Monday, January 23, 2017

Feels like Spring in Texas

Good morning!

Looking up through my trees, the skies look like this picture.

Today will be a diamond day in Houston. We're in the middle of January, but it feels like springtime. Yesterday we had the March winds. 

We've had three days of winter cold. In one week not long ago, we set two records. One for the hottest day ever recorded and one for the coldest day on file. The freeze left quickly and now the days are perfect. We don't need heavy coats, boots, scarves and gloves down here. I wore shorts yesterday and will again today.

Yes, the climate is wonderful now, but I'm already dreading July and August. If I were one of those rich people, I'd have a summer home and a winter home. 

Wherever you are, stay safe. Find your blessings. No matter how dreary or complicated life can be, we have positive things to celebrate. The healthy choice is to dwell on them.

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