Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gonna Miss It

Gravity. The simple explanation is what goes up, comes down. And so it is with Christmas decorations

My neighbor has a tree in every room. So does my sister-in-law, and that's not the only decorations they put up and take down. Ugh. Why do we work like this? We train ourselves to run like hamsters on a wheel to nowhere.

I enjoy putting them up and hate taking them down. I'm late this year. In years past, hubby and I haul them to the attic by New Year's Day. I organized the shelving for the Christmas breakables yesterday and those items are tucked away. The tree remains. It's on today's list. While I was awake into the wee hours of the morning, I lighted the tree one last time for this year. I'll miss it, but I'll be happy to complete the job.

What will you miss about the Christmas season? I'll miss the Hallmark Christmas movies. I've recorded some. I'll be watching them in July and August and wishing for the fireplace and hot chocolate.

As I watch, I"ll wish AGAIN that some producer would discover Sarah. Many readers tell me my books would make good Hallmark movies. So I pray and hope Hallmark discovers Sarah soon! Like in my lifetime.

I have two Christmas Sarah stories, but the others would make good movies too. Many of us out here in TV land crave for wholesome, humor...shows with a feel-good message. Haven't you noticed how much tension is in the real world? An escape is good.

I'm gonna be tired today. The Sandman forgot me last night. As I waited for him to come, I sat at the computer and wrote an article for Texas Hill Country. Did you know I write for the Texas Hill Country online magazine? Did you remember I write for God's Web? You'll find interesting articles in both online magazines, including some from me. 

And don't forget Sarah!

Until tomorrow, smile today!

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