Monday, December 31, 2012

For a Healthy New Year, Forgive

Sarah, my little angel who visits Earth from The Heavenlies, reminds me that there is perfect health where she lives, and that everyone up in her realm lives a forgiven life.
Now, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could experience those two elements down here? Healthy bodies…healthy minds….healthy relationships, healthy connections to God, wow!  What an amazing concept. Is it conceivable to have such things before we move our residence upward?
There are those who say such well-being is possible. When we exonerate a person for a perceived harm, physicians, ministers, and other professionals tell us we are healthier in all aspects. And consider this: a magnanimous spirit improves our relationship with the Almighty.  Gracious goodness! That should be enough incentive right there.

 Hmmm, all that sounds noble, doesn’t it? But how does one pardon pain and an injustice undeserved? Let go of negative thoughts? Why, the one who hurt us doesn’t deserve such a positive and sweet response.
Oh my!  Do we really want to let go of rage, bitterness, hate, retaliation, and a mandate to even the score?  If we do, the person who hurt us will get by with their evil deed, and they don’t deserve our amnesty—never in a million years—uh-oh, am I speaking of eternity here? What happens if we get to heaven with hatred in our heart? Is such a thing possible?
Even though Jesus forgave on the cross, many of us have never learned how to do the same. We waste His example. How can we learn from His model?

 Perhaps the first step in the process is to make a commitment to free ourselves from the pain another has caused. Okay, after we do that, what comes next? 
Fight the memories. When one comes to mind, replace the ugly thought with a constructive one. Sarah says, “If you bury the pain, don’t dig the heartache up again.”
Excellent advice from Sarah, but it’s difficult to do.  Seeking professional help is a good idea—the earthly and heavenly kind.  A human perspective helps, and a prayer for grace benefits us as well.
Okay, I guess we have our work cut out for us if we want to be physically and mentally fit in 2013.

Sarah wishes each of us a healthy New Year—the kind everyone in The Heavenlies has.



Monday, December 24, 2012

Angels Remember Christmas

Dear Gay,       

            As I write this note, angels up here in The Heavenlies are recalling the night Jesus was born.  I wasn’t one who made an appearance two thousand years ago, but the heavens are abuzz with recollections from those who did. Watching the humans celebrate the most important birth ever known brings jubilation among us, and Jesus especially beams His approval 

            Angels had a lot to do with the natal miracle. Zacharias received a visit from one of us. So did Mary—and then one materialized also to Joseph in a dream.  The heavenly messengers delivered the news to these favored people that Jesus was coming to earth as a baby. This news must have been a shocker to all of them, especially Mary and Joseph, but my favorite part of the story is the shepherds.

            Anna, my friend, was among those who appeared to the sheep caretakers on the hillside. With her beautiful soprano voice, she can make the heavens resonate. As gifted as she is, Maestro Superior nonetheless rehearsed her and the angelic choir for a long time.  Now mind you, we really don’t have time pieces or calendars up here, so I can’t tell you how much they prepared, but it was regularly.  Their scheduled performance was one of utmost importance.

            Everyone residing in The Heavenlies knew Jesus was to leave His glory and be born human. And yet, He would remain God.  Amazing, isn’t it?  No one had ever done that before, and no one ever will again.

            Anna told me how terrified the shepherds were when the angelic host appeared.  One of our angel rules is that we don’t panic humans, but it was necessary that night. Right?  The angels had the divine appointment to announce the birth of the Messiah.  Wow!  Can you imagine?  Every angel up here wanted to be in that group, but the Father selected only a few.

            The shepherds reacted just as expected—they went to Bethlehem to see the miracle. How thoughtful of the Father! He gave the good news first to a labor force considered a lowly profession by others.   The Father is awesome when He does things such as that, and He does them continually—for angels and humans.

