Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How's the Makeover Coming Along?

We're talking about getting in shape, you know, body and hair. We'll leave attitude for another day.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), we American women are getting larger.

Duh!  Really?  Seriously?  We needed to hear that from a government agency? They didn't think we already knew that?

According to the CDC, women are .6 inches taller than we were in 1960.  The average height of a woman back in that day was 63.1. Now we've grown to 63.7.

Well, okay, that's not so bad. But the weight change? Now, that's a different story. Today, the "average" 5'3" woman weighs 168.5. Back in 1960, women of that height weighed 140.2.

Would you believe the 140 pounds was considered on the high end of normal on the BMI scale. Today, the "average" woman is measured as overweight on the BMI scale.

So what do we do about this information?

My answer is to petition the CDC and the National Institute for Health. They need to change their numbers. It's too hard for us to change ours!

You'll enjoy my book about Sarah, the whacky angel, who helps Valerie become a thinner person.

Here's a blurb from 
Sarah and the Angelic, Magical Makeover.

With an assignment to give an earthly lady a makeover, Sarah is perplexed. 

How can a dyslexic, low-esteemed, inexperienced, angel accomplish such a mission? 

Boost Valerie’s poise and help the mortal develop a healthy lifestyle? Impossible. 

On the other hand, the Commander gave Sarah permission to use any and all measures to succeed. 

So, this task could be fun. After all, appearing as an earth creature, wearing beautiful clothes—and shoes—especially stilettos, make Sarah’s heart flutter.

Two men present a new challenge. One has nefarious motives, and the other might be an angel. 

Not only does Sarah need to help with Valerie with a makeover, but she must discover which man provides true love. 

Can she do it without making other angels in the heavens roll laugh at her chaotic bumbles? Probably not.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

On The Way to Makeover

I mentioned in my last blog that I planned to get a hair cut and start a weight loss plan.

The hair is now 4 inches shorter. Yea!  Here's a picture. It's still the same style. It's too easy to do, I merely wash, clip it back and go. Most of the time I don't blow dry it, so I run around doing errands while it naturally dries.

So, as you can see, the hair is still long. It was almost waist length. I don't like it to get that long, but taking time out can be a challenge.

So...........got the hair done.

But the scale hasn't changed.

I did a bit of research. In 2018, the average American women stood about 5 feet and 3 inches tall. The average weight was 168.5.  Back in 1960, the typical weight was 140.2 pounds.

Females are getting a bit taller and definitely heavier as the years go by.

I'm 2 inches taller than the average female. My mom was 5'4" and my sister is 5'3." I wanted to be 5'4" like my mom, but I stand at 5'5."  Our three daughters stretch to make 5 feet. I've alway felt like the Amazon woman in my family.

We can't do much about our tallness or shortness. Heels make us taller, and so does good posture. Slumping might make us appear shorter, but then it also makes us look unkept. A loss of weight wil give the illusion of height, and a gain of pounds makes one appear shorter. I doubt many femals want to gain weight to appear short. I know I don't. Since we can't do much about height, let's work on other things like weight.

There are several things we can do about that sticky scale situation.

But it's hard.I've walked between one and two miles almost every day. I think I missed one day. I ate less one or two days. I guess I made up for the less the next day. GRRRR.

Sarah helps Valerie with a makeover. In this book, Sarah, the angel who adopts a female, human form, finds it difficult to do the healthy routine, and the chaos she causes is too funny.

Here's an excerpt from Sarah and the Angelic, Magical, Makeover

Sarah twirled her fingers in the air, rang Valerie’s number and waited.


“Hi, my name is Oceana Waters. I just saw your ad on line and I’d like to apply.”

“Wow, that was quick.”

“I know, right? Internet gives instant access.” Sarah hoped her answer was satisfactory and accurate.

“I’m Valerie Townsend. Before I tell you about me, would you tell me about you?”

“Sure. I just arrived in Katy. I’m looking for a job and a place to live.” Sarah giggled. “Thought I’d try for a place to light first. That’s when I noticed your ad.”

“You’re single? Pets?”

“I’m unmarried and have no pets.”

“I hate to be blunt, but if you have no job, how can you afford your share of the rent and utilities?”

“My Father is providing for me at the moment, but I hope to soon have a job and then I can pay my own way, but I’ll always have Him to call upon.”

“I know how that is. Do you have transportation?”

Sarah gulped. “I don’t have a car. I flew in, and in fact, I don’t know how to drive. Are there services for people like me in this area?”

“Yes, rides are common but expensive. Maybe after you find a job, you can purchase a vehicle and learn to drive.”

Sarah’s heart plummeted. Learn to operate a vehicle? Oh my sweet stars in the Universe! She was a disaster in a car. “Maybe so.”

“What else can you tell me about yourself?” Valerie held the phone to her ear as she made notes during the conversation.
Wouldn’t it be comical if the woman could see through the ceiling to the roof? She’d see an angel watching her conduct this interview. Nope, not a good idea. Probably scare the willies out of Valerie.

