Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This was a difficult book to write

You know how some books flow and go quickly? 

This one didn't.

Sarah is in the book, and she's always fun, but she was thwarted by an evil spirit. Evil spirits are real, just as the good ones are, but I'd rather focus on the good ones rather than the bad ones.

Several reviews said this book was their favorite, so it blessed readers, and that makes me happy.

Sarah and the Cruise to Catalina Island is based on my true story. My dad had died a few weeks earlier, I had to take my vacation or lose it, hubby couldn't go with me, so I cruised alone to Catalina.

The time on the sea was a healing experience. I was overwhelmed with stress and didn't know where to start. My job was gearing up for a busy time, and now my parents house and belongings needed to be closed. 

The compact cabin turned out to be the perfect place...all decisions to make, and I had people taking care of me! The food was excellent, and the excursion to Catalina Island took my thoughts away from problems.

The cruise was a healing experience.

I didn't meet a romantic, handsome stranger, like Carolyn did, but many of the episodes in the book are from my personal experiences.

If I ran into an evil imp while on board, my guardian angel took care of me. And that's what Sarah and Tomas do in this book. The two angels protect their charge against a force of evil.

So why was it hard to write? I don't like to bring attention to any spirit unless it is one of God's. I made the little imp have funny experiences and he always ended up defeated, but his scenes always gave me goosebumps. The spiritual world is real and they clash over us often.

A reader asked me if my books were only in eBook. The answer is no, many are in print and some are in audio.  For those who like a paperback, be sure to check with your bookseller. They are available.

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