Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gay's Days, September 11, 2014


How many of you wish as time travelers we could turn back the clock to prevent that historic day? I suppose the only groups who want that horrific time to stay in place are the terrorists responsible for those deadly hours.

All of us remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard. My heart breaks for those who lost loved ones on this anniversary. All the videos and pictures bring back the grisly shock.

I skipped a day yesterday on my blog. Did you miss me? I had a ho-hum day…details no one cares about. I took down bathroom curtains, washed them, and managed to find the iron to press them.  I couldn’t remember where I’d put the thing. I seldom use it. Martha Stewart would be appalled.

I began today with a morning walk. The first thing I do upon arising is check the windows. If they look as though we had rain when we didn’t, I’m assured the humidity is torrid. They are that way most mornings down here in Houston, but I went outside anyway. Here’s a picture of the morning sky from my driveway as I returned. The sunrise was gorgeous.
As I headed out in the dark, I passed a neighbor. She walks everyday—regardless of the temperature. The doctor wants this dear lady to gain weight. Most of us wish we had that problem. I have another friend who is 5’9” and wears a size 2. She wants to add pounds to her frame and takes meds to do so. Sigh. Both of these skinny minis exercise like fiends, have low blood pressure, and yearn for the scale to register an increase. Can you imagine that problem? My mom was like that. She was 5’4” and worked hard to keep 100 lbs on her bones. My sister and I didn’t inherit her remarkable DNA—regarding size, anyway.

Thanks to Vicki Caine, I’ve been challenged to a little game of 7's. I'm to go to the 7th page of my work in progress and count down to the 7th line and print out the next 7 lines. So, here you go. I’ll share what I posted on Facebook.  This is from Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island.

"The Houston metropolitan area has almost six hundred square miles. I can’t understand how three million people who live here learn their way around.” Sarah glanced up at Christian.

Christian grinned. “Most only know their immediate surroundings.” He turned Sarah around. “Now you are pointed southwest. Fly that direction until you come to Sugar Land Town Center. From there you can easily locate Carolyn’s address.”

“Oh yeah, sure. No problem. I’ll just zoom up and out and get to her house without breaking a sweat.” Sarah allowed her shoulders to slump and her wings drag the rooftop floor.

Like me, Sarah is always lost, and in this seven line snippet, we see that.

I’m reading Lindsey Paley’s book, The Wish List Addiction. Here’s a blurb.

 Rebecca Mathews is a Listoholic—you name it, she has a 'To Do' list for it. Coupled with her daily 'Must Achieve' List, she possesses a mid-term, creatively drawn 'Wish List' and an exhaustively-researched 'Bucket List'. But so far, they have delivered nothing but spectacular failure. 

With her much-loved career exploded in her face, her marriage terminated in an acrimonious divorce and her frail father's pleas to return to her native Northumberland ignored, Rebecca concludes that if it wasn't for her beloved four-year-old son, Max, she would be adding a trip to a Swiss clinic to her list. She buys The Little Green Book of Wishes', which challenges the reader to 'ditch the list' and instead to use its gems of wisdom as a 'dip in/dip out' lucky bag of challenges from all areas of life. Will she succeed?
Product Details

I’m a little more than a quarter into the Kindle edition, and I’m enjoying the read. I love Max, the little boy, and I’m rooting for Rebecca. When a reader identifies with the characters, you know it’s a good book.  Lindsey lives in England, and I enjoy her stories. British writing differs a bit from American novels, and it's interesting to observe different words and phrases. Lindsey puts recipes in some of her books, and I'm wondering if I'm going to find any in this one.

Ya’ll stay safe. Prayers for the country on this day of memories.
God bless.

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