begin pounding their tails forcefully against the egg. Nice, right? While they attack, those strong survivors spin like drill bits as they try to enter the egg. Those little critters really want in there.


When one sperm breaks through, the egg says, “That’s enough.” The egg goes into lockdown faster than a home with a case of Covid. No other sperm is allowed to enter. A new life has begun.


Twenty hours after the mating process, two small, chromosome filled structures form. One from the man and the other from the woman. 



These two bubble-like shapes are attracted to each other and move toward each other as swiftly as a Gulf Coast hurricane bearing down on Alabama. Once these two meet, they marry—no marriage license needed, and the entire biological DNA is glued into place.  After their nuptial, they sort of look like a snowman without a head—one large ball on top of the other. The genetic info ruling everything is now resolute. How tall we'll be and how long our fingers will extend are already defined. At this stage, the new creation even knows what diseases we will inherit. The sex of the baby is also determined. Overwhelming, right?  The little imp is only twenty hours old, and his/her blueprint is in place.



The human is alive and well, but the teeny image has yet to look like a baby. A multiplication process begins as the union of sperm and egg journey to the uterus. While this happens, the woman is unaware that she’s a mother. This little one might have her lips, and the dad’s athletic abilities, but mom doesn’t know the baby is there yet.


When it arrives in the uterus, this tiny creation is fastidious. It may wander around for two or three days before it selects a home inside the uterus.


Okay, here’s another astonishing feature: After 8 days, the little one releases chemicals to counterbalance the mother’s immune system. Without the chemicals, the mom’s body would identify the diminutive thing as a foreign object and reject it.  Isn’t God amazing? Mom still doesn’t know the baby is there, but instinct may tell her something is taking place.  God seems to give mothers a sixth sense at times.



At about 6 weeks, a heart has formed and beats at about 150 times a minute. The little one has its own blood supply separate from the mom’s, but the mom’s blood supply nourishes the little guy. This sounds yucky, but nourishment produces waste products. The baby disposes of his/her own waste inside the mom’s body. I told you it sounds yucky.



At 17 weeks, the hands are formed and can now grasp the foot. The tiny urchin kicks like a pro football punter, but mom can’t feel the thrust yet.


The eyes are sensitive to light at 28 weeks. If a physician looks at the baby with a fetoscope, the baby will place his/her hand over the eyes to shield them. The poor thing needs sunglasses at this stage.

At 32 weeks, the baby is getting ready to exit his/her temporary home. The baby is swallowing, breathing, sucking, and is ready for the outside world. The small sweetheart is cramped, and ready to be free.  While in the temporary home, he/she developed sleep cycles, and they may vary drastically from the moms. Good luck, mom, on getting your regular eight hours after the baby’s arrival. The baby now weights about 3.5 to 4 pounds, and will soon settle into position for birth.

At 40 weeks, your little one will arrive. It’s a short time, really, for those two tiny entities, the sperm and the egg, to form into a viable, beautiful human.

King David wrote a beautiful Psalm 139. In it, he said he was “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Ultra sounds weren’t available to him back then, but King David understood what science has proved.

January 22, 1973, the US Supreme Court made abortion on demand a law. Science has better technology these days, and perhaps that law will be overturned. Abortion will be for states to determine.

 If a person can be declared dead when the heart stops, why can’t a person be called alive when the heart starts? A fetus heart beat is detected at 6 weeks.

Abortion for a healthy mom and baby is wrong. Abortion for an unhealthy baby, incest, rape, or the life of the mother is a different story. A story for another time.

God forgives all wrongs and mistakes. If you’re out there reading this, and for whatever reason, you experienced an abortion, please accept this. God forgives and loves us regardless of our actions. Ask Him to forgive, and boom! Done deal. He does it.

Friday, January 14, 2022

God Brings Back Life

Ezekiel 33

Dry Bones!  

Ezekiel saw a bunch of them.

An Army of Skeletons!

"God Brings Back Life."

The human, adult body has 206 bones.  If you're buried today in a casket inside a vault, and placed six feet under, it takes 50 years for your flesh to dissolve and you become a skeleton.

A few years ago, when people were buried in pine boxes, it took a year to become a skeleton.

We've come along way, right?   Who wants to be bunch of bare bones within a year?

In Ezekiel's vision, God put tendons, muscles, and flesh on thousands of bones as Zeke watched. The sound of bones coming together resembled an earthquake. 

Not get this. All those bones had to find their counterparts. A six foot frame wouldn't join properly with a five foot body. Ole Zeke must have been enthralled as he gazed at the puzzle of bones finding each other. 

 After the bones located each other, Ezekiel prophesied for the breath of life to come, and it did. The bones became people again!

As I thought about this, I wondered when all of today's buried people would get flesh. Would it be in the casket before the resurrection, or would flesh appear as we leave the casket to meet Jesus in the air?

 Do you want your flesh to return to you before you leave the casket? As you know, I write fantasy, and my mind wonders about crazy things.

I want flesh before I go up, and I want clothes too.  Just think!  Cloth turns to ashes too, so you'll need modern covering for that new flesh.

What will you wear to meet Jesus? Sweats? Ballgown? PJ's? Church clothes?

He desires to see the clothes of salvation on you. That's what matters to Him.

If those salvation clothes aren't in your closet, ask Him today to forgive you of sins and come into your life.

Bingo! Done deal. You'll be dressed properly.

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