Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gay's Days September 3, 2014

Holidays bring a relief to my routine, but then my schedule is out of whack. When I dove into the bed last night, this thought hit me. "I don't have eFictionFinds ready." Sigh.

I usually look for books on Tuesday night and then put them into draft, but since Monday was Labor Day, I thought Tuesday was Monday and missed my normal schedule. A holiday throws me off. Does it work that way for you too?

Now you understand where Sarah, my little dyslexic angel, acquires her confusion.

Have you checked out eFictionFinds? It's a fantastic site where books are featured at bargain prices. Those of us who post (my day is Wednesday), search hundreds of books to find suggestions for you. These novels must have at least ten reviews and a rating between 4 and 5 stars on Amazon. The highest price you'll find for an eBook is $3.99

Here's the link.  My post should be up in a bit.

Okay, now that I'm caught up, I'm planning to write about Sarah and the cruise she's taking to help her new charge, Carolyn Baker. A man has entered Carolyn's life, and Sarah doesn't know what to do about him. With the help of Gale of the Four Winds, maybe she'll blow him overboard. He's a rather big dude, and she'll need an extra amount of blustery speed.

Did I tell you one of the couples who inspired my novella, Sarah and the Internet Dating Service is my nephew and his wife? Our two daughters met wonderful men on the Internet also.  Here's a picture of James and Kim. They married several years ago and now have two adorable babies. James Heffington Jr pastors the Harwood Terrace Baptist Church in Bedford, Texas. If you live nearby, go hear him preach.  He's quite good.

Here's a picture of my book, Sarah and the Internet Dating Service.
Okay, must run. Ya'll have a good day.  Catch you tomorrow!

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