Friday, March 29, 2019

Good for Circulation

Yoga is good for body tone.

Libraries are good for circulation.

I choose libraries and reading. 

Or buying from Amazon. 
Books come straight to my iPad.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Where's Your Wallet?

Did you hear about the sweet, older gent and his wallet? He became fearful his money would be stollen so he began putting his wallet in the front pocket of his pants.

Problem?  He forgot how to wear the pants, and he wore them backwards.

Forgetfulness plagues us all.

Sarah, my fictional, chaotic angel, has a memory problem, too. Mother Goodness, her mentor, pops in often to remind Sarah of lessons she's lost as she goes about life.

We are like that, right?  God gives us opportunities to grow, but we forget what we learned.

For a refreshing getaway, read Sarah.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Was Abe Lincoln Two-Faced?

"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"  --Abraham Lincoln

Politicians are often called hypocrites. So are us non-policicians.

Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay 

All of us, politics or not, present two-faces.  We smile on the outside while we cry inside.

Does that make us a hypocrite?

Not really, but maybe. I suppose it depends on the person and the situation.

We ask, "How are you?"  But it's a rhetorical question. No one really wants to know, so we don't truthfully answer. We smile and say, "Fine. How are you?"

This can be a dishonest answer.
However, it most situations, it's a necessary one.

There are times when we should show the sad face. We need help from another person. Gather your courage and ask for support.
And it's okay to cry when you do.

In this day and time, men aren't supposed to cry. Neither are women. "Suck it up."  That's a phrase we hear. But grief and emotinal pain are real. Sometimes we require help with it. 

Every culture shows grief differently.  Back in the days of Jesus, grief was shown in loud, showy ways. Mourners were hired to weep and wail. The Jewish law said that even poor people should hire two flute players and one weeping, wailing, woman.  The hired weeper may not have even known the deceased. She had a talent for wailing, and it provided income for the family.

I recently lost a good friend. Death by suicide. He always had a happy face and a joke. No one knew the devestation he faced on the inside. Absolutely no one knew.

Don't be a hipocrite if you are in that much pain. 

Friends are willing to help.

We will help you ease from darkness to light. Even get your medical help if necessary. There are times when exhibiting a cheerful face becomes too much of a burden. That's the time for honesty. Leave hypocrisy behind.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Meet the Mate

I met my mate in church on a Sunday night.  How did you meet yours?

Many couples meet on the Internet these days.  Two of our daughters did, and they are happily married.

My nephew did, and he is over the moon with his marriage.

But then there are the other stories.

I spoke to a man the other day. He said he'd met a young woman via the Internet, and she only lived ten minutes from him. They began dating, even took a trip together. On the extended holiday, he discovered she was a pscho. He ended the relationship as soon as they got back home.

I met another guy last week.  In fact, he's an electrician in our Houston area, and came to our home to fix an issue. You know me. I talk a lot. He said he'd love to have a mate for life, but so far, none had come along for him.

His internet experiences had been a disaster. He carried on a conversation with a lady who lives in west Texas, about ten hours away. He flew out to meet her in person, and she greeted him at the airport. When they got to her car, she instisted he sit in the backseat while the dog sat in the passenger side. Each time they traveled around, she made him sit in the back while the dog sat shotgun.

Oh my.

He said, "That ended it for me. I love my dogs, but I wouldn't let one take first place over my partner, and she said her dogs were the love of her life. She'd always love them more than a man. Even proved it on our first date."

So this guy is still looking and hoping.  I told him to go back to the Internet dating sites. There's a special lady out there, but the weirdos are there, too.

Sarah and the Internet Dating Service is about finding relationships through strangers chatting on a computer.  The only problem?  Sarah doesn't know a thing about computers. Boy! Does she mess things up. She creates havoc and the chaos is quite funny.

It's a humorous book. I know you'll laugh out loud.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Never Met a Man She Didn't like

Will Rogers was a famous humorist from Oklahoma.  He made the statement once, "I never met a man I didn't like."

If you are a romance reader, you'll find many books that should be rated X. The heroines live with Will's thinking and often demonstrate his idea. The ladies never meet a man they don't like, and sometimes the author describes in detail their antics in the bedroom.

Although most of the fictional ladies are not employed in the world's oldest profession, they use their wiles to get ahead in life.

Of course, those stories are in sexy fiction.

I write Christian fiction, and my characters have different outlooks. The ladies are attractive, but modest in their approach to life. They aren't dull. They kiss their fellows and feel passion. That's why they marry and ride off into the sunset for a happy-ever-after.

