Monday, February 6, 2017

A Fleece, Lord, I Need a Fleece

Ever feel like you needed a sign to show you what to do?

I'm there now.

Remember Gideon? The Lord gave him instructions to deliver Israel. God also gave him signs to show ole Gideon that He, God would be with him, but Gideon remained reluctant.  

Gideon basically said to God, "If You're gonna keep your promise, do this wash and dry thing. I'll place a wool fleece on the threshing floor, and it there is dew only on the fleece and the ground is dry when morning comes, then I'll know You'll be with me."

So God did as Gideon requested. He's a patient God, isn't he?

Well, the next day, the fleece was wet and the ground dry.

"Okay, God, just one more request. "This time do the opposite. Make the fleece dry and ground wet."

If I'd been the Lord, I'd probably say, "Gideon, you silly, faithless man, I'll find another who can do the job."

Not God. Sure enough, God answered Gideon. He kept the wool dry and made the ground wet.

Gideon was the Show Me Warrior. He wouldn't obey until he had proof.

Sometimes we face crossroads and we'd like to put a fleece before God. He may work that way this day and time with some, but I've never had Him show me with signs in my life. So I pray and ask for guidance, then make a decision. 

I'm praying right now and waiting for direction. I don't have any sheep to shear, so I'll just watch and pray for God to lead. I think He prefers me to step out on faith anyway. You know, the kind of faith that doesn't require signs? Just simple trust.

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