Friday, December 9, 2016

Gay Rescued by the Officer

Here I am in a sheriff's vehicle.

No, I didn't get arrested.

This nice officer helped me find my car.

I'm always lost, right? You know that about me. I write about Sarah in my books and she suffers from my condition--no sense of direction.

Groan. This malady can be maddening.

Especially when the temp is 35 degrees and the wind is blowing ninety to nothing.

Okay, here's the story.

I took a friend to Temple TX for a hospital procedure yesterday. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 AM. I left the patient at the door, and then parked under a street lamp. I made a mental note of my location.


The sun was shining when I came out to find my car. I planned to pick up the patient at the entrance. Problem?  The buildings have several entrances. I entered by one and left by another.

I walked in heels in the cold wind wearing a light weight jacket for what seemed like hours. Couldn't find my car.

That's when this nice officer rescued me. His warm vehicle felt like heaven. We drove around looking for my car. We finally found it. Turns out I'd parked it in an illegal place.

I was relieved no one hauled it off and and Good Samaritan officer didn't ticket me.

Sometimes these days, our men in blue get a bad rap. That's unfortunate. Most are like the one who helped me. Kind and considerate. He followed me as I drove to an entrance, and then came to my aid again. He said, "you're at the wrong place. Follow me." He led me to my waiting friend at the correct building.

I'm grateful.  

Sarah is always lost, and many of her adventures have been personal ones.

Stay tuned. Sarah is going to be in an officer's vehicle in an up and coming book.

Just wait and see!

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