Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Clydesdales Are Coming!

Click on the link to see someone's idea of the top ten best Budweiser commercials. Some are Clydesdale commercials and they are my fav.  The one that brings tears to my eyes is number 10. The team of horses bow down with the Statue of Liberty in the background. It's a tribute to 9/11.

Here's another site

Cydesdales only

Here's another of my favorite Super Bowl commercials. This one brings tears too. You'll hear Paul Harvey on this one.

A Farmer

Let's see what today brings.  Who do you want to win?  I have no favorite team, but I look forward to the commercials. I just hope the creators of these commercials won't be political. The sweet and funny ones are the ones we remember.

Poopty doopty! The game is over and I didn't see the Clydesdale teams. Major disappointment.. I didn't enjoy most of the commercials this year. Did you?

How about those Patriots? They won in overtime.

Good game but no Clydesdales.

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