            The guys who took care of sheep had nothing of monetary value to give the Christ Child. Wise men from the east brought expensive presents later. But as you know, the Father only wants the gift of love for His Son.  That’s the perfect gift, and it is one each of us—human or angel can give. The Shepherds gave the Christ Child their heart that night.

            One reason I enjoy the shepherd’s part so much is that they didn’t allow insecurity to interfere with their opportunity. They worried not about inferior clothing, lack of funds, absence of education and prominence. Ignoring human prejudice, they went to Bethlehem. I wish you could hear them right now talking about that glorious night—even though they have resided in The Heavenlies for many earthly years, they never tire of telling the story. Do humans take the story for granted? I hope not.

            Well, Gay, I must go.  We have a huge birthday celebration planned, and I don’t want to miss it. All residents of The Heavenlies wish a blessed Christmas and Holy Days for each of you. I’ll return to your wonderful planet in the year numbered 2013. Maybe the Almighty will allow me to see Tom, Marcy, and Hope.  They were my first assignment. Laney and Cannon don’t know it yet, but I’ve been commissioned to bring romance into their lives soon after your year begins.

 Love and blessings,




Monday, December 10, 2012

 Christmas Bridges

 In fifteen days, Christmas arrives.

 Children love the excitement of special programs, school vacation, and gifts to open. Adults anticipate an end to the frazzled holidays and a return to normal routines.

 Christmas often brings family and friends together who otherwise make a point to avoid each other.  This yearly get-together is fraught with tension and anxiety. Fears of hearth and home assault our minds and make us miserable.

What if I accidentally say something that antagonizes dad again?
Mom will reprimand my kids.
I never do anything to please my in-laws.
My gifts won’t measure up to theirs.
Aunt Sally doesn’t approve of my tattoos.
Grandma Bootsy dislikes my husband.
Uncle Bob talks politics non-stop.
Cousin Kay expects me to bow down to her.
If Grandpa teases me about me green hair again, I’ll scream.
And the throb of misery continues as we anticipate family hostilities on the Holiest of Days.
When the angels appeared to the shepherds, they spoke these words: “Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace to all men.”
 So on days where many of us experience family wretchedness, what happened to glory to God and the peace on earth? Hmmm. God receives no worship through our animosity to mankind, and we receive no peace from our bickering back and forth.
 When the angels uttered these words, “peace to men,” they weren’t proclaiming a war of words would conclude or countries would forever be at a ceasefire.  The angels meant that Jesus is the bridge that crosses us into God’s acceptance.
Jesus came to Earth, giftwrapped in cloth. You see, His Father sent this bundle of salvation and laid it in a manger. And God’s gift came circled with a blood red ribbon. Each day, the beautiful package begs for someone to open the box and claim this costly gift.

Thus, through this offering from heaven, we can have peace with God.  Just not always with our families and each other.
Wouldn’t be remarkable if this Christmas we build a bridge with our family members as God did to us?
Glory to God in the Highest, and may we have peace on earth this season at our household gatherings.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paper Work

 What is the deal with clutter? Why do I find it difficult to file important records away?

Wait! I reorganized files recently.  And now I can’t find essential documents.  Perhaps I should have left them scattered on the desk top, piled on the floor, and stacked on the printer. At least then I knew where they were.

Gurus have written articles that tell me creative people are messy. That bit of news made me feel better about my chaos. After all, I’m a creative gal, but is that an excuse for clutter?  Probably not. Could be that I’m just plain down right lazy. Would I work better with a clean and organized surface? I know I tried it once. Wonder how long ago that was? Can't remember.

Now that Sarah: Laney’s Angel is finished, I’ve started a third book about Sarah, and she’s so much more fun that organizing papers on my desk.  However, if I don’t clean up soon, no one will be able to find Sarah and me behind these stacks at the computer.

How do all you busy people handle the stuff waiting for a home?  Jacqueline Hopper, has an article on her blog that gives 10 tips for keeping a desk clean and tidy.

Excuse me, now while I go back and study it.  Check it out.


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