Have you read any of the Sarah Series?  Sarah is funny, warm, and endearing.  You'll like her.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Go For It Today

Do not fear mistakes.You will know failure. Continue to reach out. --Ben Franklin

As I writer, I feared showing my work to publishers, and I grew used to rejections. Oh, don't get me wrong, they still bother me, but I expect and live with them now.

My first book, Mattie's Choice, was not the first book to receive a contract. Sarah: A Mission of Love was.

Mattie's Choice is not a romance, and I kept sending it to romance publishers. Duh. I finally learned how to pitch differenct genres.

A serious, historical book, Mattie's Choice, is about two women who married abusive brothers and became lifetime friends.

Sarah: A Mission of Love is fantasy, romance, and Christian. An angel comes to earth to help Tom find a mate. She introduces him to Marcy by accidentally dumping food all over him. It's funny.

Sarah: A Mission of Love, originally held the title, Little Angel Screw Up. The publisher didn't think the title sounded too christian, so it got changed.

The Sarah Series has a lot of chaotic screw-ups in it. That's what Sarah does best.

Mattie's  Choice will make you think, and possible help you with your marriage.

I hope you'll read them, and whatever you're doing, keep going for it.

available on audio, ebook and print.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Doing and Saying

Well done is better than well said. --Benjamin Franklin

God spoke and it came into being.

So, according to ole Ben, I guess God did it right on both accounts.

Take time to breath today.
Look for the beauty around you.
You can find it in nature.
It's there in a baby's smile.
Maybe the music brings it.
Just be quiet.
It's there.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Three Birthdays

Celebrating March birthdays

As you can see from the sign behind us, we are at a Mexican restaurant. Three in this picture have birthdays within days of each other, so we choose a day and go for it.

Dirk, in the cap on the far left, has a birthday on March 2. Paul, the guy next to him, celebrates on March 4. Shelley, the lady in the center, parties on March 6.

We shared humorous cards after we ate our enchilladas. One card had a picture of the giant redwoods in California. The caption read something like this: 

"Birthdays always remind me of the giant redwoods. They stand tall and proud year after year. Their majestic beauty takes my breath away."

Inside it read:
"Thanks for planting them!"

Isn't that a riot?

I give a prize for the best sidesplitting card, and this one won.

Have you read a Sarah book lately? No? Then go to the link below and get one. You're missing out!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Mind Like Mine

Ever have a day like this?

Or how about this one?

 I can't seem to find the answers 
to what I think about.

My mind comes up with all sort of stuff.

Some good.
Some not.

That doesn't stop me from sharing.


Friday, March 1, 2019

Zombies, Demons and Devils

Gleanings from the Gospel of Mark, Chapter One

In Chapter one of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus began his ministry  by submitting to baptism. Afterwards, He immediately called four of His disciples. He then  started healing people.

In Chapter 1:21-34, Mark summarizes a few miracles. He tells us Jesus healed many and cast out demons.

From His place in heaven, Jesus continues a healing ministry. Sometimes he cures because we pray, and sometimes he uses doctors. And yet, suffering and the unknown continue to mystify us.

There are too many horrible diseases with unknown remedies, and I pray God directs science to the cures.

Not all ailments had names back in the day of Jesus. Many of them were merely called demons. Science later has identified many of these diseases.

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimers, MS, ALS, mental illness are a few that kill daily. These evil invasions to our bodies cause suffering, not only for the patient, but for families as well.

And these horrible virus bugs are demons with names.

They rob the body and mind of health.

Not only can germ killing bugs enter a body, but a literal demonic spirit can take up home in a person.

I know, I know. Some don't believe that, but  minions of Satan exist, and yes they can inhabit a nonbeliever. Never a believer. Christ dwells within the believer, and there's only room for Him.

But Satan can use disease to affect us all.

Join with me in praying:
1.  for science to find cures.
2. Once they are available, we can afford them.
3. Thank God for those working to find them.

I took our daughter to the neurologist last week. She's young and beautiful, and her demenita worsens. The doctor, as kindly as he could, told us there is no cure yet. Science doesn't even know how Alzheimer's comes to us.

Our daughter didn't understand everything he said. Dementia is a robber of memory and cognitive skills, but she replied, "I'm so scared."

4. Pray for peace of mind for those who suffer.

Is Alzheimer and dementia a demon? To me, it is.

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