Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sarah is moving about today.  She's a busy angel.

She was in Alabama this moring on Mary Ball's blog.
Mary Ball asked interesting questions. You'll learn new stuff about me.

And this afternoon, she make it to the West Coast in time to visit with Victoria Caine.
Vicki Caine does a great job of review in her blog.



Monday, May 27, 2013


Irving, Texas Memorial Park
During my mother-in-law’s lifetime, she carried flowers to the cemetery at this time of the year.  Back in that era she called it “Decoration Day.” With no car and no knowledge to drive one if one had been available, she arranged for someone to take her to the cemetery—a twenty mile round trip. A short distance by today’s standards, but back then, it wasn’t.
Of course she took blossoms on other occasions, but she expressly wanted to remember on this patriotic event the fallen men and women who made the supreme sacrifice for her country.
Most historians believe the practice of remembering the soldiers with flowers sprang up around 1865 when liberated slaves decorated graves at a former Confederate prison camp. This site contained a mass grave for Union soldiers who died in captivity.
Before this date became known as Memorial Day, the 30th of May, 1868 was set aside as Decoration Day. The purpose was to decorate the graves of those who died in defense of our country.  These men and women lie buried in every city, village and churchyard in the land.  
The alternative name of "Memorial Day" was first used in 1882. The new name became more common after World War II, and Federal law declared it the official name on June 28, 1968.
Many will gather today in backyards for barbeque, drink alcohol, play games, and swim in pools—for many, it will be a fun and relaxing time away from work. Grills will smoke with meat and the aroma of hamburgers and brisket will tantalize the taste buds.
Smoke on the battlefields will also be part of a soldier’s life this very day. The smoke will not arise from a backyard grill and fun times.  Men and women fight on foreign shores for our freedom. Improvised Explosive Devices will go off. Rifles will blaze. Fires will develop. It will not look pretty nor have a fragrant aroma. No fun in this scenario.
May God keep them safe and bring them home.
Let us pause at this solemn interval to give thanks for those who shaped our freedom in the supreme way.
Fly the flag. Decorate the graves. Pause to give thanks.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Second in the Sarah Series,

Sarah: Laney’s Angel

 Will be released on May 22,

 Sarah is a little bit of I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeanie, and Touched by an Angel.

When I began writing about a dyslexic angel, I had no idea she would be as popular as she is. I thank God He gave me the idea to write about a heavenly spirit with earthly qualities. 

Mortals identify with Sarah. We’ve all experienced our embarrassing moments and qualified as goof-ups at some time or other.  In spite of her insecurities, Sarah achieves her mission, and she learns a little along the way.  In each book, she grows. Hopefully, we humans do the same.

Comparable to Lucy Ricardo, Sarah finds herself in madcap situations—most of them of her own making. As with Lucy, we often find the little angel wearing some crazy disguise.  Remember the episode where Lucy set her fake nose on fire? Sarah hasn’t done that yet, but she achieved something far worse for an angel from the Heavenlies. In Sarah: Laney’s Angel, She masqueraded as a woman with the face and figure of a professional Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Nothing wrong with that, right?  Except Sarah can’t walk in heels and she fell into the lap of an unsuspecting male diner—a very non-angel thingy to do. In Sarah: A Mission of Love, she posed as a male biker wearing black leather and chains. People assumed she was with a gang of Hell’s Angels. Oops! The Superiors sent her to represent The Heavenlies, not to characterize the other side. Creature appearances constantly remain a challenge for her.

In I Dream of Jeanie, Barbara Eden makes the charming character of Jeanie appear and disappear. She can create something from nothing. Sarah is gifted with those powers.  Just wait till you read the chapter in Sarah: Laney’s Angel where she makes a SUV appear. With no idea how to drive the huge, scary thing, another disaster emerged in the making. As with Jeanie, how should one make these items vanish without an earthly person witnessing them?  Poor Dr. Bellows. In I Dream of Jeanie, he was always privy to one of Jeanie’s unexplained phenomenal creations. In Sarah: Laney’s Angel, a food server sees a lamb chop float in the air. Poor fellow, although cold sober at the time of sighting, he resolved to never take another drink of alcohol again for the rest of his life.

Touched by an Angel was a television series featuring angels who helped Earthlings. Each episode contained a message. At the end of the segment, Monica, the angel gifted with truth, revealed herself as an angel and then told the person that God loves them. Sarah doesn’t disclose her identity, but the same notion finds its way into each book. God loves us and uses us in spite of our goof-ups.

Sarah: Laney’s Angel encompasses romance and suspense along with fantasy. Tomas, the Warrior Angel is to protect Laney from a killer. Sarah’s mission is to link Laney with Cannon. Biblical truths are woven into the story. Humor is essential to me, and I’m fond of any and all uplifting literature, and that’s the way I write. We live in stress, and my goal is to help the reader escape it and leave them relaxed and inspired. I enjoyed creating this book. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Sarah: Laney's Angel will be released May 22.

Tomas, the Warrior Angel receives an assignment to protect Laney from the stalker.  Sarah's job is to bring romance to Cannon and Laney. 

An excerpt from Chapter Nine
Sarah: Laney's Angel

Tomas reviewed the previous day’s activities, making sure he’d missed nothing. The Evil One had sat in his rented ride, spying on the apartment from the adjacent parking lot all of yesterday.

The two watched a lady enter with grocery bags. From the Evil One’s expression, Tomas knew the wicked man should figure that one of the two women inside the apartment must be Laney Taylor. Was it the one who needed crutches? He probably guessed so, but he required additional research. The Evil One needed to be certain.

No use in killing the wrong woman.


Monday, May 6, 2013

An excerpt from Sarah: Laney’s Angel
Release Date:  May 22, 2013

If you read book one, Sarah: A Mission of Love, you know Sarah easily becomes lost.  When she left The Heavenlies for this mission to Houston to help Laney, she ended up in Dallas by mistake.
In the scene below, Sarah returned to her cloud after falling into the lap of a diner at a restaurant. Those adorable red shoes proved too much challenge for an angel who flies and seldom walks.
From Chapter Seven

Because of her debacle at the restaurant, Sarah wanted to crawl under her cloud and hide—instead she sat on top of it and brooded.

Merciful heavens! The accident boosted her reputation for goof-ups and caused glee among the angels. She heard them twitter above her. And to top it off, the Lieutenant might give her a serious mark in the permanent file.

As much as she wanted to give up and quit, the desire to succeed increased. Deciding not to yield to despair, she called for Tomas. When he appeared, his self-confidence struck awe in her. Wonder if he ever made a mistake in his entire existence? Would she ever achieve such aplomb?

“What is it Sarah? I can only spend a few minutes from my charge. He plots malicious intent and I need to keep an eye on him.”

“I’d like to check on Cannon to see what he thinks of Laney, but it’s dark, and I don’t know how to find his condo. I’ll get lost if I strike out on my own. Will you help me?”

Tomas nodded. “This is what you do. See the Southwest Freeway over there?” He pointed out the proper course. “Follow it to Highway six, and then turn left. You do know how to tell left from right, don’t you?”

“Left is on the same side as my heart.”

“True.” Tomas sighed and then grinned as if a new concept suddenly came to him. “Place your hand over your heart. Then you can make sure which way is left and fly that sequence. His dwelling is at the end. Employ your super-vision.”

Once Tomas could tell Sarah’s eyesight focused, he pointed to Cannon’s place in the far distance. “Do you see it? There on the top floor?”

“Yes. Thanks, Tomas. Maybe I can do something to help you someday.”

“You never know. Possibly you can.” Tomas disappeared.


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