Monday, January 16, 2017

Meet One of My Editors

Delia Latham and Gay N. Lewis

I began the Sarah Series in 2012 and submitted the first story, Little Angel Screw up to a publisher. Prism Book Group accepted the story immediately and assigned it to Delia to edit. Delia "liked my voice," at least that's what the publisher said. I was thrilled.

Delia also is a writer and has written angel stories, so right off the bat, we had a lot in common. I had a great deal to learn and still do, but Delia was a good teacher. One element she pointed out over and over (ugh) was my point of view. I needed to stay consistent with it. Funny thing is, I thought I had been. Delia's good set of eyes and keen knowledge pointed out my mistakes. Boy! Am I glad she did.

After the final edit, Delia, with the help of the publisher, designed the cover. She also suggested changing the name of the book to Sarah: Mission of Love. I laughed heartily when she said Little Angel Screw up just didn't sound like a Christian novel. Of course she was right, but my title fit the character of Sarah. I've not been sorry about the title change, and the book cover is one of my favorites. I was thrilled when this book went to number one on the best seller's list in three categories. It's now available in eBook, print, and audio. This book kicked off a series I didn't expect. I thought Sarah would only be one book, but I'm happy readers wanted more of her.

Okay, back to Delia. During those days, Delia was contracted with Pelican Book Group, and her books were published through Pelican. She edited my books for Prism Book Group as time allowed.

Now here's the uncanny thing. As of January 1, 2017, Prism Book Group became an imprint of Pelican Book Group. Now Delia and I are contracted by the same publisher. I love God's surprises. Well, most of them, anyway.

I'm hoping Delia will be assigned to edit Sarah and the Magical Makeover. I'll be submitting it soon. Sarah, my dyslexic angel who assumes human disguises, adds fifty pounds in this story to help Emily, Sarah's human charge, lose weight and gain a healthy self-image. I thought I might lose a few pounds along with Emily in my story. So far, that isn't happening.

I don't choose book covers, and I'm curious what Sarah and the Magical Makeover will look like.  Book covers are important. Many readers buy a novel based on the cover. Here's one of Delia's books, and the cover is mesmerizing.


Goldeneyes is the first of Delia's authored books I read. Want to know why I like it so much? It's a good story, and guess what? There's an angel in it. Check out Delia's author page. I know you'll want to read her novels. 

While you're over on Amazon, look me up.

May our books bring a smile to you!

See you tomorrow.

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