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Sarah at Christmas

Monday, September 1, 2014

Gay's Days September 1, 2014.


A new month! Yay! September means another month of heat and then maybe we'll cool off a bit down here in Texas. What are you doing on this Labor Day?

We got home from Waco an hour ago. Whew! That was a whirlwind and fun trip. The new McLane Stadium in Baylor Bear stadium in Waco was a total sell out, and we were part of the historical day. Daughter #2, Christy, bought season tickets and included us and friend Karla as her guests. Nice, huh?

We crossed the bridge over the Brazos River to get there. During the game, we saw the "sailgaters." Baylor provides a place for tailgaters too. I'd like to see the game from the river.  Anyone want to invite us to your sailgate party?
Bridge over the Brazos

The Baylor Line -- only freshman run onto the field.
Did I tell you it was a  scorching 97? But that's cool for Texas. At least we didn't have triple digits. A breeze was blowing, and the wind helped. I couldn't keep my straw hat on my head. The thing kept blowing off , but the seats were under the western covered section. I felt sorry for the Baylor Line. After entering the field, they were located on the eastern side.

We were in famous company. Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura were present. Since she is a graduate of SMU and his presidential library is there, no doubt they rooted for SMU.  Sorry President and Mrs. Bush. Your team lost the game.

At kick off we did "The Claw."
After that, we sang that "Good Old Baylor Line." I shed a few tears.

The final score: Bears 45 to SMU 0.

We spent the night in Waco and came back today.

The event made a super memory.
Thanks Christy for including us in a special day.