Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Santa's Dirty Laundry

Everyone takes clean clothes on a trip, right?

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Santa does too, and Santa's outfit is ready for the big night.

I wonder if Mrs. Santa helped him?

He's awfully busy...he must check the sleigh and make sure the reindeer are healthy for the long flight.

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Mrs. Santa has been in the kitchen making cookies and snacks for his trip. She knows he'll find goodies under the tree made for him, but she likes to send him off with a thermos of hot chocolate and cookies, just in case. Even though her oven is working itself to exhaustion,  I bet she helped him with his laundry too. 

They have an indoor clothes line. Santa's laundry would freeze if she hung his undies outside. Mrs. Santa doesn't use the dryer. The dryer might shrink Santa's britches, and that would never do. Those pants are tight enough as it is.  Too many cookies, don't you know?

Santa plans to keep his clothes clean, his big belly full, and any dirty laundry hidden.
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Gay N. Lewis

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