Saturday, February 4, 2017

Naughty Angels

Naughty angels have no problem wearing stiletto heels. Look closely at the angel in the picture. She's got 'em on.

My little angel, Sarah, is a sweet one, but she sometimes is guilty of mischievous deeds. And sometimes her deeds are naughty and hilarious. She longs to wear stilettos.  Red ones. Every time she places them on her feet, she falls down. She's too klutzy.

Angels are part of our lives. Is yours naughty or nice? Sweet or wicked? Funny or gloomy? Normal or strange?

I like Sarah. She's a bit of everything--all combined into a unique package. In a few ways, she reminds me of humans. We're all capable of many emotions. We're also capable of falling down. The good news is, like Sarah, we can get up, dust our rear off, and start over.

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