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Gay's Days, New Reviews!

Posting a few reviews that are coming in for Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island
Thankful that people like Sarah!

By Victoria Pitts Caine on June 12, 2015
The clumsy little goofball angel, Sarah, is visiting earth again! This time her mission is to help select a mate her charge, Carolyn, on a cruise ship! Oh no. Sarah can barely find her way around on terra firma.

Sarah bumbles her instructions and finds herself in a battle of wits with a minion from the evil world. While Carolyn has two suitors, Nick and Ash, Sarah guides Carolyn toward the right one, but not without interference from the minion.

Once Carolyn has decided on “Mr. Right”, she is going to meet him on the deck at midnight the last night of the cruise, but something goes wrong and Sarah has to call for reinforcements to thwart off evil.

As with the other Sarah books, Ms. Lewis makes his little character lovable and adored. All of her books have an inspirational message, but this one delves deeper into the battles fought with the darker side. Nice job – I loved the cruise aspect and it looks like Sarah will be back.

 Heavenly Warfare And on Earth Too
By DiAne N. Gates on June 22, 2015
Entertaining, delightful, and enthralling story crafted by great story-teller, Gay N. Lewis. Ms. Lewis weaves a believable scene of the warfare that takes place in the heavenlies as well as all around us. And Sarah. Oh my, what an adorable, ditzy, little angel that always manages to complete her assignment in an unorthodox manner. Just loved her. This was my first Sarah book, but it certainly won't be the last. Great read with a bonus of Ms. Lewis' wisdom tucked between the covers.
This book was full of laughs!
By Danele on June 22, 2015
This book was full of laughs! I really enjoyed Sarah's attempts to find Carolyn a husband. Sarah's bumbling ways kept me in stitches. I also enjoyed the spiritual truths contained in this book. In my opinion, this story is a winner. I enjoyed it, and I will read it again.
on June 23, 2015
Great vacation book or summer/weekend read! Easy to read and this book will keep you smiling and thinking. I ordinarily don’t read fantasy, but I heard this was a good book. And it is! I fell in love with an angel named Sarah. There are a series of Sarah books, but you don’t have to read them in order. I’ll buy more. Sarah is funny and her antics made me think seriously about a few matters.
Wonderful!! Enjoyed this book!!!
 on June 23, 2015
Sarah, Sarah! None can match her. She’s hilarious and entertaining. The descriptions of the cruise ship, as well as those of Catalina Island are right on the money. Ms. Lewis has either made this trip or done a great deal of research. Fabulous!!!
Sarah Learns Spiritual Warfare
 on June 20, 2015
The Sarah books get better and better! This new book is as entertaining as the earlier books, but many practical applications in fighting Satan, which we all need, were sprinkled throughout the story. Great book!
Perfect Beach Book!
By RL9052 on June 23, 2015
Format: Paperback
A great vacation book! There's humor, mystery, romance...it has it all! Sarah cracks me up. You don't have to read these books in order either, but I am going to check out the others in this series! 



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Gay's Days, June 22, 2015, Patriot's Pride

Please welcome my friend, Penelope Marzec to Gay's Days.
Penny is a creative person. Wow! Is she ever. Her paintings of the Jersey Shore are beautiful, and I would love to have one on my wall. The seascapes make me think I'm there with her as she paints.
And wait until you read her books!  You'll become a fan. 

3.99 on Amazon

Derrick, a surgeon, is haunted by his brother’s death. When his prayers went unanswered, he turned his faith to science. He believes studying with an esteemed surgeon in England will return meaning to his life.

Margaret’s fiancĂ© died at the hands of a doctor who bled him to death. On board the Prosperity, she meets the arrogant Doctor Fortune who considers her no less than a milkmaid. She considers him a butcher. Though she must journey to England to hear the reading of the will of her grandfather, the Earl of Broadcraft, she finds herself constantly confronting Derrick on his methods of healing. Yet, there is something about his soulful eyes that attracts her. When a British ship presses the Prosperity’s sailors into service, Margaret and Derrick must work together if they are to reach England. But can they ever learn to trust each other enough to allow love into their hearts?

Of this sequel to PATRIOT’S HEART, one reviewer said, “This tale is filled with adventure and conflict and woven well with history. The high seas and British society challenge both characters to grow in ways they never imagined and a far greater gift awaits both Margaret and Derrick. Faith is handled well and it is fun to see Margaret, a secondary character in Patriot's Heart, get her own story and see her lost dreams redeemed in surprising ways.”


        Penelope Marzec grew up along the Jersey shore, heard stories about Captain Kidd, and dug for his buried treasure. All she got was a bad case of poison ivy. Deciding books were better than buried treasure, she discovered romance novels and was soon hooked on happy endings. She became an early childhood educator and found her own hero in an electrical engineer who grew up in Brooklyn, played the accordion, and was immune to poison ivy. Now retired, Penelope either writes her stories or paints seascapes in oils. Sometimes she sings while her husband plays the accordion.

You can find Penelope at her website: http://www.penelopemarzec.com

Follow her tweets @penelopemarzec

Find her on Instagram @marzecpenelope

Buy links!

