Friday, November 23, 2012

Tag!  I'm it!

I’ve been tagged!  Lyn Sofras selected me for the “LOOK.”  To read Lyn’s excerpt from her book, Killing Jenna Crane, go to  Lyn’s excerpt is a doozy.  I can hardly wait to read her new masterpiece.

All right, what does it mean to be designated for the LOOK? Okay, here goes. In my latest work in progress, Sarah: Laney’s Angel, I’m to find the word look. Surely I didn’t use that word much, did I?

To my shock, yes—many times!  Are we limited in our vocabulary?  Not really, but most of us tend to use favorite words often.

The word “look” in the first chapter, but the excerpt here is from Chapter Nineteen in my soon to be released book, Sarah: Laney’s Angel.  Remember, this is a work in progress, certain words and phrases may change before publication.

In this scene, Sarah had descended to Earth to link Laney Taylor with her boss, Cannon Carlson.  Laney believes business and pleasure don’t mix. Sarah’s assignment is to change that notion, but Sarah is Sarah, and when she is involved, peculiar things happen.  For one thing, she forgets that invisible angels can be heard, and if they pick up an object, others can see the item float in the air.

In this nineteenth chapter, Sarah attends a party with Cannon and Laney.  As always, she is hungry.  Surely no one will notice a missing lamb chop.  Eating it should be no problem.

The servers placed the first course—salad before each guest. Trays waited nearby with the second course—tomato basil soup.

Sarah floated above them and salivated from the aroma of the delicious food.

So hungry. Maybe she could sneak a bite or two when heads were turned. She drifted to the kitchen where the busy servers arranged fare on platters.

After a quick glance around, she planted her bare feet on the floor and selected a slice of lamb. Picking it up with her fingers, she took a bite while she held the remaining chop between her thumb and forefinger.

“What in da world?” A male server poked a female attendant in the ribs. He stared at the meat as it danced in the air. He had no idea an angel’s hand was causing the motion.

Sarah dropped the sliver of lamb back onto the plate and dashed to the corner of the ceiling.

The female glared at her companion. “What’s wrong with you?”

“I…I…I saw a…a…a lamb a floatin’ in da air. I mean… a lamb chop done went and rose up. It was a movin and groovin’ in da air.”

“You been at the champagne again? You know you been warned ‘bout drinking on the job.”

“No, no, promise—nary touched a drop, but dat meat done hung up in da air.”

The two examined the chop that Sarah had dropped in her haste. A tiny bite was missing.

“Would ya look at dat? See? I told ya. Something done went and ate on it.”

The female server shook her head. “What we can’t ‘splain, we don’t say.” She tossed the chop into the trash.

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