Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Builder, an Architect , and and Angel

Escape the humdrum with a Sarah and Laney. You'll laugh and cry.  You'll also wonder who the stalker is and if he'll succeed in killing Laney.  Why does he want to?  What's his motive, anyway?

Can Sarah help prevent Laney coming to harm, or will she get in the guardian angel's way?

Beautiful, talented, and stubborn, architect Laney Taylor battles her attraction to handsome, wealthy, but mulish builder Cannon Carlson.  After all, he is her employer, and business and pleasure don’t mix, do they? When Sarah, the blonde, blue-eyed, dyslexic angel reaches Houston with her assignment to bring these obstinate people together, she faces a major challenge, especially since Laney is threatened by a mysterious stalker who plans to kill her.

When the Commander of Heaven’s Host dispatches the seasoned warrior angel, Tomas to Earth with divine instructions to protect Laney, Tomas wonders if a hit-or-miss Sarah will get in his way. That charming, little angel loves red stilettos, can’t fly in the same direction twice, and craves cheeseburgers. When the need to appear human presents itself, Sarah manages one fashion gaffe after another.  Angels in The Heavenlies are still twittering about Sarah’s goofs on her first mission to Earth.

Known in the upper realm as Heaven’s Little Romance Angel, Sarah has no sentinel duties, but can Tomas succeed in his duty to protect Laney with a bumbling angel who wants to help?  Can Sarah unite Cannon and Laney romantically together?

Oh merciful heavens!  What will Sarah do this time?

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