Monday, September 22, 2014

Gay's Days Septemeber 22, 2014


Dinner Party Time
Remember when I told you about planning a dinner party?  Well, here's a picture of the table, and the party was last Saturday night. We had eight dinner guests, and it is now a pleasant memory of a good evening.
 I worked for days trying to get everything just right. Since I'm not much of a cook, I served plain, ole, country, southern cuisine. The comments included the word, 'grand.'  Can you believe? I fancied it up by serving the guests at the table rather than buffet or home style.
Soup came first. I bought butternut squash creamy soup and added nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, and milk.  Next came the salad. I'd plated those and kept them in the fridge. They looked pretty, even if I say so myself. A bed of lettuce, topped with tomato slices, green apples, shredded carrots, and a purple grape. My salad dressing appeared in small pitchers for individual selections.
The main course was simple. Roast, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, rolls and gravy.  What is a southern meal without gravy?  We eat a lot of it down here.
The cake...I bought.  It was a thing of beauty.  I told everyone I'd taken classes to decorate it, but no one believed me.  And of course I didn't. The icing was cream cheese and ganache. We all loved it.


The weekend is over, now I must get back to work. I was happy beyond measure to see Sarah: Mission of Love back on Amazon's best seller's list this morning. I check all six of the Sarah books several times a day just to see how the books are doing.  I appreciate all of you reading about her adventures. Sarah: Mission of Love is also on audio.
Until tomorrow, ya'll have a smile blessed day.

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