Monday, January 2, 2017

Sleep is a blessed thing

Look at this angel. 
No worries.
Just blissful sleep

How many of you have sleep issues? 

I wish I didn't.

Hubby can sleep like this baby.

Isn't he cute?
I'm envious. I am at night sitting at my computer, and I wish one of you were awake and we could visit.

I have important work to do, but I'd rather talk to you.


I guess I'll go check on my books at Amazon and see if anyone has bought one today. Maybe the reader can't sleep and is reading.  And that's a good idea. I'll do that too. I'm gonna reread Sarah Does It Again. It's short, and it's free from Amazon.

Goodnight everyone.
See you in the morning.

Sarah Does It Again by [Lewis, Gay N.]

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