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June 20, 2015 Editor's Review

A review from an editor.
Sarah and a Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island
by Delia Latham

Author Gay N. Lewis has tapped into something downright heavenly with her “Sarah” series, built around the adventures of one bumbling little Angel of Love. Sarah is a tad dyslexic, a smidgen impulsive, and one hundred percent adorable. Given the chance, she’ll wing her way straight into a reader’s heart. Well…chances are she’ll take a spill and land there, or try on a pair of stilettos and tumble in head first…but she will arrive, one way or another. In SARAH AND A MIDNIGHT CRUISE TO CATALINA ISLAND, Heaven’s reluctant little love angel boards a cruise ship to make love happen for lovely Carolyn Baker. The adorable emissary from “the Heavenlies” doesn’t deal well with the ocean, has a disastrous reaction to human medication, and hasn’t a clue which of the two men vying for Carolyn’s attention is “The One.” On top of all that, a dark spirit is on board as well, and the nasty creature’s task is to see that Sarah’s assignment fails. It’s a rollicking ride on the open sea, as Sarah keeps readers thoroughly entertained with one mishap after another, all of which somehow become the ingredients to another successful mission. Lewis has a flair for twisting plots and capturing hearts, and when she brings Sarah along, it’s a guaranteed literary joy ride. This series is not to be missed by readers who love romance, humor, clean Christian story lines—and, of course, angels with slightly crooked haloes.

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Gay's Days. I have no idea where I am


"I have no idea where I am"


One of our daughters gave me this t-shirt, and does it ever fit me!  If you can't read it, it says "I have no idea where I am." There's an arrow pointing to a star. I like to think it's for Sarah, my little angel who never knows where she is either.
I’ve never had a sense of direction—it comes from my mother’s side of the family. My dad never needed a map to go anywhere. I remember him telling the story about a trip he took with my mom and her brother. They left Fort Worth headed to Birmingham, Alabama. My dad always drove, never liked to stop, and would continue into the wee hours of morning. This was during the days of no inter-states, so it took longer.

On this occasion, he grew sleepy a few miles past Meridian Mississippi. He pulled over, hauled himself into the backseat, and told the duo, my mom and her brother, to stay on the road.

He slept for an hour, awoke, and said, “Where are we?”

My mom, who was the co-pilot, answered, “We’re just now coming into Meridian, Mississippi.

My dad responded with his Army language. ***bleep***!  That’s where I gave you the wheel.”

They’d made a complete circle and were coming back into the place where he’d turned over the driving chore. Needless to say, he didn’t do it again.

Sarah, the star of my series, is dyslexic and never knows where she is. In her latest adventure, she even worries about getting lost on a cruise ship. In this scene below, she appears as human female as she tries to help her charge, Carolyn.

     Ash waved a hand. “I’m just kidding. You don’t cause disasters, do you? A little thing like you?”
       Sarah, disguised as Cynthia, nodded. “I struggle to be normal, but I’ve had mishaps before.”

“What sort of disasters have you caused, and how many? I’ll figure our odds of seeing you cause one while you’re on the boat.” Jason’s tone indicated genuine interest.
      “Start with the jewelry store caper.”

“How’s that?” Jason turned his head to Nick.

“She knocked over a rare and expensive Waterford bowl—almost caused it to shatter on the floor.”

“That could happen to anyone—doesn’t sound much like a catastrophe. What else?” Jason continued with his questions.

“Well, one time I needed to make a car go forward but I don’t know how to drive so I backed into a vehicle behind me.”

“You can’t drive?” By her expression, Dana found this unbelievable.

“Not yet. Anyone want to teach me?”

“I’ll pass.” Nick performed a huge eye roll.

“If we’re ever on land together, I’ll give you a lesson. I’m a good teacher.” Ash smiled.

“You got an armored tank? You might need one.” Nick directed his inquiry to Ash.

“Aw, come on Nick, she can’t be that bad.” Ash responded with glee.

“What else have you done?” Jason’s evident curiosity grew by leaps and bounds.

“I get lost a lot. Once I was supposed to be in Houston, but I landed in Dallas instead.”

“That makes no sense. Did you board the wrong plane?” Jason frowned.

“To this day, I’m not sure how that came about.” Sarah shrugged.

“Strange. Anything else?” Jason withdrew a pocket calculator.

“I unintentionally caused a waitress in a restaurant to dump huge platters of steak and gravy on a customer.”

Jason punched in numbers. “Go on.”

“Do you really want to hear this?” Sarah glanced at the others.

“By all means, don’t stop now.” Nick drummed his fingers on the table.

“I once injured a man while I tried to walk in stilettos.” Sarah turned to Dana. “I love those shoes, but I can’t stay upright in them—I keep falling down. One time, while trying on a really cute green pair, I lost balance and pulled a tablecloth off a table. Caused all the dishes to smash to the floor and break.”

Nick twisted his mouth. “Lady, you are a real piece of work.”

Jason finished his calculations. “I’d say the odds of you doing some calamity on the ship are about 10 to l.” He looked about the group. “Anyone want to make a wager?”

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June 14, 2015 Catalina!

