Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Manger Child


Where are the swaddling clothes?
I've always wondered why Mary and Joseph are pictured in warm clothes, and the baby looks cold. If they'd left the child without blankets, they wouldn't be good parents, now would they?

I have two manger scenes. Both are in the garage waiting for me to display them in the house. I usually place one on the mantle and one in the kitchen.

I may not take them out of the boxes this year. I have many items inside, and the house looks festive already.  Decorating for the holidays requires a lot of work and it makes a mess. After Christmas I spend time taking everything down and restoring stuff. I have plenty to put away now. No one has noticed the missing manger.

 If I display my manger scenes, I'll need to make space for them, and at this moment, I have no room for them.

Oops!  Isn't that the Christmas story?  No room for Jesus? That's why he was born in a feed trough for animals in a barn.

I better go make room.

And I'll put clothes on Him.

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