Saturday, December 28, 2013

His Birth Honored

Sarah loves to see humans remember
 the reason for Christmas.

Christmas Glow

Christmas decorations will soon be put to rest until next year.  They were beautiful.  Sarah Wingspand, my fictional angel character, placed several on her Facebook page.  If you haven't been to her FB page, hop over and "like it."  Sarah makes comments from time to time.  My three Sarah books made it at some point during the holidays on Amazon's best seller's list.  Thank you!  I'm pleased many of you discovered Sarah and her missions.

I hope all of you made happy memories during this season. 

God bless all of you!

Monday, December 16, 2013


The Birthday Party

Have you ever been to a birthday party where the guest of honor didn’t show up?

I have.

My sister and I gave a birthday celebration for a dear friend a few years ago and twenty-five people attended.  Had he arrived, the honored man would have been number twenty-six.

We enjoyed the traditional birthday cake, games, and funny cards—without the birthday boy.

Oh, you say, it must have been a surprise party, and the guy didn’t get the memo.  Nope.  Nothing like that at all. 

He received an invitation.  His family came—wife, kids, and grandchildren—all arrived without him. 

What’s that? Astonishing you say? Why didn’t he come? 

It’s a simple answer. He had pressing business matters to take care of and was just too busy to attend his own party.

Did we have fun?  You betcha we did. To this day we still talk about the fantastic time we shared.

Did he miss the opportunity to laugh and enjoy friends and family?  Yep!  Sure did.

The man we honored cared deeply for each of us, but responsibilities and obligations kept him from giving and receiving love and affection on that occasion. He missed out.  For him to set aside one day—even a special day—turned out to be unthinkable.

Do you set aside time for friends and family?  They will miss you if you don’t attend the gatherings.

Here’s another thought. At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Christ. Do you enjoy the festivities without Him?  Does He ever come to mind?  Are you too busy?  He isn’t. 

If you invite Jesus to your celebration, He will come.

Rejoice in His birthday!

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