Excerpt from on board. Nick and Carolyn stand at the rail viewing Catalina Island. The midnight hour approaches

 Nick’s laugh rang out, deep and melodious. “No. Tradition of the islands says fair maidens should be kissed at midnight.”

“I didn’t read that in any brochure. You’re making that up.”

“No, kissing on a ship at midnight with an island as a backdrop is a new ritual.”

“Oh, really. Whose?”

“Mine. I just established it.”

Here's a later conversation between Nick and Carolyn.

"That man said he attended the show and saw Ash kiss you. He said you enjoyed it.”

Carolyn tapped her foot. “Who are you going to believe? That stranger or me?”

Nick glowered down at her but said nothing for a few seconds. “You, I guess.”

“Goodbye, Nick. That answer took too long, and it was the wrong one anyway.” Carolyn turned on her heel and swiftly left the store.

 Sarah and the Midnight Cruise out now. Available in print or eBook at your favorite book seller!

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June 12. New Release

Whew!  This day finally arrived! 
You can't imagine how many pins and needles I've been sitting on while I waited.
Amazon released the print book on June 9, and today, June 12, the eBook is here.

It's also available from other booksellers.
Several lovely authors are hosting me on their blogs today, and each one has different excerpts from the book.  The authors also interviewed me, and I tried to share stuff you might not have heard before.  Please stop by these blogs and say hello. I'd be honored if you did.
Here are a few additional excerpts
    "We don’t order many pairs that small. Let me check and I’ll be right back.”
Humans considered a size five small for a female’s foot? Well, she could easily remedy that. Sarah blinked at her tootsies and they grew to a size nine. She really wanted to try those red stilettos.
Another one
Nick’s laugh rang out, deep and melodious. “No. Tradition of the islands says fair maidens should be kissed at midnight.”
“I didn’t read that in any brochure. You’re making that up.”
“No, kissing on a ship at midnight with an island as a backdrop is a new ritual.”
“Oh, really. Whose?”
“Mine. I just established it.”
 Oops! Nick made a mistake. Check this excerpt out.
That man said he attended the show and saw Ash kiss you. He said you enjoyed it.”
Carolyn tapped her foot. “Who are you going to believe? That stranger or me?”
Nick glowered down at her but said nothing for a few seconds. “You, I guess.”
“Goodbye, Nick. That answer took too long, and it was the wrong one anyway.” Carolyn turned on her heel and swiftly left the store.
I had fun writing this story. Actually, it is partially based on a personal experience. When my dad died, I took a cruise to Catalina Island and found it therapeutic. The airline lost my luggage, and of course, that happens to Caroline, the heroine too. The tour of the Island is one of my favorite memories. When I find my photos, I'll share them with you.
Another friend toured an art gallery while in Catalina and the electricity went off. Yep, that's in there too.
You never know what an author might use when they hear a story.
Have you been? You should go.

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Gay's Days, June 10, 2015

I'm on the Diamond Mine of Christian Fiction today!  Isn't that a great title for a blog? I love diamonds and there are true gems on this blog.

I'm giving away a free eBook on the blog, so I hope you'll stop by, leave a comment and enter to win.

The Diamond Mine of Christian Fiction
The Rough Diamond Writers: A group of Christian writers mining for the Lord's brilliance among the gemstones of Christian Fiction.

You'll learn more about Sarah and her latest adventure on the blog and maybe win a book!



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Gay's Days, June 9, 2015

My new book arrives on June 12!
This Sarah adventure is one to make you smile.
Available in eBook or print.

This is a scene from Chapter One. Sarah is always lost. She arrives atop a hotel in downtown Houston. She is trying to find her assignment, Carolyn Baker who lives in Sugar Land.

Sarah chose a green paisley dress, panty hose, and low heeled black orthopedic shoes. Okay—that should do it. After dropping from the roof, she surfaced inside the building. In the dimly lit area, the space appeared quite small.

Oops! She’d meant to appear on the street. Oh well. She was inside now. What location had she bopped into?

Judging from a dress hanging on a rack, she decided she must’ve relocated to some kind of interior closet. Wonder what might be behind the wooden door. She cautiously opened the access and ventured out.

“Hey! How did you get in there?” A man yelled at Sarah as he suddenly sat up in a bed.

A woman pulled a sheet up under her chin. “Who is that, Norman?”

“I have no idea.” The man threw a protective arm over the female lying beside him. “Lady, who are you, and what are you doing in our hotel room?”

Merciful heavens! What had she done? Think fast, Sarah. Make your voice sound crackly and old.

“Well, hello, young fella.” Sarah pushed the glasses higher on her nose. “The hotel sent me in to help a couple make a love connection. Do you need any advice? I’m a psychologist.”

“No, my wife and I are very happy—just trying to sleep late. Would you get out of our room, please?”

“Oh sure. Don’t bother showing me to the door. I’ll see myself out. Guess they gave me the wrong room. I counsel people who have problems, but ya’ll look blissfully married. Tootle-loo.” Sarah waved, opened the closet door and disappeared from view. She backed against the wall with her heart pounding and gulping air as if she’d run a marathon.

PBG Insider: Gay N. Lewis Introduces her "Sarah" series

Sarah at Christmas