Sarah inhaled before answering. “I’m thirty years old, short and on the heavy-set side. I’ve been in Katy before, but I’m always lost, and I’ve worked as a wedding consultant in times past. I’m not sure what I’ll do this time while I’m here. Whatever I can find, I guess.”

“We are the same age, and I’m a bit overweight too. I’m an elementary school teacher—been teaching first grade since I graduated college.”

“Good for you. I love kids, but they sort of scare me. They seem to see more of me than I want them to.”

After finding a booth, Sarah handed Valerie a folder. “Here are my references, and if you need more, let me know. Have you had others answer your ad?”

Valerie set them aside. “Thanks. Yes, two more ladies responded, but I’m meeting you first.” She grinned. “I liked your name. It’s pretty cool.”

Sarah smiled as if she’d been complimented by the Commander. “Thanks. I think it’s unique too, but I’ve been teased about my size. Some joker invariably says to me, ‘your name fits. You’re as big as a whale from the ocean.’”

Valerie clucked her tongue. “I have taunts about my bulk too. Sad that people think they need to comment on looks. Not everyone can be thin, gorgeous super models.”

“Some people are gifted with a good metabolism, and it never matters what they eat.”

“Not me.” Valerie emitted an audible sigh. “I’ve been chubby since birth.”

“Really? I haven’t always been this size. In fact, it’s new to me. I’ve put on a few pounds lately.”

A server appeared. “Hello ladies. Have you had a chance to study the menu? We keep them tucked over there next to the napkins.” She gestured toward the items as she spoke.

Valerie glanced up at the waitress. “No need for one. I’m going to have my usual. Cheeseburger, double order of fries, and chocolate malt.”

Sarah lifted her brows. “Those are my favorites. I’ll have the same.”

Valerie beamed as if she’d won the lotto. “We have a lot in common.”

Sarah nodded. “I’ll focus on healthy stuff one of these days—just not today.”

“Always tomorrow? Right?”

Sarah toasted the statement by raising a water glass and touching it to Valerie’s. “Right. Here’s to tomorrow.” 


Do you expect me to do all the cooking and cleaning if I’m your roomie?”

“We’ll each clean our own rooms and take turns with the common areas, but I do expect your personal spaces to be spotless and orderly. I don’t know about cooking. I suppose we could do it together if you like.”

“Maybe you could teach me how. I don’t know much about preparing meals, in fact I know nothing. My Father has always had a chef.”

“Your father must be a wealthy man.”

“Oh He is. He owns cattle on a thousand hills.”

“He’s a rancher?”

“No. He merely owns cattle and other things.”

“Does he work?”

“Oh my yes. He’s always busy keeping up with people, events, and fashioning things. He’s got His eye on sparrows as well as a whole kit and caboodle of stuff.”

“He loves birds?”

“He loves all creatures.”

“He sounds industrious and someone I’d like to know.”

Sarah nodded. “He’d welcome you. Tell me about your parents.”

Stay tuned. Are you with me? Are you wanting a makeover? Let's see what Sarah and Valerie do.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Makeover Time. Need a New Do?

Here I am in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Nice scenery, right? Beautiful mountains and lake.

 I wear my hair long, but as you can see, I need a new do. 

I'd welcome a weight reduction too. Maybe fifteen pounds. 

Hair is easier to lose than body weight. I can go to the salon and tell the stylist to whack it off.  I can't do that with weight.

Pounds take weeks. Maybe months. Let's see, if I lose a pound a week, that's fifteen weeks to reach my goal. Or about four months.

By then, I'll need another haircut. Hair grows faster than pounds get removed.

Oh, mercy me.

Am I up for this?

I know, I know, fifteen isn't many pounds to some, and I shouldn't complain, but it doesn't matter the amount. Changing routines and diets is never easy for anyone. I admire people who've achieved great body makeovers.

Hubby likes to eat. So do I. I also hate to cook, so when he suggests dinner out, I'm all for it.  Okay, here's what I plan to do this week. I'll ask for a box as soon as the meal is brought, and I'll put half in the box, then I'll eat the other half. One or the other of us can eat the leftovers for lunch the following day.

Anyone out there planning a makeover?  Got ideas? Suggestions?

Have you read Sarah and the Angelic, Magical Makeover?  It's got many humorous scenes it it. I think you'll like it.

Stay tuned to see how I do. I'll show you my haircut later, and maybe in four months, I'll show you less of me. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

To Palm or Not to Palm

Palm Sunday.

Many churches will provide plam branches for the congregants during the worship service on Palm Sunday. The worshipers will hold them, maybe wave them, perhaps lay them on the altar.  But why do this?

In the chruches I grew up as a child, we weren't given palm branches. We studied and celebrated Palm Sunday, but no green, leafy branches were present.

I wish they had. I love symbols. Images are teaching tools and help us remember a lesson. So, what is Palm Sunday? 

The people in Jesus' day recognized Him as special. Many thought He was the promised Messiah. The King.

