Friday, February 10, 2017

Babies and Bunco?

Babies and Bunco, now there's a combination!

My friend, Julie B. Cosgrove comes up with the wildest ideas for a mystery. Here's a blurb from her latest book.

Who would leave a newborn baby in the bathtub of a condo in Sunset Acres, a retirement community, and why? 

And was a young woman slain behind the convenience store across the highway it’s mother? 

Janie and the Bunco Biddies want to find out, but soon they discover sleuthing can get a bit dicey.

Julie B. Cosgrove deserves this seal of approval, and she received it last year. If you aren't reading Julie, you're missing a treat. Some of my fav books are authored by her.

I read the first Bunco mystery and it was a doozy. The title of it? Dumpster Dicing (Bunco Biddies Book 1)

The ladies introduced in Dumpster Dicing make another appearance, God love 'em, and once more, they prove they aren't too old to be detectives. 


Here's a scoop for you. You don't need to read book one first. I did, but you can meet these cute, funny ladies just as easily in book two.

Here's part of a scene from Chapter One in Baby Bunco

Janie led Mildred back to her designated chair. She patted her on the shoulders and scanned the room, making certain every slightly glaucoma-pressed or cataract-corrected eye fixated on her.

"Now we must figure out who placed a newborn baby in a vacant garden home bathtub. and why?" 

Babs cocked an eyebrow."We do?"

"Absolutely. Let’s face facts. Someone put the little thing in a home in our community so she would be discovered. Therefore, it is our responsibility—"

"Well, now. I’m not sure..."Mildred frowned. 

"We are all over fifty-five, correct? The child certainly doesn’t belong to one of us. If so, we should be renamed Sarah after Abraham’s elderly wife in Genesis."

"Or Elizabeth in the New Testament," Betsy Ann added, this time with a forefinger, not a full hand, aloft. 

Janie gave her a soft smile. "Exactly. Therefore, unless one of you wants to confess..."

Cackles ensued.

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