Monday, September 29, 2014

Gay's Days, September 29, 2014

How was your weekend?

Mine was routine but pleasant. Our church had a hot dog luncheon after worship, and It is always good to eat and visit with our sweet, family congregation. We have a new member who enjoys cooking, and she did an amazing job of putting everything together.  We all have gifts that God wants to use. I wish God would send more just like her.

Our church is quite small, and each member is needed. Here's a picture of the fellowship building. It's quaint and has a charm all its own.

I worked on Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island yesterday afternoon.  That Sarah. She amazes me with her antics. Isn't it awesome how God uses us regardless of our goofs and mistakes? With Him all things are possible.

Here's a sample of Sarah's latest goof.

She’d done relatively well when she appeared before as an elderly lady. Why not try that again?  With a flutter of her hand, Sarah colored her hair white and added several shimmering shades of blue to the sheen. She brandished it into a bun of sorts and perched the thingy on top of her head. Then she supplemented seventy pounds to her petite frame and slipped eyeglasses on. Now. What to wear? She chose a green paisley dress, panty hose, and low heeled black orthopedic shoes. Okay—that should do it. After dropping from the roof, she surfaced inside the building. In the dimly lit area, the space appeared quite small.Oops! She’d meant to appear on the street. Oh well. She was inside now. What location had she bopped into?

Judging from a dress hanging on a rack, she decided she had relocated to some kind of interior closet. Wonder what was behind the wooden door. She cautiously opened the access and ventured out.

“Hey! How did you get in there?” A man yelled at Sarah as he suddenly sat up in a bed.

A woman pulled a sheet up under her chin. “Who is that, Norman?”

“I have no idea.” The man threw a protective arm over the female lying beside him. “Lady, who are you, and what are you doing in our hotel room?”

Merciful heavens! What had she done? Think fast Sarah. Make your voice sound crackly and old.

“Well, hello young fella.” Sarah pushed the glasses higher on her nose. “The hotel sent me in to help a couple make a love connection. Do you need any advice? I’m a psychologist.”
Okay, I'm off. Must get to that treadmill and then to the grocery store. Have a good one, and I'll touch base tomorrow.


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