Monday, December 19, 2016

Climbing Mountains

Some men and women climb mountains for fun. How this cold, scary, challenge could be fun is a mystery to me. The guy pictured above is my son-in-law. He died in 2015, not from falling off a mountain, but from cancer.

Any disease is a monster. I hate them all, don't you? Alzheimer's is another relevant one affecting my family at the moment. Health issues present challenges equal to any mountain.

What are your challenges this Christmas week? Health? Family? Finance? Depression? Anger?

The challenge to be happy at Christmas can upset people. Hallmark moments are rare. Yet all the Hallmark Christmas movies present happy endings. Life isn't that way is it?

I write books of fantasy and romance. Ha. Sometimes romance is nothing but fantasy. The fantasy part of my stories is the angel that ignites romance between a man and a woman. She brings smiles, humor to the reader. 
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Sarah does her job well.

My romance novels, like Hallmark movies, always end with a happy ever after. Readers escape the challenges of life with Cinderella stories. Romance and marriage are real, not fantasy, but after the belly-fire dies to embers, a couple faces a different challenge.  Day to Day life.

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Expect the mountain challenge this season. Enjoy the Hallmark moments. Remember that song from the Sound of Music. "Climb Every Mountain." Climb those mountains, no matter how challenging. The vista from the top is breathtaking, even if you can only stay there for a moment.

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Remember this: The Hope for every Challenge lies in the manger. 

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