On Sunday, before Good Friday, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. As He and the animal approached the city, people cut palm branches and spread them on the pathway. As a result of their action, we have Palm Sunday.

The palm branches give us a visual of the ancient day and time. The Sunday when Jesus was praised as the King. He was crucified five days later. The people praising Jesus expected their King to act differently. Their idea was royalty...pomp and ceremony...military and a destruction of Rome. A Suffering Servant didn't fit the mold, so He was crucified.

But back to the palm branches.

Palm branches symbolized several things for those laying them at the donkey's feet as Jesus rode into the city.

Palm branches were sewn into the fabric of Jewish life. Remember the Festival of Booths? No? Well, Jews celebrated the Festivals of Booths once a year.  God told them to them to cut palm branches and make huts or booths from them and live in them for seven days. In so doing, they would remember His deliverance from Egypt, and the years theyr forefathers had lived in huts and tents in the wilderness wanderings. 

The use of Palms was a celebration symbol. God would save. God would deliver.

The crowd lining the road to Jerusalem expected the King of their Dreams. They got the Man of Sorrows. He didn't save or deliver them in the way they expected.

He is the Great Deliverer. We understand that today. He saves us into eternity when we confess our sins and believe He is who He said He was. The Son of God.

So today, we celebrate the King with the symbol of Palm branches. Just as God delivered His people out of Egypt, His Son, Jesus, delivers us from bondage.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

From Oklahoma, Meet Mattie

I've asked Mattie, the character in Mattie's Choice, to tell you a bit about herself.

Gay, Thanks for asking me to introduce myself to your readers. I'm  a little shy, but I'll try. I'm Mattie Colby and I grew up in a loving home in rural Oklahoma. My father aquired land in the Oklahoma land rush of 1893. My mother's ancesters endured the Trail of Tears. My twin brother, Maury, and I are the oldest. We have three sisters. Maury is my best friend. He was sad when I quit school to elope with Jesse.  I've wanted to be a wife and mother for as long as I can rmember. Maury wanted me to go to college with him, but back in that day, women didn't have careers. In 1925, our goal was to become wives and mothers.

 I’m pretty good at keeping secrets.  Early on in marriage, I was stubborn to a fault. I think my pig-headedness was what kept me going. I didn’t believe my dad would help me, and I learned too late that he would have. I had too much pride to ask. Courage? I think I developed it as I grew older. Courage comes with self-confidence, and as I became confident, I became courageous. Does that make sense? If I could do it over, I’d have chosen to become assertive much sooner than I did. Keeping my beliefs and standing up for myself turned out to be the best choice in the long run.

My husband wasn't easy to live with. In fact, he was downright awful at times. Life circumstances were difficult too. The Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and the world events made life unbearable at times, but my faith grew stronger through the trials. That was a good thing. Some, like Jesse, grew angry with God because of the hard times. I chose to stay close to Him and trust. Another good thing. My marriage with Jesse brought me eight children. Eight blessings. And guess what? Every one of them are productive, successful, God-fearing adults. Four are in the ministry. Like a rock thrown into water, the circle grows bigger, and in my case, a lot of good is in the circle.

Thanks, Mattie, for saying hello. I know readers will like you and your story will help many.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Gay N. Lewis: Youth VS Elder

Gay N. Lewis: Youth VS Elder: Pixabay When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not. --Mark Twain. What do you think of Mark Twain&...

Youth VS Elder

When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not. --Mark Twain.

What do you think of Mark Twain's quote? 

Memories are often faulty. Hubby and I will talk about a long-ago event and we each recall it differently. So who's right? We argue about it, and I try to prove my recollection is right and his isn't. Since we aren't time travelers, we can't go back to the incident and view it again. We'll each remember it as we remember it.

We become forgetful as the years go by.

The brain is the first organ to develop in the tiny embryo. The mom doesn't have a clue the baby is establishing a home in the womb, but the tiny little is growing a brain.

The brain governs our thoughts, cognitive abilities and motor skills. Appreciate it. Use it. Take care of it.

 You never know when those memories will fade.

Reading helps the mind and the memory. Here's a suggestion. Read my books.  

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Another Burnt Offering

Smoke filled my kitchen again last night. I didn't realize how bad it was because I was too busy searing the steak.

I'd read the Internet directions for my offering. Take a black, cast iron skillet  and get it smoking hot. Season meat, toss in skillet and turn the steak every thirty seconds. I was doing that when hubby made his way though the smokey fog in the kitchen. "We need to open some doors and windows!"

I looked around and was amazed. Why didn't the smoke alarms sound off? I'm surprised neighbors didn't summon a firetruck. 

The steak turned out well, but that skillet will never be the same.

Sarah, my fictional angel, can't cook worth a flip either. She doesn't need to prepare food in The Heavenlies. Chef Andrew is in charge, but on earth? Well, now, that's a different story. Her escapades in restaurants and kitchens is downright funny.

By the way,  One good thing came from the smoke. I need new smoke alarms. The ones I have don't work. Obviously!

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