Saturday, January 7, 2017

Painted Churches in Texas

Several years ago, a group of my neighbors drove from Weston Lakes, TX to Shulenburg, TX to tour the painted churches in the area. Our guide gave interesting histories of each one. The Germans that settled this area missed their homeland church and built smaller replicas of the ones left behind. If you like churches (I do), you'll enjoy these tours, and I recommend a visit. If you come in the spring, you'll also see our famed Texas Bluebonnets.

We saw several beautiful sanctuaries on that day. I took this  picture of the windows, but I didn't write down the name of the church. I think it is St. Cyril and Methodius church in Shiner, TX.

I remember how enthralled I was when the guide told the story about a mother pelican pictured in one of the windows. I’d never heard the symbolism before, but there’s an ancient legend about a mother pelican that predates Christianity. She would wound herself with her beak—striking her breast, and feeding it to the young. She lost her life but saved the children. The obvious parallel is that Jesus did this for us.

When she told the story, the expression on my face must have reflected my horror. She called attention to it and the group looked in my direction. It was a humorous but macabre moment.

My favorite churches are the traditional ones with stained glass windows and carved pews. Sanctuaries with these features give me a sense of reverence. I've noticed that many of the modern era of churches these days choose chairs instead of pews and decorate with industrial brown interiors.  Have you read the colors God chose for His tabernacle? You'll find them in Exodus 26. God likes blue, purple and scarlet. He also likes metals of gold and silver. In other words, God like color and a beautiful setting.

This Lutheran church in Serbin, TX has wood painted like marble.I took this picture from the alter to show the pipe organ in the balcony.

Anyone read German? This inscription is inside the Serbin Church.

I hope all of you get to take the tour one day. The history will inspire you. These early men and women loved church and worship and sacrificed to have it.

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