Thursday, January 12, 2017

Eve Was First

The first woman in the Bible, Eve.

God created her to be the soul mate of the first man, Adam. Can't you imagine their reaction to each other? No romance novel needed. It was love at first sight. 

Ha ha ha. Of course there were no others to look at, so the choice was simple.

So, my friends, if she was the perfect mate for dear old Adam, what happened to their relationship?

Eve had a healthy appetite and ate too much. Her figure remained svelte. She looked the same on the outside, but inwardly? Well, she ruined her relationship with God and Adam.

Eve should have been on a diet from the get-go. God gave her one. She chose to ignore it.

Kinda like me. I do the same thing. How about you? Do you eat the wrong things?

Eve also talked too much. She shouldn't have been gossiping with the serpent, that mean ole snake who wanted to destroy her...and us along with her. 

If it hadn't been Eve to eat and gossip, it would have been me.

I have words I regret. I run from snakes, but the serpent appears in other forms these days. How about you? You have that problem too?

I'm on a diet today. Gonna watch what I eat and what I say.

Watch the calories

Be careful what your lips touch and say.

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