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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gay's Days September 4, 2014

When I checked my Facebook page this morning, I had a lovely surprise. Vicki Caine has featured Sarah and me on her blog. I'd be thankful if you'd stop over and say hello to us.

I'm waiting for tile installation today. We bought new flooring for the kitchen, and part of the tile has been installed. After it's finished, I'll show you a picture. When the men were about completed, they found that the last ten boxes held a different color. So we've been waiting for the correct tile to arrive in Houston. They say they've found it. Boy! Am I hoping they did, but it will be the third time to say that.  We've moved everything into a bedroom, and I'd like to get the items back in place.
My new neighbors are moving in this week. I haven't met them yet. The lady who moved was super nice, and we will miss her around here. The house has about 6,000 square feet and was too large for one person.  I took this picture from my back porch. Our two yards have lovely, large trees--an aspect I love.

Back in my interior design days, I staged the house for the first time it went on the market. These people will be the third family to live next door.
I enjoyed staging and glamorizing interiors. In my second book, Sarah helps an interior designer.
Here's the cover.  Have you read it?  Please do and leave a review on Amazon.  Writers appreciate feedback.
It's about time for the installers to arrive, so I'll sign off for today. I'll be in the bedroom reading. Ya'll have a good one! Stay cool and safe.