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Sarah at Christmas

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gay's Days, September 9, 2014

I awoke early to find my husband desperately searching for his car keys. We never found them, so he took my set. He must have dropped them in the yard when he picked up tree braches yesterday. We both plan to scour the yard later.
When I took my early morning walk, the moon was still visible. It looks so small here, but in reality, it was large. Did you see it? I saw several people posted it on Facebook last night, but I only saw it this morning. All of God's wonders are amazing.

My son-in-law begins chemo today. As I walked, I prayed for him. The quiet of the early morning gives us an opportunity to voice our concerns to the Almighty.
I finished The Scarlet Cord yesterday afternoon. I was sorry to reach the end, it was that good. Here's a review I left on Amazon. The first quote that appears below spoke to me as I thought about what my daughter and husband are going through. "Never let fear overcome your faith."
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“Never let fear overcome your faith.” Nasheon, a Hebrew, said this to his son, Salmon. Nasheon and his son are descendants from the tribe of Judah. Both are overseers and rule the tribe with judgments. God chose the Hebrews as the means to reveal Himself to all mankind. Salmon, who will become Rahab’s husband, said at one point, “What we have is not because we deserve it, but because He has blessed us.” Salmon referred to the Hebrew Nation as a whole, but later these words applied to Rahab.  With Rahab’s background as a harlot, she felt undeserving, but Salmon proved to her otherwise. Rabab came from a dysfunctional family way before that word existed. She provided for her family, and they showed little appreciation. Even though I understand their need for survival, and it was the customs of the time to do what they did, I didn’t like her family. Sacrificing or selling a child is beyond my comprehension, but even today, people do it. I can only wish they would find the only true living God.  When Joshua asks Salmon if he is concerned about the tribe’s reaction to his marriage to a harlot, Salmon replies, “One thing I have learned by sitting in judgment. The truly repentant sinner leads a more obedient life than those who think highly of their own righteousness.” This historical and accurate book will speak to you.
Have a good day, and keep reading!